SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Supporters of  California’s new anti-bullying law law gathered in San Francisco Monday for a bittersweet celebration following last week’s signing by Governor Jerry Brown.

Sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, Seth’s Law is named after 13-year-old Seth Walsh, who hanged himself to escape the abuse of bullies at his school in Tehachapi. Ammiano was one of those who came to the state building in San Francisco to say the law will make a difference for other young people, whether gay or straight.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

“We’re going to give kids hope, but we’re going to give them more than that,” he said. “We’re going to give them codified policies that schools have to follow.”

Seth’s mother Wendy Walsh said she hopes Seth’s Law will be a powerful legacy.

“I’m very honored there’s a law named after Seth now,” she said. “School districts are giong to be held accountable.”

The law goes into effect in July. Meanwhile Wendy Walsh has sued the school district claiming it ignored the constant harassment of her son. That suit is still making its way through the courts.

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  1. Huh? says:

    What’s the law?

  2. Mike Weakley says:

    Bullying is a serious problem affecting millions of children every year. It can interfere with their social and emotional development, as well as their school performance. In the U.S. alone, 19,000 children attempt to commit suicide every year as a direct result of being bullied. To help combat this problem, I have put together a bully prevention show for elementary schools & libraries called “The STOP Bullying Show”. Based out of Orlando, this show raises the awareness of bullying in a fun & engaging way; while teaching kids what they can do to put a stop to it. Highlights of the show can be seen here…

  3. BrendaSmith says:

    For generations, too many of us have shrugged off bullying as just kids being kids, but it is a great thing that the country is now seeing this as a seroius matter not only for kids and their family but for the whole country as well. I was scanning through a few blogs and found this article on a Safety Service for my children. It seemed interesting so I checked it out on Facebook and actually got 15 days free. Here’s the article:

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