OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Protesters battled with riot police in Oakland Wednesday night and Thursday morning as vandals left behind destruction at downtown businesses following Occupy Oakland protests. More than 80 people were arrested in scattered clashes.

City officials said police responded to a group of protesters who had broken into and occupied a downtown building and set several fires late Wednesday night.

The Occupy Oakland Twitter feed identified the building as the empty Traveler’s Aid Society building located at 520 16th Street.

Officials said protesters, many holding shields, began hurling rocks, explosives, bottles and flaming objects at officers.

Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan described the group as “anarchists and provocateurs.”

Speaking to reporters at the city’s emergency operations center,Jordan said he formulated a plan to roust the protesters from the building because he was concerned that they would set the building on fire and cause structural damage.

Meanwhile, operations resumed at the Port of Oakland Thursday, a day after protesters participated in the general strike organized by the Occupy Oakland movement.

“Port employees have been directed to show up at work as normal, pursuant to regular work schedules,” port officials said in a statement.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

There appear to have been no injuries or property damage in the port area during Wednesday night’s blockade, according to port officials, although they said there was a “limited incursion into a private rail facility, and trespassers were escorted off peacefully.”

Port officials had called on protesters to allow workers to get back to their jobs Thursday.

“Any additional missed shifts represent economic hardship for maritime workers, truckers, and their families, as well as lost jobs and lost tax revenue for our region,” port officials said.

A small group of protesters blocked truck traffic a day after a crowd of thousands shut down the major shipping hub.

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Speaking to reporters at the city’s emergency operations center, Jordan said he formulated a plan to roust the protesters from the downtown building because he was concerned that they would set the building on fire and cause structural damage.

Just before midnight the Police Department issued its first order to the crowd to clear the area. Police said they continued to be attacked with rocks, lit flares, roman candles and bottles.

After Tear gas and bean bag rounds were fired into the crowd around 12:10 a.m.

John Campbell cleans graffiti from a window of a Tully's coffee shop at Oakland's Frank Ogawa Plaza, November 3, 2011. Campbell said he was an Occupy SF protester who came to Oakland to clean up after vandals. (CBS).

John Campbell cleans graffiti from a window of a Tully's coffee shop at Oakland's Frank Ogawa Plaza, November 3, 2011. Campbell said he was an Occupy SF protester who came to Oakland to clean up after vandals. (CBS).

Protesters had cleared the occupied building by 2:10 a.m., officials said.

Three Oakland police officers received minor injuries, including an officer who was bitten by one of the protesters, he said.

Five protesters also were injured, according to Jordan. He said there is a report that one of the injured protesters might have lost consciousness but that has not been confirmed.

Officials said the operation was kept separate from a group of peaceful protesters who remained at Frank Ogawa Plaza.

Police lines surrounded the plaza during the night, but activity never reached the Occupy Oakland encampment.

Two pedestrians were injured Wednesday evening when they were hit by a car at 11th and Broadway. Rumors circulated on Twitter that the victims had died, but officials at Highland Hospital have confirmed that they suffered from non-life threatening injuries. KCBS’s Chris Filippi reports that officers took the driver’s information, but allowed him to leave the scene.

Officials reported there was also a lot of vandalism on private and city buildings. The city’s Public Works Agency was scheduled to board up the 16th Street building and other damaged buildings in the Civic Center area.

The Tully’s coffee shop at Frank Ogawa Plaza had broken windows and along Broadway graffiti had been sprayed on most buildings by 2 a.m. Thursday morning. Many other areas had been vandalized overnight.

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Comments (22)
  1. Guapi says:

    Arrest these numb nuts!! Tell them to “Occupy…A Job”!!

    1. shelley says:

      The violence only damages the message, but the message is important. Big banks and big businesses have benefited unreasonably well at the expense of taxpayers and middle class workers. These unjust benefits show up as a debt that you, your children, and their children are going to have to pay.

      1. Guapi says:

        How blinded you are… Big bank profits are nothing new. That’s been going on since the beginning. And a few hundred non-deordorant using protesters are not going to motivate anyone to change that. But guess what… Last time I checked… This is a free country… You don’t have to keep your money in…. a bank!!! Duh!!!!

