OAKLAND (KCBS) — Dual protests in San Francisco and Oakland in sympathy with the Occupy Wall Street movement exude a remarkably different vibe, as city officials differ in their tolerance of protesters’ encampments.

In San Francisco, the ‘Occupy San Francisco’ movement struggles to protect a small collection of tarps and tents from police raids.  Meanwhile in Oakland, a virtual tent city now controls most of Frank Ogawa Plaza, across from City Hall where city government appears to be more sympathetic to the occupiers.

PHOTOS: Bay Area Occupy Protests

City officials in San Francisco are refusing to let the Occupy SF camp grow into a full-fledged tent city. Compared to Occupy Oakland, the Occupy SF camp is smaller, more makeshift and protesters more focused on documenting their claims of excessive police force.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

One man from the Occupy Oakland camp boasted how people have food, shelter, and first aid. There’s a maze of walkways made from pallets, a kitchen, a classroom, even a synagogue. There’s even a bicycle-powered generator on hand.

One woman protester was growing a cornucopia of items in a garden consisting of arugula, cilantro, strawberries, rosemary, kale, cabbage and snow peas.

At Occupy Oakland, there’s no sign of the police, although it does appear to be a well-organized village.

Wednesday, however, Oakland officials warned demonstrators to clean up their act or risk being shut down as an existing rat problem has become worse and there have been complaints of illegal drug and alcohol abuse and sexual harassment.

City officials also told the occupants to curb graffiti, vandalism and public urination on the grounds.

KCBS reporter Doug Sovern said one other difference between the two camps was the Occupy Oakland camp was much less friendly to reporters.

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