SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – A suspect suspected of stealing an officer’s gun in San Jose Friday morning was hospitalized after an officer struck him with a car, police said.

The incident began at 10:37 a.m. in the 1100 block of Leigh Avenue when police received a call from a resident who said there were people acting suspiciously in the driveway of her apartment complex, police spokesman Sgt. Jason Dwyer said.

An officer responded at 10:54 a.m., and three minutes later made a call on the police radio asking for help, Dwyer said.

The officer, William McMullen, an 18-year veteran, was allegedly attacked by one of the suspects and a fight ensued over the officer’s gun, according to Dwyer, who said the gun was fired, although it remains unclear who fired it.

Neither man was shot during the struggle, police said.

jason evans 100711 Shots Fired In Struggle For San Jose Police Officers Gun

Police say Jason Evans stole a San Jose Police officer’s gun during an incident on the 1100 block of Leigh Avenue on October 7, 2011. (San Jose Police Department)

The suspect, Jason Evans, 27, allegedly struck McMullen several times and was able to get possession of the gun. He ran southbound on Leigh Avenue as two other police officers arrived at the scene, Dwyer said.

Police said Evans raised the stolen gun in the direction of the officers and the officers fired multiple rounds at Evans but he was not hit, Dwyer said.

Evans, still armed with the officer’s gun, continued to run southbound toward an elementary school that was in session, according to police.

McMullen returned to his patrol car and drove to the intersection of Leigh Avenue and Stokes Street, where he struck Evans with his car, police said.

Evans was taken to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center for treatment. When he is released, police said he will be booked on suspicion of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

McMullen was also taken to a hospital and has been released.

The two other people who were reported to be acting suspiciously in the driveway are being treated as witnesses in the case and were not arrested, he said.

Jude Voltaire, a resident who lives nearby, said he was walking out of his door on his way to work when he was told by an officer “don’t go outside because there’s a shooting.”

Another neighbor said she was in her bedroom when she heard shots fired, then heard people jumping fences nearby before someone yelled “Get on the ground!”

All three officers have been placed on routine paid administrative leave, police said.

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Comments (6)
  1. SFGiant says:

    Why does CBS continue to put out such terrible news reports. The incident occurred at 10:00 a.m. and this drivel came out at 12:00 p.m. Does the reporter have zero skills in getting any information? Why publish this at all until you have more than one fact? Pathetic!

  2. Bad Reporting says:

    Wow this is the worse write up ever.

  3. bob says:

    Crazy, sad, frustrating, funny, infuriating, mindless, weird, pointless, interesting, confusing, and everything else I failed to mention about all the comments and opinions from all kinds of people. Even my comment. Why do we all feel the need to comment on everything? Are we all searching for others who think and feel like we do so we don’t feel as alone in the world? Its a trip how much the world has become more and more digitized. We are all becoming more detached from the physical world and more attached to the digital one. We all have become just a comment, a face, a picture, a phrase, a poke, a twit, and a text in an infinitely growing and all encompassing digital reality. Crazy!
    Things happen in this world that we can’t understand or explain, they just happen. And tomorrow more things will happen. What can you do?

  4. janie says:

    Bob’s got it right. Remember when you wouldn’t hear about a shooting unless you read about it in the newspaper? By the time it was written up, all the facts were assembled and it wasn’t really “news” anymore. Now we want to know what’s going on *everywhere* right now! We’ve lost patience so that the written word is just thrown together in little tidbits that our ADD addled brains can consume them and comprehend what we’re being told. Sad, really. One day words on paper won’t mean anything to anyone anymore.

  5. Michael Greenlee says:

    The reporter may not get the perfectly laid out story from the police. So they pass it on the best he or she can and says details to follow.

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