BERKELEY (CBS SF) — A bake sale by Berkeley College Republicans Tuesday that was aimed at satirizing race-based admissions generated heated debates and counter-protests but no major problems.

Andy Nevis, the executive director of the student Republican group at the University of California at Berkeley, said the “Increase Diversity Bake Sale,” in which the recommended prices were based on race and gender, highlights their opposition to state Senate Bill 185.

The bill, which was approved by the state Legislature and now sits on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk, would allow the university to consider race, gender, ethnicity and other factors in graduate and undergraduate admissions.

Nevis said it’s appropriate for admissions officials to consider factors other than applicants’ test scores and grades, such as low-income backgrounds and challenging circumstances, in making admissions decisions.

But he said university officials shouldn’t base admissions decisions on race.

“No one should get a preference based on their race or ethnicity,” he said.

But Yvette Felarca of By Any Means Necessary said the activist group held a counter-demonstration near the Berkeley College Republicans’ table on Sproul Plaza in the heart of the campus “because we wanted to represent the proud voice of students who are unequivocally for affirmative action and equal opportunity and integrating the University of California system.”

Felarca said UC officials should change their current admissions policies because she believes they are race-based in that “they favor white privilege” by relying heavily on standardized tests that she thinks “are racially- and economically biased” to favor white students at the expense of black and Latino students.

Only about 3 percent of the freshmen who entered UC Berkeley this fall are black and only about 12 percent are Latino, she said, accusing university officials of having “a conscious policy of seclusion and discrimination” against students of those races.

The bake sale by Berkeley College Republicans called for goods to be sold at varying prices depending on students’ race and gender.

The price was $2 for whites, $1.50 for Asian-Americans, $1 for Latinos and Hispanics, 75 cents for blacks and 25 cents for Native Americans. Women received a 25-cent discount.

Francisco Loayza, a senior from Modesto who serves as the group’s treasurer, said the group didn’t enforce those prices due to discrimination laws but most customers paid them voluntarily.

“There was a lot of positive reaction” to the sale, Loayza said.

Nevis said, “There were a few heated discussions” between the Republican group and those who objected to the bake sale but there weren’t any problems.

About 150 people who belong to the Black Student Union and other organizations that support affirmative action, most of whom were dressed in black, protested the bake sale by silently lying on their backs in the middle of Sproul Plaza for about an hour starting at noon.

Several people who opposed the bake sale carried signs that said, “Bake Sale Republicans Have Too Much Dough.”

Another group that opposed the bake sale held a “Conscious Cupcakes” giveaway in which they handed out their own goods for free.

Members of the group carried signs that said “Free Food” and “Free Hugs.”

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Comments (23)
  1. Bill Phipps says:

    Equality can not be given, it can only be taken.

  2. snopsys says:

    Gender should only be a criteria when deciding whether to see a gynecologist, and race should never be a criteria for deciding who to admit. Either you’re academically qualified or you’re not.

    People should not blame their race for their failures. Time for those who didn’t make it in to stop complaining and study harder.

    1. Al says:

      Since the begining of the usa, people of color have been denied access to the american dream. People of color were banned from joining unions, housing,

      White communities have instituted laws aimed at jailing blacks. The south has had vagrancy laws to put blacks in jail. They’ve also had laws that put blacks in jail for not having money in pockets. For too long and many generations blacks have been unjustly put in the jail system thus a life of being a felonl

      while your little white ass has had the freedom to make mistakes or had opportinities given to you…..

      1. Dirk Silver says:

        Well, we’re not living in 400 years ago, and we’re not living in the 1950’s. You may be living in the past, and possibly for the sake of wanting free stuff and for the sake of your racist attitude, but the rest of us are living equally. You are just playing the race card, and bringing up the past, for your own personal gain. You’re racist for your own personal gain.

      2. Reality Check says:

        I guess the “Al” is in reference to Sharpton. Your last line says it all. You are a racist.

        I heard another idiot on the news report last night saying that Cal should reflect the cultural make up of the community. Sorry, but that could only happen if more people successfully completed high school. What is the drop out rate among minorities? They are doing this to themselves. It is not racism or the “system” getting down on them. If you want to be successful you can be, regardless of your background. But it is easier to just quit and that is what most decide to do.

  3. Earl Richard Neconie says:

    All for not; Governor Jerry Brown will SIGN SB 185 into law….

  4. Earl Richard Neconie says:

    Dear White People, Don’t you just hate immigrants? Sincerely, Native Americans…

    1. Al says:

      Earl – white history started in 1776. Erasing History is a weapon that has been used by the whites since 1776 here in america.

      For native peoples: If you don’t know where you came from , you don’t know where to go.

  5. tom jones says:

    I thought UC Berk was totally about freedom of speach and expression!?!?! Its clear they about freedom of “their” speach when it meets the liberal agenda! Shame on “Gov Brown” for pandering to people that are not qualified. Wonder why addmissions have dropped, because if you dont qualify you dont get in, period!!! Political correctness is killing our society and afermative action has no place in our society in this day and age. Stop the lies people, you have had MORE than your fair share of getting what you want because of your color, now its time to do the work and prove you are worthy of a position in school and or in business just like us poor white males!!!

  6. Milan Moravec says:

    Californians are discriminated against admission to UC Berkeley by Chancellor Birgeneau, University of California Berkeley Chancellor Robert J Birgeneau ($500,000 salary), displaces qualified for public university education at Cal. Californians with $50,600 FOREIGN students.

