APTOS (CBS SF) – Deputies arrested a man after discovering over 500 marijuana plants along with processing materials in an Aptos residence Tuesday, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office said.

William Russell, 47, was arrested after deputies found the marijuana growing in a residence in the 600 block of Bayview Drive.

Deputies also discovered a scale, packaging materials and over four pounds of processed marijuana, authorities said.

Deputies also found that Russell had constructed a bypass to a PG&E meter whereby utilizing power without paying for it.

A PG&E investigator was called to assist and removed the bypass, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies estimated Russell’s operation could generate well over $150,000 per year.

Russell was booked into jail for cultivation and possession for sales of marijuana and utility theft, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office said.


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Comments (8)
  1. Sam Mallory says:

    ya well worth the tax dollars to go after pot growers instead of the heroin addicts.

  2. Me says:

    He is showing his mind looks like on drugs….FRIED……yeah, let’s legalize this garbage…WOWOWOWOW….that, my friends, is why they call is DOPE

    1. Hash Bags says:

      In reply to ME’s idiotic comment. Only people that call Cannabis “Dope” are liars and ignorant sheep brainwashed by the media since reefer madness. Small minds! They’re normally bible belt lames but don’t worry most of those dopes are dying off so no more lies…

  3. Cheech says:

    Hey Mannnn, its just a little grass–we should legalize it!

    Montgomery triangle is Awesome!

    Montgomery is awesome!

  4. Gio says:

    I don’t smoke weed, but legalizing it to take away from Street Dealers is fine with me.

    1. Baby Boomer says:

      Gio, I agree, II haven’t smoked weed since the mid seventies and no longer do any drug, but untill it’s legalized on the federal level, it will be a losing battle. The feds have juristiction over the states.

  5. Reality Check says:

    The reason the proposition to legalize it was defeated was because the marijuana growers paid a LOT of money to do so. They do not want their profits to drop were it to become legal for everyone. The growers are making tons of cash and because they are making so much money there are killings during home invasions as a result of this.

  6. cornholio says:

    Legalizing it sounds good but it is certainly not an easy process.

    take a toke and hold the smoke,…

    Montgomery is awesome!

    Montgomery triangle is awesome~

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