PLEASANT HILL (CBS SF) – The Pleasant Hill Police Department is mourning the loss of a longtime member of the force who was also the department’s first four-legged inspector.

Titan, a 9-year-old German Shepherd, died peacefully Sunday after suffering from health problems earlier this year.

During his seven years with the department, the canine completed over 1,200 hours of training and served alongside 21-year department veteran Officer Todt Clark, working to apprehend suspects and sniff out heroine, methamphetamine and other narcotics.

On Tuesday, Clark recalled several instances where Titan swooped in and found evidence in a matter of minutes, from missing purses to a sealed, 10-pound package of marijuana.

Sometimes, the German Shepherd had to use his teeth, Clark said. Over the course of his career, Titan bit 10 uncooperative suspects during arrests.

“He was a natural at it—you’d show him once and he would get it…his work ethic was incredible,” the officer recalled of his longtime partner. “I’ll miss him terribly.”

The solid partnership between Titan and Clark prompted the department to implement two additional canine-officer teams. Officers Ron Priebe and James Woehrman are paired with Muzzy and Castor, both German Shepherds.

These four-legged aides have been a major asset to the local department, saving numerous man-hours and helping minimize officers’ risk of life-threatening injury or death during building and vehicle searches, Clark said.



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Comments (5)
  1. Phil says:

    Man’s best friend! Amazing animals! Reat in Peace!

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Aw he was so cute. I lost my German Shepherd last year, she had just turned 10 years old. I’m so sorry for this lost, I know how special these precious pets becomes in our lives.

  3. adam says:

    Rest in Peace! Thanks for your hard work…greatly appreciated!

  4. JoMama says:

    It’s only a dog, trained to do what it does. It’s not like he knew he was aiding police in comprehending criminals, he only knew what he was trained to do. For crying out loud, it’s a dog that doesn’t know any more than what he was trained to do. Ain’t no big thang! Every living creature will die someday, life goes on. Jeez! I just lost my pet recently and he was just as loved and cared for as this police dog but it didn’t make the news. It’s a dog that didn’t know any better, give me a break.

    1. Fred P. says:

      Jomama – I wouldn’t expect you to understand….. and I won’t even try.

      Now go back and eat your Capn Crunch – you\re gonna be late for school.

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