San Francisco ‘Occupy’ Protesters Get New Eviction Warning, Plan Expansion

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Occupy SF protesters said Wednesday they were getting ready to move their main campsite to a new location at San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza. The plan comes as San Francisco police issued a new warning to vacate Justin Herman Plaza.

The notice, handed out to protesters on Tuesday with the heading “You Are Subject to Arrest,” outlined unlawful activities in the plaza including the use of propane tanks and open flames, public urination and defecation, as well as overnight camping.

An image of the notice, which had Police Chief Greg Suhr’s name at the bottom of the page, was posted electronically on the group’s website.

“These acts have been and continue to be violations of the law for which you are subject to arrest,” police said in the notice.

SFPD had issued a similar notice to the occupiers on Oct. 11. Then, on Oct. 16, citing the city law banning encampment there, officers ordered the removal of tents in the plaza and arrested five people.

However, camping has resumed there since last week, with no major confrontations between the protesters and police. “Occupy SF” organizers estimate that there are currently more than 300 people living in the camp.

Arrests in San Jose and a police sweep of the Occupy Oakland camp had the crowd in San Francisco wanting to unite all of the Bay Area’s Occupy protesters in one central location Wednesday.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

“Standing in solidarity and with all of the other cities coming to San Francisco would be probably one of the most empowering things for this entire movement,” said Christopher Ray, one of the most vocal and visible members of the San Francisco encampment.

Ray said the plan is to move the Occupy SF base of operations to the Civic Center a week from Saturday, setting up a new, much larger camp right across San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s City Hall office.

“We’ll still have a presence down at Justin Herman Plaza and at the Federal Reserve,” said Ray. “But we will be taking Civic Center by November 5.”

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  • erika

    San Francisco police said the rules will be the same there with no tents, overhead tarps or permanent structures allowed . . .What? I work directly across from where these people are currently camped and there are all of those things and there have been for days! They police are doing nothing nor is the mayor which is ridiculous isnt tat his job?

  • JP

    Flea Party UNITE!

  • Big G

    I say if SF Public officals let this happen, maybe it will be time to strart loking at recalling or protesting our esteemed leaders for letting this happen. What about the rest of us who have to get to work , who pay taxes & have a right to be able to go through theses places. Maybe the Mayor, the Chieef of Police & anybody else in charge needs a reminder that the rest of count too. We vote, we pay taxes & we do not lounge in the park. What about our rights ED Lee & Greg Suhr!!

  • TJ

    ED LEE SHOULD NOT BE RELECTED!!!! His reponse to this has been to do NOTHING!!!!! He is a total passive mayor wo clearly does not care about the citizens of this city.

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  • idk

    Heh, good job looking and living like the homeless. I mean, they do “camp” in various parts of the city, while normal people camp in actual campgrounds.

  • Jim

    Bring in the national guard, to help the police keep order.

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  • Whoopie Cushion

    Protesting the protesters…

    Take lunch and restroom breaks at the Occupy camp.
    Return to work or home until next time.

    What goes in must come out.

    Occupy restrooms.

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