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Police Shoot, Kill Loose Dogs At San Mateo Park

SAN MATEO (CBS SF) — Police officers shot and killed two boxer-type dogs that were threatening people at a San Mateo park, according to authorities.

Police responded to a report of two vicious dogs at Laurie Meadows Park around 4:20 p.m. Monday. The dogs apparently knocked down a young girl near a number of small children who were playing soccer.

San Mateo police Sgt. Dave Norris said the dogs approached the officers in a threatening manner.

Police opened fire after unsuccessfully trying to subdue them with a stun gun. Norris said one dog died at the scene. The other was taken to the Peninsula Humane Society, where it died Tuesday.

Norris said the dogs’ owner was not at the park at the time. The family, which lives nearby, said it appears that someone left the gate open at their home.

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  • Jim

    Dogs should have been in their yard.
    Bad thing is, probably going to cost San Mateo a bunch of money. Too bad.

    • Will

      They cops were protecting children playing in the park. If they were bothering the kids (which is why the cops were there in the first place) then shooting the dogs was justified.

      I love dogs with a passion, but love humans even more.

  • smketr

    Good job San Mateo PD! Thank you for protecting our children and our loved ones from harm every day.

    • Mark Worrell

      If harm ever comes your way and hopefully not those morons will be drag racing down el camino or shooting a couple of pets who to date still have harmed no one.

      • amused bystander

        Would you like a comma?

      • Reality Check

        Hey Mark, the dogs knocked over a girl and attacked her dog. Do you want them to wait for them to attack someone before putting them down? Dog bites can cause severe damage, including nerve damage. But then I guess you’d rather someone end up crippled than two dogs get shot. Guess what there are more dogs down at the shelter that need a good home. Dogs behave differently when there are more than one and since they were routinely walked at that park, they very well may have viewed the park as their territory. Dogs do become very aggressive when defending THEIR territory. The PD did what they needed to do.

    • Gianna Figone

      Fyi I was there San Mateo PD were protecting no one. Large PAY DAY

    • Dwong

      It is great to hear that the police opened fire in a park, for the incident will be a great learning experience for the children and parents who were in attendance.
      Moreover it was not the first time the dogs had visited the park, but it was the first time they were unattended. As a tax payer it excites me to know that the police are aware of neighborhood dogs and the people that reside within the neighborhood.
      On a side note if I was the Police Department Media Coordinator I would make sure that the media used terms like vicious and threatening instead of playful and excited.
      At least San Mateo can afford an animal control department.

  • Lee

    Where was/were the dogs’ owner or owners?! Why were the dogs loose? I’m sorry one died and hope the other will be ok. I’m a dog lover but the police did what they had to do. They were protecting the children and themselves. Dogs that size can do a lot of damage.

    • CJ

      The owners live nearby. Said someone left the gate open. The other dog died at the Peninsula Humane Society. Read the whole story.

  • jp

    I love dogs, too, but we have a leash law to keep dogs and people safe. I would rather loose a dog than a cop. There’s no excuse for negligence. We don’t need another dangerous dog mauling people.

  • Phamster

    They say it was a boxer type dog, yet they post a picture of a pitbull. Thanks for the fear mongering cbs.

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  • Mark Worrell

    Are you people that pathetic that you cant chase off a dog? They apparantly were able to keep them at bay!!!!.. No one was hurt!! Over exuburance from a dog is no big deal chase them off like they did untill police arrived { which we KNOW didnt happen very fast} or contain them untill ASPC arrives. How about some pepper spray or a broom??Pepper spray saved a man from a grizzly bear last week in yellowstone!!! An old lady with a broom how about that for a solution!!?? . The problem here is apparant. A bunch of ignorant lying hypemongering over emotional hatefull souless indignant as a way of life savages and a militant third world country mentality in the NEW police dept created a perfect storm of ignorance..And someones pets were killed ..Go ahead and tell yourselves someones life was in danger ..if they were a danger they would have attacked long before the savages who spend all night driving a hundred and fifty mph down their personal speedway el camino showed up ..everyone involved in this is a pathetic excuse for a rational human being… And another shining example of the third world decision making by the savages that wear a badge..My Dad was a city police officer and my uncle was a sheriff but the police force has changed due to hiring practices and is now becoming more and more of a corrupt third world gestapo force of IGNORANT SAVAGES WITH ZERO INTEGRITY INCAPABLE OF HANDELING THE RESPONSIBILTY THAT COMES WITH THE JOB..NOR THE IQ TO HANDLE THE JOB!!!

