Vallejo Teacher Jailed For Alleged Sex Act On Intoxicated Student

VALLEJO (CBS SF) – An instructor at the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo was arrested Saturday on suspicion of performing a non-consensual sex act on one of his students at a party, police said.

The incident allegedly occurred sometime on Oct. 2 or Oct. 3 when the professor invited students to his home for a social gathering, Vallejo police Lt. Kenny Park said.

Park said that at one point during the gathering, the instructor, Scott Saarheim, led one of the students to another part of the house and gave him an unidentified intoxicating substance.

At some point after that, the student realized that the professor was orally copulating him, Park said. The student then left the party.

The student was embarrassed and didn’t report the incident to police for several days, Park said. He eventually did report it, and Saarheim was arrested on Saturday.

Saarheim was booked into Solano County Jail on suspicion of felony oral copulation while the victim was intoxicated, Park said.


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  • Popeye

    He was teaching him about life at sea, pretending to be the Cabin Boy! Arghhhhhh!!!

  • Blast oma

    Why salt me doggie!

  • TexasForever

    Don’t ask, don’t tell!

  • Ben Dover

    Shiver me timbers.

  • Poopdeck Pappy

    The finest semen, er, seamen in the state!

    Seriously though, since when did we start calling college professors “teacher”? Cal Maritime is part of the CSU system. The headline left the impression that it was a high school or grade level teacher committing the act against a minor.

  • C Hudson

    I agree, this was a PROFESSOR and NOT a teacher. Don’t protect CSU by diluting the words in the story. You should reprint with a correction. May I suggest the headline “Professor at Cal State University Drugs and Sexually Assaults a Student of the California Maritime Academy”

  • Barry

    Well lets hope he is soon surrounded by men who will have sex with him on a daily basis.

  • yames

    How much do you want to bet? The kid instigated it!!

  • yames

    Twit….No doubt that you would love the same amount of attention!!

  • David Ball

    The professor wanted to taste some “one-eyed trouser trout”.

  • Andrew P.

    My guess is he is a Rear Admiral…

    or something sexual like that

  • Secrets to a fat belly

    Mustache rides a nickel!

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