SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF / AP) — A spokeswoman for unemployed National Football League player Terrell Owens is acknowledging that a warrant has been issued after Owens failed to show up for a court date over child support payments.

Spokeswoman Diana Bianchini says that Owens had tried to reschedule an Oct. 24 hearing in Contra Costa County Court because he had set up a televised workout in the hopes of securing a new contract.

According to Bianchini, Owens was seeking a new attorney and was representing himself while trying to change the court date.

She says the issue over the arrest warrant issued this week will be handled by his new attorneys.

Bianchini say Owens is seeking to modify his child support payments because the payments were based on the approximately $12 million a year he was making in 2007 when he played for the Dallas Cowboys.

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Comments (5)
  1. Karen Young says:

    No excuse, he must not have tried that hard to reschedule the court date. & no excuse for not appeariing in court just because he’s trying to modify his child support payments.

    1. Another Dad says:

      It isn’t that easy. It depends on who requested the court date. If the opposing side wants to give him a hard time, they can. Without representation, it is usually impossible to work around a work related schedule.

      Paying fathers have no rights at all. The man has no contract and is coming off an injury. He is hanging on to his career by a thread and if he doesn’t show, he doesn’t have a job.

      If he does show, he can’t make payments because he doesn’t have a job.

      It is called a rock and hard place. If he learns anything out of this, it should be to keep an attorney retained at all times.

  2. dawoodmon says:

    you know, i watched part of the “workout”. nobody but people he knew were there. no scouts, nobody interested in signing him. i think he would have had a more productive day if he had showed up for the chance to adjust his support. it seems to me that with all this going on, owens may end up a raider! ugh!!
    if that may be the case, im hopefull the arrest order keeps him locked up till the end of the season. no offense T.O. but the last thing the raiders need is YOU!

  3. Jack says:

    Knowing he had a court date,why did he have his workout on that day?The league and owners know what he brings to the field and nobody is interested.

    1. dawoodmon says:

      thats why nobody from any teams were at the workout. the league knew he had a court date. lol.
      but seriously, this guy is an idiot that has made bad decisions that have affected his professional and personal life. then he is representing himself? big ego! i dont know what his major was in college, but i dont think it was in family law.
      sometime in the next 10 years we are going to hear about t.o. in the same regards as we hear about lawrence taylor or o.j. simpson. i dont think to is a drug addict or potential murderer, but he has been on a downward spiral since being booted from the niners, eagles and cowboys. there will probably be more tragedy attached to mr. owens in the future.
      some advice from me would be : your ego stinks! pay your bills, show up to appointments (especially court!), and shut your mouth! a guy like mike irvin can get a job at nfl network, you could too! “.
      but that wont happen. owens thinks he’s better than irvin. a slab of humble pie helped get irvin and sanders where they are today, owens may need to eat a whole bakery.

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