    Ranked # 70 by Forbes, the University of California Berkeley is not increasing enrollment. $50,600 tuition FOREIGN students are accepted by Birgeneau at the expense of qualified instate students.

    UC Regent Chairwoman Lansing and President Yudof agree discriminating against instate Californians for admission to UC Berkeley. Birgeneau, Yudof, Lansing need to answer to Californians.

    Your opinion makes a difference; email UC Board of Regents

  7. joey says:

    Affirmative Action, what is it?

    Since the begining of the USA, black and other minorities where not allowed to partake in the American Dream. Example: until recently, blacks were denied union jobs and housing. All white communities instituted vagrancy laws that were targeted toward blacks. So just blacks just hanging out were put in jail.

    The PIGS also search blacks at higher rates than whites.

    So the colored person has been denied equal access to the American Dream, so Affirmative action is a solution for the sins of the white racist.

    1. Reality Check says:

      Yeah, Joey its great. Now the homies “just hanging out” get blasted by other homies in Oaktown. Ain’t your freedom to hang out grand. Just to clue you in, normal people do not hang out on street corners. That is what drug dealers do!

  8. murk says:

    If you’ve got the coin, you are better off going out of state to get a degree that will actually take you somewhere, As a bonus, you may finish your bachelor’s in 4 years. That’s unheard of!!! California is failing its residents and the conservative Right making it any better for any of us. VOTE

  9. Paul Bunypn says:

    I noticed a lot of hate directed at white America. Interesting to see so many that claim to rail against racism express it so uniformly.

    I always ask about this white privilege as I have never experienced it. I grew up poor and no one stepped to help. I had to pay for my education as no one gave money for it. As a matter of fact I was rejected based on my extravagant income of $10,000 a year. Well, I was fully supporting my self by age 19 so $10,000 was not a tremendous amount of money to live on. However as a white male apparently it was.

    I support growth and opportunity for everyone that wants it and is willing to earn it. I do not support those that work to deny others such as extreme liberals or extreme right wingers. I truly despise both sides. I am also so tired of listening to the rhetoric regarding what the “white race” has done to people of color. Check your history and you will find this occurs everywhere in every culture. It happens in China, Brazil, every nation on the continent of Africa, the Middle East, Canada, Japan, Russia, etc…. Every group, every nation, every culture has a history of destruction, violence, and oppression. Geez, stop working so hard to divide and work a little more on your independent goals.

  10. ucberkeley says:

    I am Asian and I think everyone needs to remember there is “NO FREE LUNCH” in life. Basically Affirmative action is giving free lunch (admissions) to people who do NOT qualify. If you do not qualify, you should find another university. People (blacks & latinos) can say history treated them unfairly, but have you asked yourself how many generations ago that was. This is 2011 and we even have a black president. If I were black or latino I would feel ashamed of getting a handicap or hand-out (affirmative Action) to a university. This stigma will be with you for your life, when you apply for jobs etc. Employers will know that it was the handout that you have a top tier university name on your resume. IS this what blacks and latinos want? Ask yourself that. Also is it fair for the student who had a 4.00 GPA who had to lose out on being accepted to a top tier university because it was given to a black and latino student due to a handout (affirmative action)?
    This is the reason why I attended top tier private universities (Stanford (UG) & USC (Grad). The public universities are just bad in allowing unqualified students (Blacks & Latinos) to top tier public universities. Thats the reason why so many asians are sending their kids to private universities where there are standards for admission. Its not judge by race, but by performance and what you have between your ears (Brain).
    Good luck to those in public top tier universities who have to deal with this craziness. This only happens in America. No other country does this. This is why the USA educational Public system is going down hill. At least it has not brought down private universities at the moment.

    1. truth says:

      Said the person whose relatives (distant or near) are arrogant enough to come to this country and feel that they don’t need to learn the native language (or drive an acceptable speed in the appropriate lanes).

      By the way, there are plenty of unqualified Asians to go in between the parentheses that you keep placing the “blacks” and the “latinos” in between.

      1. Reality Check says:

        Sorry you racist turd but I see plenty of lily white people driving badly too. There are plenty of unqualified persons of every race to throw in. THAT is why only those who are ACADEMICALLY QUALIFIED should be allowed admission. Got that moron?

  11. T says:

    The only way to achieve fairness and equality, is to end affirmative action. Otherwise, you will always question whether any blacks or latinos truly earned their achievements. Is there affirmative action on the basketball court.

  12. Mixed Female says:

    Race or Gender have no place in college admissions. PERIOD! I have twins 1 boy 1 girl. My daughter should not have a better chance of getting into a college over her brother, just because she is a girl. People need to quit letting government seperate us. Yes we are white, black, latino, asian, female, male, gay, straight ect. ect. ect. . But first and foremost we are AMERICANS!!!!

  13. tom jones says:

    Ask yourself this, Libs!

    A person of color is allowed to enter Med school based on race and not performance. He / She skates through the system we call “higher education”. He / She graduates and enters the field as a Surgeon. You suddendly need emergency surgery. Would you rather have someone cutting on you that got into school based on top leval performance, or someone that was given a free pass???? Nuff said. Dont even try to answer that one.

    1. Reality Check says:

      Your argument is extremely flawed. You have to still perform and graduate. Then you have to complete the intern and residency programs and become board certified as a surgeon before you get to just start cutting on people.

  14. truth says:

    @ Reality Check – feel free to prove me wrong on the two points I made about Asians, I double-dog dare you. If you believe what I am saying is not true then you should give up your lame screen name because you aren’t living in ‘reality’.

    Oh yeah….got that imbecile?.

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