OAKLAND (CBS SF/TMZ) – TMZ reports a five-minute sex tape showing slain Oakland Hip Hop Artist, Tupac Shakur (2-Pac) has surfaced. The tape, shot in 1991, features the late rapper at a house party receiving oral sex from a woman while drinking, smoking what appears to be a marijuana joint and rapping along with other members of the Oakland rap group, Digital Underground. As the tape ends it appears he’s ready to begin sexual intercourse with the unidentified woman. It’s unclear if there’s another tape.

TMZ learned the person in possession of the tape is making plans to release it to one of  two porn companies going head-to-head in a ferocious battle to buy the rights to the Tupac Shakur sex tape. TMZ reports the first bid is well into 6-figures.

Sources close to the person in possession of the tape tell TMZ neither company has actually laid eyes on the footage… but both sites are serious about acquiring the rights.

One of the potential buyers is a site called YouPorn.com, and head-honcho Corey Price tells TMZ the site has made an official offer to pay $150k for the tape.

The unidentified person in possession of the tape believes the offer is “way too low,” and is willing to hold out for more money.

The seller has been in contact with a second, unidentified porn site, which has vowed to beat the current offer, but only if it can screen the footage first.

In September 1997, after exiting a Mike Tyson boxing match in Las Vegas, Tupac Shakur rode in the passenger seat of producer, Suge Knight’s BMW sedan. While stopped at a traffic light, a white 4-door Cadillac pulled to the right of Knight’s BMW and began firing several rounds, targeting Shakur. He was hit in four times. Shakur was then taken to the University Medical Center, where he died 6 days later of respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. His murder remains unsolved.

Source: TMZ

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)


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