        My belief is that protests in the streets should only come if our President tries to become a life long dictator. Otherwise street protests are the crude way of third world countries…. who’s citizens are tools of their dictators.

        The more mature and effective way to bring the changes you want is to “vote with your pockebook”. Don’t participate with institutions you don’t like. If enough people do that… It will cause a shift in your direction.

        America is a nation made from people who go seek opportunities in the face of adversity. Not jealous, stupid. or lazy people who pitch tents in the town square because thier banker drives a Bentley.

  2. FYu says:

    This is the reason they are the lower %. Clean up and go home!

  3. Ben says:

    I watched on the news, generally feeling support for the core messages, until the critical mass cyclists showed up. I’m not supporting anything they’re involved in.

  4. Vivian says:

    vandalizing properties are coward and hate! i do not support these thugs. do the right thing and you will prevail.

  5. dbarco says:

    Why is the news media not identifying the masked demonstratprs as etther
    members of BLACK BLOC or ANARCHISTS? Is it because we are so PC and the word BLACK cannot be used? The organized Anarchist/Black Bloc factions should be identified in the media and anyone wearing a mask at a demonstration is suspect. There used to be a law about demonstrating while masked…. Where is the outrage from the 99% folks about these thugs hijacking their peaceful movement?!! If the police aren’t going to protect the property rights of citizens then you will eventually see vigilante action.

  6. Don says:

    These vandals looks like hired thugs and not protesters.

    1. Guapi says:

      They ARE both. They are being paid handsomely for their deeds.

  7. WASPy says:

    OCCUPY = Barry’s Brownshirts

    Democrats are now tied at hip to this violent street mob. 2012 can’t come fast enough.

    1. Monster says:

      Once again a democrat-supported idea for mayhem blew up in their face. The same will be with this Herman Cain nonsense that’s going on now. The mud slinging is not working. The people see right through the propaganda. Cain is the Democrats’ worst nightmare. A successful, self-made, conservative black man with real life experience.

  8. wayne says:

    now they are showing us the 99% of their evil mind, occupy their town ,and going to burn down their own city ..please do not become a of that 99%…

  9. Monster says:

    Obama and Pelosi have already expressed their clear support for this “movement.” Let’s not forget that when we vote.

    4 more years? In your dreams!

  10. Monster says:

    That’s nice, but how is this related to the article???

    “They also are creating suspects by planting evidence just so that they can steal from them.”


  11. Oakland Taxpayer says:

    Let’s see…(reported) $700,000 city expenses, (not calculated as yet) losses to small businesses and lost wages… it appears the Occupy Oakland has lost it’s message and lost it, period. Suppose next Oakland (taxpayers) will be by asked by the mayor and council to pass a bond to help finance Occupy Oakland #2?

    1. Guapi says:

      Hush OT!!!!! You’re giving them ideas!!!!

  12. jb says:

    I support the occupy movement. The corporate greed and corruption must stop as the average person is hurting

    1. Guapi says:

      JB, poor thing, when did you lose your brain? Big corporations supply a HUGE number of jobs. If you have talent and a good work ethic you will be hired by one of them. If you don’t you will end up as you are, sleeping in a tent on the street.

      Stop being worried about other people’s money and go educate yourself some more. You’ve got a lot to learn because your professors brainwashed you a little too vigorously… and you lost a lot of common sense!

  13. Frank says:

    Every time, somebody with some kind of claim to this movement does something like this and it just continues to make people wonder what the real goals and/or motives of this movement are. It also makes those that don’t know what to think of this movement continue to be confused. I considered myself as one of those people that are on the fence and these latest actions by those people continue to keep me there.

  14. Guapi says:

    I have been trying to find a job. Here help me. Here is my resume. Give me a call when you find me one.
    Dean S. Burgi

    There’s your problem Dean… You expect others to do things for you. In fact, THAT is the very clear message from the whole tent city Occupy camp(s).

    You all are behaving like a bunch of spoiled losers having a tantrum!!!! Stop it!!! It’s annoying and embarrassing.

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