FAIRFIELD (CBS SF) – A Fairfield home burglar fled from police by crashing through a second-story window Monday while a woman hid in a closet with her 5-year-old daughter, police said.

Around 12:05 p.m. a 25-year-old woman called police about a person inside her home in the 1200 block of Tanglewood Drive. She said the suspect had started to pry open a bathroom window when she went inside an upstairs closet with her daughter and called police.

The woman stayed on the phone with dispatchers as officers surrounded the house and entered the home. As officers entered the suspect jumped head first through a closed upstairs bedroom window, landed in the backyard, got up, ran and scaled a fence, police said.

On the other side of the fence officers were waiting and the suspect was arrested.

The suspect was identified as 20-year-old Fairfield resident Thomas Stewart. He was found with stolen property from the home when he was arrested, according to police.

Stewart was taken to NorthBay Medical Center, where he was treated and released. He was then booked into Solano County jail on burglary, possession of stolen property and burglary tools charges, police said.



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  1. tn says:

    Treated and released? And what about the mother & daughter? They get to deal with their emotional trauma, pay for a new window and damages. All the while this thug gets medical treatment, stitches, and a notice to appear at a later date? Either he has a very good lawyer and/or an excellent medical insurance plan with no deductibles. If he doesn’t, guess who gets to pay for his treatment and punishment, if any?

  2. Ken Puck says:

    The story is silent on whether he was released from police custody. Probably means he was, the MSM being reluctant to include any facts that will inflame conservative sensibilities. Plus, I’ll bet the ranch that Mr.Stewart has had run-ins with the law before.and has been released on his own recognizance by one of California’s touchy-feely judges. What a state, where there is no justice.

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