SAN JOSE (KCBS) – San Jose medical marijuana distributors say they are confident a referendum to overturn a city ordinance that taxes sales and sharply curtails the number of pot clubs will qualify for the ballot.

Signature gatherers have blanketed the city for nearly a week trying to collect the 30,050 signatures needed before the Oct. 29 deadline.

“I’m very optimistic because of the response that we’ve already seen,” said Dave Hodges, founder of the All American Cannabis Club.

Hodges’ dispensary and about 100 others would be forced to close under existing city laws that allow permits for just 10 pot clubs.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

More than 3,000 signatures have been collected since the Citizens Coalition for Patient Care launched the referendum campaign on Sept. 29, according to Hodges.

“We’ve already been seeing voters who have never voted before who are registering to vote just to sign our petition,” he said.

Hodges predicted that no pot clubs would remain once the San Jose ordinances took effect at the end of October because of an overly restrictive requirement that all pot sold be grown on-site.

“Unfortunately it’s equivalent to an effective ban,” he said.

If enough valid signatures are gathered for the referendum, the city council could choose to repeal the ordinances without putting them on the ballot, avoiding a costly campaign.

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Comments (2)
  1. George Wilson says:

    No, it’s not “equivalent to an effective ban.” The dispensaries are just saying so because they want it their way or no way. The city council is REGULATING these places, not banning them! There are too many of them operating in inappropriate locations such as next to homes, schools, daycares, drug rehab centers, parks, churches, etc. Dispensaries DO attract crime and other negative behaviors, making them unfit to operate next to sensitive-use areas. A limit of 10 in the city is more than adequate for patients in need.

  2. William Jenkins says:

    Yes, it is an effective Ban. It is completely unreasonable to expect Dispensaries to grow on site. This is extremely Draconian. On top of this if everyone knew where the Cannabis was grown this would ATTRACT crime.

    Dispensaries should not be near sensitive locations like schools, parks, etc however, why not target these dispensaries instead of attacking all of them?

    I suggest you do more research on crime statistics. Crime goes DOWN when a dispensary opens up. (RAND Corp).

    I support sensible control and regulation but what the San Jose City Council wants is draconian and the people of San Jose will successfully force them to put this issue on the ballot (which if they do will be defeated) but I doubt it will even go that far since it would cost the city millions just to get it on the ballot.

    Support Legalization and be done with it.

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