SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— You’re probably accustomed to the honeydew melon, but a few years ago a richer flavored orange colored honeydew was introduced. KCBS Food and Wine editor Narsai David says it is maintains the crunchy texture of the regular melon.

There’s white honeydew too, which makes David wonder what color is next. Despite these exotic colors, the cantaloupe remains the most popular and common in all varieties of melon.

KCBS Food and Wine Editor Narsai David:

“Once in a while you’ll see a Persian cantaloupe and that’s sort of like the grand-daddy of all the cantaloupes.” David described it as having a very dense, heavy orange-colored flesh.

The Charente melon from France has a deep color and texture and a much more aromatic quality.

“The Crenshaw is certainly my all-time favorite. They’re very delicate with a pale yellow-orange color,” David admitted.

Two newer ones that are doing very nicely are the Galia and Canary, while the Casaba has a very brief in season.

David even said the “Christmas melon” is one variety that is a late bloomer and can be kept in a cool cellar to ripen for a couple of months just in time for the holidays.

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