SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Demonstrators are on the march through the streets of San Francisco as they take part in what’s being termed by Occupy Wall Street organizers as a Halloween march and rally.

Some in the crowd, estimated to number about 1,000 people, are wearing suits, appearing to imitate Wall Street bankers. Others are wearing “Robin Hood” outfits.

During the march the crowd stopped briefly and chanted in support of Scott Olsen, the 24-year-old Iraq War veteran who suffered a fractured skull during a confrontation in an Oakland occupy protest.

San Francisco police officers are out in force, escorting the mostly festive crowd as it makes its way through the city’s streets.

Saturday’s March in San Francisco was among of a number of occupy events in the San Francisco Bay area on Saturday, including a rally and march in Oakland Saturday night.

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Comments (6)
  1. mike says:

    sad, angry, and illiterate reaction.

  2. Bruce Salem says:

    I did not appreciate the biased way the story on Occupy SF was given on 6PM news. It wasn’t that the copy read was factually incorrect, but the way it was delivered was biased, not given in an objective and professional manner, it was propagandized. I expect far more discipline from Talking Heads and far less opinion than we get from tonight’s reader or from Ken Bastita and Dan King.

  3. Roderick Llewellyn says:

    Yeah, Pat’s idea of a “free America” is where people go beat each other up with baseball bats. Obviously a case of barely-repressed violence from sexual inadequacy. Urging other people from behind the safety of his/her computer screen to be violent, so a rank coward too. What a sad loser.

  4. Edmund Lee says:

    The only reason that the police are there is to protect them from us, the 53%, the ones who pay taxes.

  5. JB says:

    Good for them, Keep it peaceful.

    It is amusing to me how many “middle class” people see these demonstrations as being against them. People, they are against a system that is unfair and the reason that system is unfair is the top 1% have lobbied to make it that way.

    If you are in the middle class, this isn’t against you and the top 1% have been waging war on the rest of us for 30 years, hence the “Reagan revolution”. Wake up and learn about what it really going on. The corporate owned media has been hiding the truth from you people while you work and live your lives, the real money has been funneled to the super wealthy.

  6. Vincent Chew says:

    JB you must be joking. I am a middle-class earner. I earned my money by working and making sacrifices. When I purchased my home I sought a mortgage that I could afford. My wife works close to 18 hours a day at two jobs so we could send our kids through school. The banks didn’t force me to take an outrageous loan. Not to say they didn’t try to offer it to me, but I stuck to my principals and took the fixed rate, which was higher then the other loan. The 1% did not force me to do anything. If your an adult then act like one and take some responsibility for your actions. Nothing is for free.

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