Governor Brown Declares ‘Steve Jobs Day’ To Honor Apple Co-Founder

SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) — Governor Jerry Brown proclaimed Sunday Steve Jobs Day in California, the governor’s office announced Saturday.

“To call him influential would be an understatement,” Brown said. “His innovations transformed an industry, and the products he conceived and shepherded to market have changed the way the entire world communicates. Steve Jobs embodied the California dream.”

Brown’s announcement came a day before the scheduled private memorial service for Jobs at Stanford University.

Jobs, 56, passed away on Oct. 5.

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  • Gertrude Stein

    Steve Jobs knew how to make money, and made some tech creative inventions, that are useless, and not necessary!Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Robert Altman, Woody Allen, Picasso, have definately done more for humanity!

  • David

    The correct spelling is “definitely”. Like it or not, Steve Jobs revolutionized how the world uses technology and communicates with each other. I would hardly call Apple products “useless”…

    Furthermore, the author of the article didn’t mention Rosa Parks, MLK Jr., Woody Allen, etc because they didn’t die recently. I hope this helps clear up any misconceptions that you may have had.

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