San Francisco Family Reoccupies Foreclosed Bayview Home

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Carolyn Gage stands in front of her bank-owned Bayview home (CBS)

Carolyn Gage stands in front of her bank-owned Bayview home (CBS)

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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A San Francisco family has moved back into the vacant, foreclosed home it was recently evicted from.

More than 50 people marched down Quesada Avenue in the Bayview on Tuesday morning in support of Carolyn Gage and her family, who began their reoccupation.

“I have lived in this home for over 50 years. My father built this home for his family,” she said. “Until Greystone, a predatory broker company, defrauded me.”

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

Gage, a retired sheriff’s deputy, said the bank that took over after Greystone went bankrupt has refused to modify her loan, despite her continued payments.

Mike Brown, one of Gage’s neighbors, said many in the area are in the same boat because the banks won’t budge.

“They’ll come invite us on the steps of City Hall for 50-60 percent less than what’s owed on the property,” Brown said. “But then, if you miss two payments, they’re ready to throw you out. I don’t understand that.”

Gage’s neighbors said they are starting a homeowner’s association to fight the foreclosures. She and her two grown daughters said they plan to stay at the home, with or without the bank’s approval.

Calls to Bayview Mortgage Capital have not been returned.

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