Oakland Woman Critical After Beating By Son

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – An Oakland woman was taken to a hospital in critical condition Monday morning after her son allegedly beat her, police said.

The woman’s son, whose name has not been released, was taken into custody at about 9:30 a.m. in front of a house in the 6000 block of Snake Road, police said.

It appears the woman lives at the home, police said.


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  • TaxTheChurchesnow

    That’s a really stupid assumption. He could have been be on drugs, who knows.
    Why blame the parents? Sometimes kids are just plain rotten, regardless of their up bringing. Sometimes it is just in the blood to be bad. Bad freaking blood.

  • tired mateo

    How did you come to the conclusion that this boy or man was beaten ? He could of been high on drugs or intoxicated …..smh

  • Mia408

    That what a dumb answer. Now a days if you dont discipline your child they grow up disrespecting you or abusing you. Im not saying i agree to abuse or I abused my boys, but they were disciplined in the right ways and have respect for people. My kids are not perfect but respect is what counts. Her son could have been on drugs,who knows the reason but him.

    • Lee

      There is a huge difference between discipline and abuse. Discipline could be just a smack on the butt with an OPEN HAND, NEVER AN OBJECT. A beating leaves marks both physical and mental. No discipline or parental training now=some thoughtless, rude, disrepectful idiots.

  • BeatingmommyinOaktown

    Hahahaha…..oh sorry, hahahhahha….

    Who cares? This is exactly why more people should be having abortions.

    • patty cakes

      who cares? OMG you are the village idiot

      • Lee

        Calling Beating a village idiot is being way too nice. Can’t say what I’d like to, the censors would have a fit.

  • patty cakes

    if she survives then sentence him to life in prison; if she dies hang him from the highest limb of the highest tree

  • Karen

    I doubt you are a real “Child Psychologist” with a comment like that…idiot!

  • Mike Yoo

    This is the lowest of low in Oakland. What kind of pathetic son beats his own mama almost to death!?

    • tn

      The kind that either was never taught right, loved, cared for properly, or perhaps just followed in the footsteps of his mentors (whether it be his parent/s, guardian, or “friends”). Mama (and papa) was either absent, overly hypocritical, inattentive, self-absorbed, and / or abused themselves.

  • Disgusted

    Child Psychologist? Yeah right. By assuming he was beaten and that’s why he almost beat his mother to death, you show your narrow minded ignorance. He could have mental problems or, as others have said, been drunk or on drugs. Or maybe just a miserable piece of ****.

  • judi

    i think the son was schizophrenic according to someone I know who is friends with the family

  • PLW

    No child should beat his mother, no matter what their age… Bleeding heart Liberals will give all sorts of excuses for this animal! He should be held accountable for his behavior!

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