    • Southbay

      Sounds like you’d have a beef with the police no matter what they did. If they hadn’t shot the dogs, and the dogs bit someone, you’d be complaining that they hadn’t done their jobs. There’s no reasoning with an individual such as yourself. You only see what you want to and ignore reality.

    • amused bystander

      You are truly an idiot.

    • Darwin

      Yeah, cause back in the day, Mark’s dad and uncle could put the beat down on someone for no reason at all. If you think things are bad now you should try talking to some old time cops and the a$$ whoopin’ they used to put on people. It makes cops today look tame. Mark you are a fool. Please blow your nose with a shotgun.

      • troy

        “Darwin”-Your comment is an ignorant one and you are the fool… I know 2 people who were there with their children and the story has been fabricated to protect the decisions of the SMPD. There was no need to shoot the dogs and ever think of how traumatic it was for the children too see officers shoot 2 family pets? One of the children asked her mother if that would happen if they brought their dog to the park?

      • Darwin

        Good for you Troy. Kids need to get a better idea of where food comes from and getting to see life in action first hand should be used as a learning experience. Kids are far too sheltered today. And mommy should have told the child that “No, because we bring our dogs to the park on a leash. Those two dogs were unattended and posed a risk to everyone because they might bite people or kids.” Please refute the 9-1-1 call that prompted this, including the dogs knocking down a girl and attacking their dog. Think how that little girl felt watching her pet get mauled by these two rampaging dogs. You’re a moron Troy, you need to go blow your nose with a shotgun too.

    • Sandra

      ya, i think that’s where the owner should’ve stepped up and said something or tried to intervene. owners fault!

      • Sabrina V.

        Do you know how the owner found out!???? She found out by seeing all the cop cars! She treated those dogs like people. To her they were her two youngest children. First is Paul torres her oldest son, then Cheyenne her 13 year old, then her 6 year old diego, and finally Jordan and Bella(the dogs). She loved those dogs so much. It wasn’t her fault, don’t blame her, it was an accident.

    • Human Beast

      Heck with the damn dog, I would love to hear what you have to say if that dog had mauled a child, your story would change dramatically, probably blame the savage owners huh, a dog is a beast, always will be regardless of how domesticated you think they can be. A beast is a beast, and son, we are the top damn beasts.

    • leo lima

      MR MARK WORRELL. YOU THE IGNORANT HERE HERE I AM THE FATHER OF THE GIRL THE WAS INVOLVE IN ALL THIS do you have any ideia to have a 2 big dogs trying to hurting YOUR GIRL! YOU have NO CLUE the way i fell and do have any ideia to have a 70 pound dog junp in to your chest an try your to have your face into hes mouth I DID. PLEASE DONT BE. igonorant your self

      • Sabrina V.


    • Cobra

      A rational human being would conclude any danger to a child is not worth the risk. If I arrived on the scene and saw two large dogs acting in anything other than a tail-wagging manner, I would conclude the humans must be protected first.

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    […] wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptPolice officers shot and killed two boxer-type dogs that were threatening people at a San Mateo park, according to authorities. […]

  • John John G

    I am very often attacked by off leash dogs in San Mateo parks. This is a huge problem. Dogs are the biggest danger for humans these days. I am glad that police took care of these two.

  • Police Shoot, Kill Loose Dogs At San Mateo Park | Great Dogs Today

    […] wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptPolice officers shot and killed two boxer-type dogs that were threatening people at a San Mateo park, according to authorities. […]

  • Leeland

    Boxers are small to medium dogs that aren’t threatening. No reason to kill them. Mark is correct. They could’ve been contained and the SPCA contacted for a completely different outcome, with the owner possibly held responsible and fined. If the San Mateo police are afraid of a couple of “BOXERS”, then they need to be sent back to police cadet training for a “RE-DO”.

    • Darwin

      Pit bulls are also small to medium size dogs and have enlarged heads as do boxers. They also have larger muscles attached to their skull, which allow for a much more powerful bite. I guess you would suggest that any small-medium dog can be easily contained. Have you ever tried “containing” a dog, especially in a park or are you just really stupid? Why don’t you go become an officer if you believe their job is so easy and you could do it better?

      • My Experience

        I have tried to contain a dog that was larger than Jordan. It was quite easy. It was a pit mix that was trying to pick a fight with a boxer.
        Pit bulls have a distinct triangular shape to their heads, where Boxer heads are square. Having met these dogs, I can say without doubt or hesitation that these two were Boxers.

