OAKLAND (KCBS)— California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom was at the Port of Oakland Friday to speak on both the state and nation’s sea port competitiveness.

Newsom claimed the state is in a “code red” and losing its leadership edge when he addressed the need to have port maintenance funds released to California.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

“We are literally 18th now in port infrastructure around the world,” he criticized. “17 other nations far exceed our capacity in terms of our infrastructure investment compared to the United States of America.”

Surrounded by port officials and maritime industry leaders, Newsom said the state has to “step up its game,” or it’ll continue to lose it competitiveness in the global economy.

“What looks worse is our economic competitiveness, because the rest of the world is passing us by to a degree none of us could have even imagined five years ago and they’re barely getting started,” said Newsom.

He said California’s future as a global leader depends on job creation and economic growth. And right now he said we’re losing that fight.

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Comments (2)
  1. Tours Martel says:

    Of course if we reduced California State taxes and regulations to levels comparable to those of the top 17 nations the fees from increased port usage would pay for the improvements. However we can’t do that and continue to overpay police, firemen, and prison guards, not to mention providing welfare benefits to illegals. Sorry folks, hard choices are here, and making no choice is choosing to fail.

  2. smketr says:

    I curious as to which global economy Newsome is talking about that we are supposedly losing ground to, Greece, Syria, Yemen, Spain, Portugal? The key buzz word for the Democrats here is “investment” which we all now know means spending! I’m also curious as to how Mr Martel ties first responders and prison guards to the supposed decaying port of Oakland?

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