By Tim Ryan

SAN RAFAEL (KCBS) – Victoria’s Secret ads are causing quite a commotion at the Northgate Mall in Terra Linda.

Mall officials said they are considering moving an indoor children’s playground in an attempt to hide the ads from kids. For now, a plastic wall and some bamboo plants have been brought in to hide the models from the sight of the kid’s play area.

“It’s just too much put out there in your face,” said concerned mom Courtney Booker of Fairfax. “It puts too much emphasis on the body and sex.”

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

But not everyone agrees. Sonia Gittens, a mother of two from San Rafael, said the controversy has no legs.

“Kids see ladies in bathing suits and bikinis in Hawaii. We go to Hawaii every year. It doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t bother me at all,” she said.

Mall spokeswoman Brianna Davis said the bamboo and plexiglass are just temporary and they will likely move the play area away from the underwear store.

Victoria’s Secret is not commenting on the issue.

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  1. dbarco says:

    I would worry more about the violence on TV, the movies and in video games than some underdressed photograph. The photos are a great opportunity to instill your values in your kids, if they noticed it or mentioned it. Do I need to paint you a picture? As for the rest of us, I saw the same ones next to the St. Francis Hotel and maybe I’m blasse or not a guy anymore, but who cares?

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