SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The issue of public nudity in San Francisco may garner plenty of chit-chat around the office watercooler, but it certainly isn’t a topic that translates into heavy turnout at a Board of Supervisors committee hearing.

Only two people turned out to testify Thursday before the supervisors, as they considered legislation to outline the guidelines for baring it all.

It had become the talk of the town – naked men parading around the Castro District, to the point where Supervisor Scott Wiener said he felt compelled to propose legislation to ban naked people from restaurants and force them to use a cover when sitting on public chairs and benches.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

“Healthwise, it’s terrible,” testified one of the two people who showed up for the hearing. “I don’t like it that the kids see this. And even people in general just don’t want to be exposed to this.”

The legislation was approved and sent to the full board for consideration.

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Comments (23)
  1. Jill says:

    Ban it! Ever heard of indecent exposure, sexual harassment anyone. I don’t want to see it, let alone explain to my children, sometimes liberals just go to far, this is one of those occasions. Frankly I would be very offended and do not want to see other men naked! If I see a naked person in public in San Francisco, I will sue the city for sexual harassment by failing to enact laws to protect me against such offensive behavior!

    1. Kirk C. Richards says:

      you can’t sue for sexual harassment unless the men grab you and to you jill sence they are gay trust me they wouldn’t want to touch you

      1. gregm says:

        You’re not helping matters here Kirk. I think it’s best for you to keep quiet…

  2. alice says:

    Well said! This is one of the reason I hate SF and the carpet munchers and fudge packers! What a sin!

    1. capt says:

      Alice, we do not want you in our beautiful city by the bay. We’s much rather you stay in Oklahoma and remain under that rock where you live and wait for the rapture to come.

    2. gregm says:

      And you did too by judging her. I’m gay Kirk and I don’t want to see naked gay men in the Castro anymore than I want to see naked straight people on Union Street. Oh, and by the way, learn how to spell, punctuate and capitalize!

  3. Kirk C. Richards says:

    feel free to bare all America you are in a free country

  4. Dany says:

    Why is nudity sexual harassment. I agree about covering when they sit on public chairs or benches. If I owned a business ie. a restaurant my rule would be “no clothes no service”. As for the kids it’s the adults that have a problem with it What’s the big deal having to explain to kids that men and women are built differently, both physically and mentally. They see worse on T.V., movies and the Internet. As long as no sexual overtones are involved it doesn’t Why are we such a hypocritical and prudish society. .

  5. rob says:

    OMG! All upset over a little nudity. Live and let live. Geeze, those guys are more afraid of you than you should be of them. Obviously they will not attack you, and they have no weapon. They have nowhere to hide anything. All they want to do is enjoy the sun and socialize. Lighten up, prudes. If you don’t want to see a little skin, then stay out of our neighborhood. (However, by the looks of the number of tourists in my ‘hood, obviously you prudes are interested in catching a glimpse of something…)

  6. Kirk C Richards says:

    As San Fransisco becomes the armpit (or should I say orifice) neighbor of California. Where will the degrading morals and ethics of the city find the bottom of the pit. Something smells nasty in the air! Why have I become this kind of person? Please help.

    1. Capt says:

      God forbid you wear a dress that shows your ankles. You’d bring shame upon your family.

    2. gregm says:

      How can San Francisco become a neighbor of California when it’s IN California. As I suggested earlier, SHUT UP!

  7. dannyb61 says:

    Like you never had a BJ or butt sex.. don’t throw stones

  8. Kirk C Richards says:

    I’m a sinner and I feel free!!!! Free food, free drinks, free welfare, free willy, free me!! Everything should be free!!

  9. dannyb61 says:

    I think that its just strange these guys want to walk around nude. Burrrr it’s like 55 all the time at night. There are beaches and nudist camps for that.
    This is a few guys who, from what I hear don’t even live in SF. They did this in Berkley and won a lawsuit against them, that’s why the cops don’t bother them here unless the engage in sexual contact. They are trying to get sued so they can make money out of your taxes.
    Just when you see them ignore them like everyone in the Castro does. This is not a Gay or Straight thing, its a nudist thing. Let them go to union square and do this. lol

    1. J says:

      Danny, You make some reasonable points but why should I have to opt out (ignore them). This would require my avoiding the areas that they choose to display themselves. I liken it to cigarette smoking indoors: If you can keep the smoke where you are, fine. But that is of course nigh on impossible. If these guys can keep the nudity to themselves, well all the power to em. But of course, that is also impossible. Unfortunately, we seem to be creating a political platform for these folks to stand on where there was none. It’s silly and pointless. SF Supes, shut them down. There are far more relevant public issue stands that need to be taken.

    2. gregm says:

      It it’s not a gay or straight thing, then why did you say “Like you never had a BJ or butt sex?” Hmmm? It’s NOT a nudist thing either, it’s an exhibitionist thng!

  10. The dirty old man says:

    I like naked people.

  11. Peter says:

    Those that have a problem with it probably have small peters…he, he

  12. gregm says:

    Nice small comment Peter! But one doesn’t have to have a BIG peter to be an exibitionist! Now grow up and put some clothes on…

    1. Peter says:

      Thanks for your reply gregm, but I am grown up and I also have my clothes on. I’m sorry you couldn’t tell that I was being facetious.

  13. whatever says:

    what about jobs?/ forget the naked people!!

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