OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A website claiming to be the official site of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan appeared recently, mimicking the official Oakland website entirely, but adding a statement of support for “Occupy Oakland” demonstrations that did not come from Quan, according to officials in the mayor’s office.

The website at www.oaklandmayor.com is almost an exact replica of the city’s official website at www.oaklandnet.com, including previous statements the mayor has made on the Occupy Oakland protests.

But the website has added a fabricated letter purportedly from Quan apologizing to protesters for the police response to protests Tuesday, where the Occupy Oakland encampments at Frank Ogawa Plaza were raided, resulting in dozens of arrests, and police used tear gas, rubber bullets and smoke grenades to keep protesters away from the plaza later that night.

“I offer my sincere apology for ordering the violent repression of the Occupy Oakland encampment in front of city hall,” the fake statement stated.

The letter, which was also distributed at Occupy Oakland demonstrations, went on to say that Quan endorsed Occupy Oakland’s calls for a general strike in Oakland on Nov. 2. The mayor’s office released a statement Saturday clarifying that the letter was “bogus.”

Quan’s most recent statement on the demonstrations was released Thursday, after Quan attempted to speak at Occupy Oakland’s nightly general assembly meeting in front of City Hall, but was booed off stage by the gathered demonstrators.

In her official letter, Quan did apologize for the police reaction to Occupy Oakland demonstrations, and said she was “deeply saddened” by the outcome of police actions against demonstrators Tuesday.

Quan also said that she visited former Marine Scott Olsen and his parents in the hospital on Thursday. Olsen was critically injured with a scull fracture in Tuesday’s demonstrations.

A statement from the city of Oakland released Saturday said that interim police chief Howard Jordan also visited Olsen, and reassured his parents that the city is investigating the incident where Olsen was injured, and has made the investigation a “top priority.”

Meanwhile, Oakland police have maintained a minimal presence in Frank Ogawa Plaza following Tuesday’s demonstrations, and Occupy Oakland demonstrators have returned to the plaza and have been busily setting their camp back up.

The city’s statement Saturday said the Oakland Fire Department conducted inspections of the encampment Friday and Saturday. The statement said that the fire department found a propane container Friday, which was removed by protesters, and that no violations were found during Saturday’s inspections.

The city also reported that five people were detained at demonstrations on Friday, and that one person was arrested in possession of a firearm.

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Comments (10)
  1. Tours Martel says:

    Distracting the easily mesmerized Left from the real issues, now that’s brilliant campaigning.

  2. roger says:

    Also worth mentioning is that “Wall Street” had itself a history making month… profit wise! ooops! 🙂

    Another thing: The internet now allows people to exercise freedom of speech anytime they wish. Why are these people allowed to threaten violence and mayhem by their constant presence and social interruptions? That’s not speech! That’s harassment and obstructionism. Not to mention the huge amounts of money they cost the cities! Use the internet for your “speech”, the 60s are long over. There is technology now!

    Send these spoiled kids and “rent-a-mobs” home.

    Next time, before you believe some college (who wants your money), do your own research… It not rocket science to see that 90% of these college degrees aren’t really worth squat in the $marketplace$! It’s not OUR fault you were stupid enough to believe a liberal arts degree was worth more than the paper printed upon. And let’s not forget ethnic and gender studies, the “value” those subjects must hold to society are priceless! *mock*

    I guess science is too hard and thus any degree will do?? lol

    Grow up please, tyvm

  3. ryoshi says:

    What on earth is a “scull” fracture? Do they just not have editors at news websites or what?

  4. SanFranMan says:

    So far OWS has collected over $500,000, and yet they refuse to share their 5-Star Chef prepared meals with the homeless…

    How about Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    More OWS stats on my website. http://www.antimsmnews.blogspot.com

  5. emelen says:

    Hey, bitter much? I’ve you’ve been at all aware of the Occupy movements across the country, there are not only college grads, but union members, teachers, nurses, working artists, war veterans (Scott Nelson was one – TWO tours in Iraq. When was your butt over there?), and former wall street investment bankers. Your implication that those who are interested in the sciences wouldn’t also be concerned about the state of our current economy (and demonstrating about it) is way off base.

    You’re free to blab (that’s what your comments look like) on the internet, just as others are free to express their views non-violently, occupy public space, and articulate their outrage at the handful of ethically-handicapped financiers who robbed the nation while we (NOT just liberal studies majors) foot the bill.

    There is actually a long tradition of marching, occupying and civil disobedience in the US – it wasn’t just confined to a decade in the past. We wouldn’t have many of our liberties without that sort of action. My guess, given your vitriolic hatred of the humanities – is that you never studied American History.

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