      • Leeland

        Darwin, a boxer does not make a pitbull. idjet. Are you related to Michael Vick?

    • Darwin

      Leeland you are a low grade moron and a racist. No, I’m white, but thanks for asking. Apparently you are not able to comprehend what you read. Time to head to night school.

  • Police Shoot, Kill Loose Dogs At San Mateo Park | Best Dogs World

    […] wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptPolice officers shot and killed two boxer-type dogs that were threatening people at a San Mateo park, according to authorities. […]

  • Choice

    I have owned and dog sat many different breeds of dogs in my life and have loved each one of them. But now with all the hassle of dog ownership and possible lawsuits or having to put a dog down.
    I think I will settle for owing one adorable cat and call him Dog.

  • JD

    I also reported these same 2 dogs back in July to the Humane Society, but got no response. These are half-Pit, half boxer.They had previously had a pitbull
    that attacked 2 cops and mailman on 3 seperate incidents. Many criminal activities at the house, but cops don’t do anything, it’s good work for them.

    • Are You Kidding Me?

      I can only guess that you are talking about two different dogs, because these two were show-worthy boxers.

    • Moock

      Interesting. They said these dogs had never gotten out before. Hmmm. Who should we believe?

    • Cecilia Parker

      I hope this is true! Because if you mix Pit Bull with any other breed you end up with a potentially dangerous animal according to the statistics kept by the government on human fatalities caused by various breeds of dogs. Pit Bulls are the most dangerous and cause the most deaths with a close second by Rottweilers. Boxers are way, way down the list near after Golden Retrievers!

      The media is calling them purebred Boxers which to a person who knows and loves this breed, is a frightening thought.

      Can you fill us in on more details about these two dogs? Thanks! –Cece

  • Juck K.

    What an outrage! Is this what has become of our society – shoot first then ask questions later? Where were the Dog Negotiators? I’m sure when PETA hears about this crime they’ll give the San Mateo PD the funding they need to bring in some smart animal psychologists to make sure this never happens again. We really need to get our priorities straight here if we expect to be number one in the world again:
    (1) Protect our cats and dogs from the police (Pending).
    (2) Repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (Done!).
    (3) Give chickens, cows, and other animals that we eat decent living environments before we eat them (Pending).
    (4) Locate people who don’t want to work for a living and give them money (Almost Done). And lastly,
    (5) Reduce the unemployment rate.

  • Moock

    As horrible as it is, sometimes the police are required to shoot dogs in the interest of public safety.

    People, make sure your dogs are SECURED in your house or yard. If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t have a dog.

  • Joe

    Good job PD, I am all for it. Those kinds of animals are large and capable of some serious damage on anyone, imagine what they can do to a senior or a 4 year old child. Personally I’d rather deal with an animal like that killed than live with guilt of it maiming or killing a helpless child.

  • Denise Annette Profumo

    All I can say is that NO ONE should have to Shoot anyones dog for any reason… What if it was a child was running around crazy would you shoot a child… I feel those dogs should have had been treated the same way… I wish I could have been there to get those dogs.. Those cops need to get there act together… Maybe eatting less fatty foods and losing weight would have helped.. they were probably too lazy to run after them so they pulled out a gun instead!!! WOW…

    • Darwin

      Wow, your post really goes a long way in showing just how monumentally stupid you are. The cops could have been Olympic class runners and there is no way for them to keep up with even the slowest of breeds. If it was a child running around crazy the parents in most case are also too stupid to deal with the child so they do call the police.

  • A Tragedy From Any Angle.

    First, let me say that I am glad I live in a community where the police actually respond to 911 calls.

    That being said, I think it might behoove the department to do some training on animal behavior, and what ‘vicious’ or ‘aggressive’ behavior actually looks like in an open space like the park.

    I wasn’t present when this happened, and if indeed some force was able to get these two normally friendly pups into a state that truly posed a danger, then I can understand the actions taken. If,however, they died just because the officers didn’t feel like waiting around for 20 mins for animal control or because they were disrupting a soccer game, I wonder what other short-cuts have brought grief and pain to families in the community.

    If anyone has video, please upload and paste a link. I’d very much like to see it, just for my own peace of mind.

    Boxers are not aggressive by nature, and I know these two were only trained to be playful. The breed may be enthusiastic at times but that’s because they love everybody and want them to join in.

    I’m afraid if by accident my puppy (who I consider a member of my family) accidentally wandered off, would it be killed because it went to the nearest open field to play?

