San Jose Man Charged With Dealing Guns From Taco Cart

SAN JOSE (CBS 5) – At Jose Ortiz’s San Jose food cart you can get tamales for $1.50, tacos for $1.75 and – according the feds – semiautomatic handguns for a few hundred bucks.

Starting back in April, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said Ortiz sold undercover San Jose officers two handguns for $700. They came back to his cart on Alum Rock and Foss Avenue over the next month and bought a small arsenal.

Federal officials said Ortiz kept the guns in this van in a plastic bag. Officers claim they bought, and Ortiz admits to selling, a total of 9 guns. Among the cache were revolvers, rifles, handguns, and a sawed-off shotgun.

Some of the serial numbers were filed off, but investigators traced one of the handguns to Southern California, where it had been reported stolen. Ortiz said another man supplied him with the guns, and he didn’t ask where they came from.

Ortiz was arrested last month, but is back on the streets with his cart until his next court date. He has prior drug and weapons convictions. He claimed he didn’t know he needed a license for the guns.

  • NRA 4 Ever

    He’s a bright one!

  • Juan

    Mmmmmmm I love taco!!

    “Can I get some hot sauce and a glock with my burrito?”

    Montgomery triangle is awesome!

    Montgomery is awesome!

  • Reality Check

    And this guy is out of custody WHY?????

  • Chris King

    Lock him up for life.

    • Mark Menning

      He was an obvious flight risk because he has previous felony conviction but the Judge still gave it to him. He’ll never show up for his court date, he’s probably already crossed the border back into Mexico.

  • Mark Menning

    Hey, if you are going to omit parts of the whole story, then go get a job working for Russia Today. How is it comical that an ex-felon AND an illegal alien are selling AK-47’s, handguns and meth on a city street corner in the middle of San Jose? How is it that a definite flight risk is allowed bail ? Where did he get the money? Do you really think he is going to show up on the court date?
    How in the hell can this be considered funny to you?
    Lets talk, anytime…any place.

  • Ekaterina Kaverina

    Russia Today is not even fit for toilet paper
    DOn’t mention it here

  • Cornholio

    Mmmm I could use an RPG and a chalupa—I am off to Taco bell to get my fix

    Montgomery triangle is awesome!

  • Rayzer

    He is probably another illegal parasite working with fellow law breaking immigrants (another name for parasite).. It should be understood that there are no law-abiding, decent, illegal Mexican parasites. They are ALL criminals- from the smallest child to the oldest, grinning Grandma. Their presence in OUR country means they have no regard for the laws. They should be imprisoned here and Mexico sent the bill for the cost of ridding these users (parasites) from society. They are like cancer– termites are less destructive.

  • teremist

    Only in America. A convicted felon, an illegal immigrant, knowingly sells weapons to anyone with cash. Then he pretends he doesn’t speak English, and doesn’t know it was illegal! To add insult injury some DUMB judge grants him bail! The toilet known as Mexico is over flowing into America, and we are supposed to smile and say thank you? I don’t think so!

  • Alma Torres

    The saddest part of this whole story is that I live on Foss Avenue. There are children who ride their bikes daily next to this man’s cart, a Buddhist temple at the end of the block, and a teacher who lives on this block. I find it a complete disgrace that someone with his history could get away with this mayhem. Now it makes sense why this corner is always packed with people, I’m in complete shock and quit frankly DISGUSTED with our court system.

    • Mark Menning

      GREAT comment Alma Torres.
      Thank you for your knowledge of the area and insight.
      So no answer to my question to CBS news why half the story was omitted here. Be sure to check other news sources for the WHOLE story !

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