Oakland Warns ‘Occupy’ Encampment To Clean Up Act

OAKLAND (CBS / AP) — Officials are warning demonstrators who are camping outside Oakland City Hall in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement to clean up their act or risk being shut down.

City spokeswoman Karen Boyd said Wednesday that an existing rat problem has become worse and that there are complaints of fighting, illegal drug and alcohol abuse and sexual harassment at an encampment where about 100 tents have been pitched as part of Occupy Oakland.

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City officials also told the occupants to curb graffiti, vandalism and public urination on the grounds.

Boyd and City Administrator Deanna Santana walked through the site Wednesday and later told the demonstrators to be more respectful of their surroundings as they monitor the situation on a daily basis.

Occupy Oakland organizers say several activities have been planned for next week with no timetable on when the demonstrations will end.

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  • Bob the builder

    any bets they are collecting unemployment while supposedly looking for a job. I hope the EDD goes and gets the name of the protestors and if they are collecting benefits, they need to repay them, they aren’t looking for jobs, just complaining and waiting for handouts instead of changing their situation.

    • Philip Scharfy

      A lot of them are probably scoring tax free ssi payments for being pot “addicts”
      Paying these losers for being dopers is just insane and has to stop.

  • Philip Scharfy

    Well said

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