2 Amtrak Trains Collide At Oakland’s Jack London Square Station

OAKLAND (CBS 5 / KCBS) — Authorities said 16 people were injured when two Amtrak passenger trains collided at the Jack London Square station in Oakland on Wednesday night.

According to officials, train 14 from Los Angeles was stopped at the station around 10 p.m., when it was struck by San Joaquin train 717 from Bakersfield. Train 14 was a Coast Starlight train bound for Seattle.

Oakland Fire Department battalion chief Emon Usher said the second train was traveling at a speed estimated to be about 15 to 20 miles per hour.

Usher said most of the injuries were minor, but that several people were taken to local hospitals.

Amtrak spokesman Cliff Cole described the crash as it as a “low speed” collision. He said the wheels of each lead engine went off the track.

Officials had no estimate on when the trains would be cleared from the scene.

All train traffic has been temporarily suspended at the station.

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  • David Legnosky

    That’s what the article says! Think!

  • itsme

    Conveniently taking the quote from “an Amtrak employee”, the reporter stated that employee’s “story” about the crash. Since it turns out that that employee was the engineer of Train 717, the one that struck the STATIONARY train on the same track, this needs to be mentioned: it has been confirmed that Train 717 did not obey a yellow signal prior to the station area (it was SUPPOSED to be prepared to STOP at the next signal if it was red)…and then when the next signal WAS red, it ran right through it without stopping.

    That employee, who appears to be the one who caused the collision by his actions in ignorance of the signals, USED the CBS San Francisco reporter to “tell his story in public.” Now, just watch him subpoena the video for his disciplinary trial. Thankfully the reporter said clearly that he information obtained was UNCONFIRMED.

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