Santa Cruz Man Arrested After Stomping Parrot To Death

BOULDER CREEK (CBS SF) – Santa Cruz County sheriff’s deputies arrested a Santa Cruz man on Sunday on suspicion of throwing a 17-year-old parrot onto the ground and stomping it to death.

David Miles, 32, was arrested after deputies found him near a home in the 100 block of Madrona Road in unincorporated Boulder Creek where, at about 11:40 p.m. Sunday, they discovered a dead parrot after responding to a disturbance call.

Detectives said Miles killed the parrot, named Huey, after the parrot landed on Miles and began biting him. The parrot died at the home, which Miles had been visiting at the time.

Miles was not injured in the attack.

He was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail on suspicion of animal cruelty.

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  • Voky

    another cruel person

    • Nibhul Anmah Zuwetti Bahlzak

      Wait a second. If a parrot attacks me all of a sudden I might do the same thing. I mean I wont keep stomping once I know I got one good stomp after that I’ll feel bad but I’m not going to not injure him if he attacks me I AM going to injure him.
      That’s called self defense and hands are not going to work he’ll just bite and scratch your hands.

      • Kimberly Fielding

        I have to agree, stomping it to death was cruel, however, it was biting him? I think his reaction was poor, but I do think I would have defended myself somehow. I think he overdid it. McCaws are powerful birds, and their beaks are capable of cracking open hard nut shells, imagine the damage one could do. Why was it not in a cage?!?!?

    • Frank H

      yea why does he not stoop on me i am 6:5 245 lbs i would sure like to se ehim try ,and you know what the Poor parrots last words were?????? ( UP YOURS A.H.).

  • 12know

    Let me have him. I’ll personally make him pay for his cruelty to the parrot.

    • Lee

      Can I watch? Or maybe help?

      • a real man

        I wonder if the bird would have been charged with assault if it lived? (That’s sarcasm for those of you with limited thinking ability)
        It sickens and amazes me that anyone is delusional enough to deal with this on any level. It’s a waste of time and money. I feel bad for Miles. He’s just been inadvertently thrown into a situation that will force him to deal with misguided persecution from numerous morons that think they are doing this world some good. He did exactly what anyone should have done to protect themselves, and others.
        Let’s ask some of you morons what should have happened if the bird had attacked a baby and bit off a finger or two, and let’s say it’s your baby too? Would some of you like to reason with the bird? OMG!!!
        I’m glad the bid is dead.

  • blktro

    He’s upset because the Parrot is smarter than he is, they should tie him and put him in the cage with hundreds of untame parrots

  • Justin Goble

    more waste of court time and tax payer money

    • SK

      Just because you don’t care about animal cruelty doesn’t mean other taxpayers don’t.

    • Lee

      You obviously don’t like, or respect the lives of, other creatures. That’s too bad. You’re missing out on a lot.

    • Animal Advocate

      SHAME ON YOU for being an ignorant jerk!! There is too much animal abuse/cruelty around us…

  • polly

    no problem.

    he should be eliminated.

  • Lee

    Another piece of sub-human waste. Wish I could post what I really think about this.


    can I help too? (I will hold him down!)


    I want to stomp on him too! (does he even know how beautiful and intelligent this animals are? freaking IDIOT!

  • Bill Phipps

    I’m still trying figure out how he did it. Parrots are pretty fast. I think a fair punishment is to make him dress like a pirate the rest of his life. (implied patriot on shoulder)

  • polly


  • jumping to conclusions

    I’m sure there is a lot more to this story. Possibly enough to make a reasonable person feel differently than the way this is presented. If your pet attacks me, I will defend myself! If it’s only a case of cruelty (as it doesn’t say whether the parrot continued the attack after it started), than I am on the side of the dead parrot.

    • Stella

      I remember when my mother’s parrot flew at me and attacked me, I had to get stitches on my hand. PARROTS ARE AGGRESSIVE, THEY BELONG OUT IN THE WILD.

    • Justified Response?

      Self defense is fine, so long as it’s a reasonable response. Flinging the parrot to the ground likely broke bones, as bird bones are hollow and brittle. I doubt the stomping was a neccesary response. It’s the same as if you knock an agressor in a fight out (reasonable), and then stomp him to death (not… so… much.)

