700-Pound Pelican Statue Stolen From Novato Park

NOVATO (KCBS) —- Metal thieves have struck Novato in a big way, taking a bronze pelican statue from a city park.

The 700-pound statue was placed in Scottsdale Pond Park in 2007. It was named Omay, the Miwok word for pelican, and it cost the city $27,500.

It was stolen over the weekend, probably taken for the value of the bronze metal, and officials are worried it might end up with recyclers.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

“When I got the news yesterday, my heart just sank,” said Novato Mayor Madeline Kellner.

Idaho artist David Clemons created the statue, which shows a pelican in flight. The statue is about nine feet tall, with a 10-foot wingspan.

Police believe it must have taken at least two people to move the statue.

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  • Tours Martel

    The Great Obama Recession continues to take its toll on innocent statuary. Maybe the thieves could have it melted down and turned into guns to smuggle into Mexico for the drug lords? I am sure that the ATF will be right on it. But, seriously, this is just wrong.

  • Mordecai

    The Great Obama Recession?

    Check out this graph showing the increases of national debt incurred by 5 Presidents.


  • j

    The DEA have been stealing drugs from evidence lockup and reselling them. It has become a popular way in the Department of Justice’s DEA to make extra money.
    They also steal from suspects for which they have created fabricated or coerced heresay evidence.
    With some of the DEA suffering under mountains of credit card debt they have started to think outside the box.

  • The Fox :)

    Omay is fine. We hauled it here to Florida where it sits beautifully next to my pool.

  • Liz

    Should we spend 27,500 dollars on something we can’t eat when people are hungry. I can never understand why we have so many statues when there are children in America starving. And it did not cost the city the money it cost the TAX PAYERS that MONEY.

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