OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A member of an Oakland motorcycle club who was fatally shot at the group’s clubhouse Tuesday night was remembered by an associate as well-liked and respected by those who knew him.

Hassan Sayyid, 40, “was the nicest person and kept you laughing,” said an East Bay Dragons Motorcycle Club member who identified himself as “Big E.B.”

He said Sayyid “did most of the cooking for all of our events and kept everybody on their toes.”

He described Sayyid as being “funny but forceful.”

Police said Sayyid was shot in the garage-lounge area of the club’s building at 8731 International Blvd. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Sayyid had been sitting in the garage with other people when a gunman walked in and shot him multiple times, Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said. The shooter then ran away and has not been found.

Big E.B. said he had been watching TV with Sayyid at the club shortly before the shooting occurred. He left the club but then got a phone call a few minutes later from an associate saying that Sayyid had been shot.

He said called the shooting “mind boggling” and said he doesn’t know why anyone would kill Sayyid.

Big E.B. said the East Bay Dragons, which is an African-American motorcycle club, is well-liked in the neighborhood because “we give to the community” by sponsoring Christmas parties, delivering toys, hosting an annual block party and helping people in need.

“If there’s a family in need, we get some money together for them,” Big E.B. said.

He said Sayyid belonged to the club for about 10 years and was known both as “Ike” and “Stutterman,” earning the latter nickname because he stuttered.

Big E.B. said Sayyid “was well-liked and respected from coast to coast” at other motorcycle clubs he visited when he traveled around the country.

He “brought flavor to whatever he was doing,” Big E.B. said.

Big E.B., who works for the Oakland Department of Public Works, said Sayyid had been scheduled to start a new job for the department as a custodian and street sweeper next Monday.

A memorial for Sayyid has been set up on the sidewalk outside the clubhouse. There is a T-shirt with his photo and his nickname “Ike” as well as balloons, flowers, candles and a teddy bear.

There also are signs that say “Ride In Paradise” and “We Love You.”

Oakland police are asking anyone with information on the shooting to call their Major Crimes Section at (510) 238-3821.

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Comments (8)
  1. babalouey says:

    What happens in Oakland, can just stay in Oakland!!! And I hope it does. We don’t need more problems from the “killing-capital” of California. News from Oakland is ALWAYS so ugly.

  2. JaneQPublic says:

    This ‘shooting’ sounds like an execution. Pretty COWARDLY thing to do – walk up to a seated(?) and unarmed man and shoot point-blank.

    Let’s hope the CHICKEN-S___ punk gets HIS just desserts….

    Prison is too good for this kind of COWARDLY KILLING!

  3. Don Wright says:

    Could it have been a racially motivated crime?

    BTW, JaneQPublic, the term is spelled “just deserts,” not “just desserts,” despite the pronunciation.

  4. Darwin says:

    They are not “clubs” they are “gangs”. That is what happens when you lead the gangster lifestyle.

  5. mygirl78 says:

    sorry darwin,it is a club not a gang the club ride bikes.gangs rep colors stupid.if you do not know then shut the hell up!!!

  6. Darwin says:

    Then why do the “club” members wear colors? Their patch tells you exactly which gang they represent. A real club is open to almost anyone who wants to join. Whereas a motorcycle gang requires the prospective member (called a “prospect”) to put in work for the gang and test their loyalty. Keep on trying to perpetuate the myth there biker girl. Try not to fall off the back you ignorant b#tch!

    1. Nicole says:

      Sorry Darwin but your wrong. You are mixing up an the Hell’s Angels type clubs with Motorcycle CLUBS like the East Bay dragons. Yeah we do have people prospect but, when we do have them prospect we wont have them do anything that we would not do. Clubs that are 1% clubs such as the Hell’s Angels or Mongols might have there prospects do that. I cant say that they do because I have never spoken to a Hell’s Angels or Mongols and I have never been in there clubs. Yeah we do call the patch and vest on our back colors but what mygirl78 was talking about was an actual color (i.e. red, blue, orange…etc.) We do a lot for our community. From giving out toys and school supplies to needy children to having awareness events for Sickle Cell and Breast Cancer. It really unnerves me that narrow-minded people such as yourself do not get the full information before opening your mouth.

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