  • James Hardy

    gosh, why all the animal cruelty comments? DID YOU NOT READ??? The parrot attacked him!!! What is your first instinct when a bug jumps on you? you squash it. Stop defending the freaking parrot. I bet all of you have squashed a spider/bug….
    disgusting hypocrites

    • Animal Advocate

      SHAME ON YOU, YOU STUPID JERK!! Stomping a living being is and should never be justified and acceptable in any case!!

      • F.A.

        I stomped two black widows and their egg sacks yesterday on my front porch. I didn’t want to, but I have twin 3 year olds. The widows bravely tried to defend their eggs when I sprayed them down from their webs, being the good mothers that they are. Killing them didn’t feel good to me, but I couldn’t see another safe way out without creating a big production.

    • Marc

      Your analogy is a sad one, obviously you went to the same school as Michael Vick! Get some help, if that’s possible.

  • Brad

    Parrot was probably trying to preen him and he thought it was a bite. Interesting, they said he had no injuries on him. Other question, why is the parrot out at 11:40pm, I put mine to bed at 7:30-8pm.

  • Bill

    The parrot probably had some incriminating evidence against this character and wouldn’t shut up about it !!!

  • patty cakes

    get rid of this piece of garbage

  • Agent P

    What would really be a ‘hoot’, would be to put this man in the public square, and have all of the posters that want him to be gotten rid of with a gun in their hand, then direct them to pull the trigger.

    Toss in a few MMA wannabe’s too for good measure…

  • Jason

    Kill an animal that attacks you, what’s the problem?

    • Animal Advocate


    • Booger

      That advice goes hand in hand with “Baby bothering you? Beat him/her to death.”

    • Will1

      Your comment reflects your intelligence…”0″

  • Really?

    To those who see no problem with killing a parrot that *may” have attacked this guy – seriously? This isn’t self-defense like a robber attacking someone with a knife, its a bird… You will never have to defend yourself to the death in a fight with a parrot – that’s ridiculous.

  • NFN

    He might have acted out of emotion, but he went over board with throwing the parrot on the floor and stomping it…it might have been enough to simply throw the parrot on the floor and then back away

  • Animal Advocate

    ABSOLUTELY! Very well said, my friend!

  • Booger

    Any volunteers to give this guy a good stomping?

  • Thiros

    This article has ruined the immortal Monty Python sketch for me for about a month.

  • bricks

    Animal Advocate get a life…. rub out one in your case two…

  • Paul

    They both were on acid. If I owned a parrot that bit me it would be as good as dead. I’m assuming that the owner treated the animal well. If not then he deserved to be bitten..

  • joubaur

    I’m against animal cruelty, but, if that damn parrot started biting on my I’d kill it too!
    Parrots are known as the meanest animal in the jungle for a reason!
    By the way, the same goes for any other animal too. If it starts biting on me, I’m killing it!
    Just like I do mosquito’s.
    Gonna arrest me for killing mosquito’s?
    Ought to arrest the owner instead, for not keeping a vicious animal under control!

    • Bubba

      Yay, another person who understands. All the people who say shame on the fella should realize he’s protecting his own body. Did the parrot have a right to land on the man? No! If a dog bit you, it gets put down. If a parrot pecks you and attacks you, uhhh.. then what? Hehehe, that’s ok, he’s a parrot?

      Freaking animal lovers…and freakin liberals… If a dog kills a baby it gets put to sleep. If a man kills a baby, he gets life sentence (25 years). You have people treating their animals far better than another human being. This country’s laws are all messed up. Free Ghandi!! Free Gumby!!! I’m just rambling now. Good day.

      • booger

        I have to respond by saying you give every indication of being one of the stupidest person with whom I have had commentary contact.

        You mention the ‘rights of the bird.’ (moronic)
        You mentioned ‘liberals.’ (What the hell does that have to do with anything?)

        I just can’t expound on your ignorance, which is on a cosmic scale.

        Good day!

      • bubba

        i feel so offended boo hop. Honestly I hope you get your eyes plucked out by a parrot one day booger because that man did the right thing. He protected himself from harm to his own body. So when you do start dying from bleeding to death I bet you’ll say to yourself ‘its only an animal. I want hurt him fir no reason. I can rest in peace.’

        about liberals you cant take them and stick them up your private hole cause that’s where I want to be ;-)

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