    If these two dogs, just being themselves is considered enough to justify deadly force, I’m forced to question how safe I am as a human. This event makes me want to avoid sporting events for fear that I might cheer to enthusiastically, and slap my neighbor on the back, and get reported as a crazy man assaulting random innocent bystanders – like that’s all that it would take for me to find myself surrounded by unfriendly muzzles. Is using the word ‘crazy’ (‘vicious’, ‘aggressive’) all it would take? I certainly hope not, but it seems that the (im)proper use of certain adjectives are all it takes to justify pretty much anything.

    I knew these two dogs, and I am in utter disbelief that any of their actions could be taken as aggressive. When I first heard about this, someone asked me if I though it could have been Bella and Jordan, and I responded, “no”, unless you take the word ‘vicious’ in the description and replace it with ‘affectionate’, and knowing these to, I’d have to say by ‘mauled’, one could only mean ‘repeatedly licked’.

    As for the claim that they attacked a smaller dog, REALLY? Was the dog bleeding? Did it need stitches? If a dog really “attacked” another dog, there wouldn’t be any doubt. I’d bet they were trying to play, and didn’t know their own strength, and knocked the little dog over.

    Having read the bulletin last night, and these comments today, I find myself afraid for my own safety and that of my family. Not from dogs, but from ignorance (not to mention the discharge of firearms down the street from my home). Afraid to live in a community that is so frightened and dramatic that this could happen – where a fearful person with control issues decided to to lash out at two anonymous puppies (probably because dogs can’t sue for libel).

    As for the value of life, these two sweethearts were of a higher caliber of being, consciousness, kindness and love than many humans that I have met. I only wish I could have been at the park, so a familiar face could call them over to get smothered by kisses before this got out of hand.

    • Tracy Rossi


    • leo lima

      dont be so ignorant you dint see any thing and start to say a lot bulll….I WAS there and my dougther was the girl who was involve in all this come on you talk a lot of chit because no dougther of yours was there my was and also i got lock because one dog junp on my chest to get my face and i US faster and he dint had any lock please find other things to do you dont know what are you talkig about so you know iam so glade to have a police afficers working for us.

      • Shar

        Learn how to spell you idiot!!!

    • AR

      Well said. You’re a rare breed of person — an intelligent, compassionate one. Clearly you’ve been learning from the dogs. I wish more of us would learn from them.

      • Reality Check

        The major mistake people make is forgetting that we too are animals and are subject to the same drives they possess. People like to think we are enlightened simply because we have more reasoning capacity than do animals. That’s when we get into trouble.

  • Hector

    It’s so upsetting americans acts this way. Ignorance is bliss…enough said. I hope heaven exists for jordan and bella. At the end of the day, dogs will always be dogs, they cannot fend for themselves, survive, or act accordingly without responsible owners.

  • anon

    Looking at the situation here on Earth quite objectively, dogs are actually BETTER than humans. Not equal – better. They’re better than us at everything. Kinder, gentler, more loyal, happier, more understanding. They even make the best cops and the bravest soldiers in the armed forces. Given that, it’s really interesting to see people act as if shooting them down if they run loose is perfectly normal.

    If two hyperactive teenagers were running around, knocking into people but not really seriously harming anyone, would you shoot them down? No. You’d keep on working to subdue them. And if you couldn’t subdue them, you’d find someone who could. You’d never consider firing your weapon, unless you were a particularly murderous person who saw a great opportunity to get some real life target practice with no consequences.

  • Sar

    I was at this very park with my dog at the same time this was all happening and I NEVER once heard any yelling or any upset at all. I had my dog off leash playing for 45 minutes and never encountered any crazed dogs. I even stopped and watched the kids playing soccer and saw no crazed dogs or any adults or children running for their safety. Of course the dogs were aggressive, they were TAZED! There wasn’t anyone that was harmed or bitten, I’m sure animal control could have handled this situation without killing two dogs that hadn’t harmed anyone. Are people just going to start shooting dogs because they are loose?

  • Sar

    Rd- I have lived in this neighborhood for almost 3 years and frequent the park almost everyday. I have never seen these dogs running lose or even with an owner. Who cares if the owner has a criminal record, unless it’s for dog fighting, does that realky make a difference on the dogs’ behavior? Sounds like you have a problem with the owner and are making things up to make yourself feel better. I have a dog that is like my daughter and I take her to the park very often, all times of day. I have never felt in any situation that her or I was in danger from a leashed dog or an unleashed dog in the Laurie Meadows Park.

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