MORGAN HILL (CBS SF) – The families several high school students who sued the Morgan Hill Unified School District for violating their free speech rights have lost their case.

On Cinco De Mayo, 2010, students at Live Oak High School were told to remove shirts, hats and other clothing bearing the American flag for fear that the articles would incite violence on campus.

The former principal told the boys to turn the shirts inside-out or go home. When the refused, the were asked to leave campus.

Parents claim that the demand violated the students’ first and fourteenth amendment rights.

A federal court ruled that Live Oak has the right to restrict a student’s free speech when it is likely to cause a substantial disruption.

The plaintiffs were John and Dianna Dariano, parents of Matt Dariano; Kurt and Julie Ann Fagerstrom, parents of Dominic Maciell; and Kendall and Joy Jones on behalf of Daniel Galli. The group was seeking damages including changing school policies to clearly state students’ rights, and reimbursement lawyer fees.

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  1. VoteObamaOutIn2012 says:

    Welcome to the Hope & Change…

    1. Robert Ellison says:

      not only that, but i can’t wait for “THE BIG ONE” to finally happen, and submerge communist california into the sea…

      nothing good comes from san francisco…

      and then there is the matter of eliminating all the liberal judges…

      1. Logicalfallacy says:

        So if I understand this correctly, and I know I do, these students would have been fine if they were wearing red, white and GREEN on their shirts representing the mexi flag because that would not have incited violence on campus? If the mexi’s on campus decided to replace the American flag on campus with theirs, would they allow it because it might incite? Sounds like mobocracy – sort of what Ann Coulter writes about in her book.

      2. Brian1836 says:

        The only people that should be offended by the American flag are its enemies. I strongly oppose China & Iran but I would never oppose the display of their flag in their own country. It’s a very sad day, especially on this Veteran’s Holiday, when the USA flag is legally recognized as a hate symbol. If there wasn’t a date on the article, one could easily interpret this as a decision made by the British Empire against the 13 colonies back in the 1700’s.

      3. Big Bear says:

        Eliminate the liberal judges. By any means necessary…

      4. Jimbo says:

        Happy Veteran’s day. Is this what I pay thousands of dollars to the Morgan Hill School district for? Maybe we should just raise the Mexican flag and call it quits?

      5. Whaasza Matta Wityouz says:

        Calif. is a great state, just because you have a creepy mayor for S.F. doesn’t mean the whole state sucks besides there has always been a difference between S. Cal and N. Cal

      6. Ray says:

        The following is a cut and paste from Wikipedia regarding the Judges that reached this treasonous verdict:
        “Ware’s nomination unraveled amid an embarrassing scandal that ultimately resulted in a judicial reprimand, and Clinton withdrew his nomination of Ware on November 27, 1997.[5] In 1998, Judge Ware was reprimanded by the Judicial Council of the Northern District Court of California for fabricating the story of being the brother of Virgil Ware,[6] a 13 year old black boy shot by white teenagers in Alabama in 1963 on the same day as the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. According to a story Judge Ware had told many audiences, he was riding his bike with his brother Virgil on the handlebars when Virgil was shot and killed by white racists.[7] The incident was a real one, however it happened to a different James Ware, as was discovered when Judge Ware’s claim was published in the Alabama papers after he was nominated to the Ninth Circuit by President Bill Clinton. The father of the long-ago slain boy contacted the Alabama courts to report that the California judge was impersonating his own son James Ware who was an employee in a Birmingham power plant. The Alabama courts contacted the California courts, who convened the ethics hearing. Judge Ware was reprimanded but allowed to retain his lifetime appointment as district judge.[8]

        In 1998, Clinton appointed Kim McLane Wardlaw to the seat to which Ware had been nominated.”

        I suspect this man may have been put before a wall and shot had he uttered such a hateful thing against the Country in the 1940’s. Today the Left no doubt celebrates him and regards the liar as a hero.

    2. ShadowPatriot64 says:

      Stories such as this show the trouble that has befallen this nation. We all need to pray for America. This video is one of my favorites and is timely and needed in the US today. Prayer for America – – Here is the video link. Please share with your friends – copy and paste link if hyperlink not showingl

    3. Fuzzy says:

      “A federal court ruled that Live Oak has the right to restrict a student’s free speech when it is likely to cause a substantial disruption.” —

      Then what is the purpose of free speech – just to agree with everyone?

      1. Ray Dodd says:

        No, just to agree with the libs!

      2. EJ Diaz says:

        Good point Fuzzy. I agree with such a rule that it is good to avoid what may cause a substantial disruption, like wearing something morally offensive or just plain going to school naked, but we’d be fools if we only focus on eliminated that which causes substiantial disruption. Man, if I stopped my kid from doing anything that freaked out his younger sister, 2 things would be true: he’d have to stay in bed all day, and little sis’ would soon learn that the world revolves around her. The group that freaks out over a citizen being patriotic in his own country is clearly in the wrong and is not being helped at all by this ruling.

      3. NY9Solyndra says:

        “Then what is the purpose of free speech – just to agree with everyone?”

        Adults can do all kinds of things that are protected under the Constitution, however, not all those rights extend to minors, especially when they are attending public schools.

      4. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        Fuzzy: Not all speech is considered free speech. For example, fighting words, inciting hysteria, etc. Also, courts have ruled (*sigh*) that students at public schools give up some of their freedoms of expression once they enter campus. The purpose of this is so that they can focus on school material, not protesting one cause or another.

        (Please, don’t take this to mean I agree with the court’s decision, as I do not. I only want to help you understand free speech. Also, to those who will undoubtedly call me out on this: try speaking (typing) respectfully. It’s not difficult… Give it a shot..)

      5. George K says:

        That is the DEFINITION of free speech, according to the current administration. Not the PURPOSE of free speech.

      6. Mike Fritz says:

        To suggest that an American flag shirt would cause a disruption is to suggest that Mexicans are disruptive people. That in and of itself is racist. Of course, we all know that the 5th of May has nothing to do with Mexican independence, and is not even considered a holiday in the majority of Mexico.

      7. RJ OGuillory says:


        ..exactly,…not only is the ruling “cooked”,..but what about the school district’s inability to understand their role in developing the skills these kids need to learn in order to interact, disagree and debate,…yet “not resort to violence”,…?

        …ironically,…the school administration resorted to violence when those who disagreed with them were threatened with violent removal from school grounds,
        …yet the administration doesn’t see that?…….that’s effing funny….

        ….poor thought process and poor performance from a “teaching perspective”
        ,…I’d fire the entire Live Oak Staff and send them to an educational seminar involving Coaches Paterno & Sandusky,…and the entire Penn State University Staff….maybe the would make better decisions?


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

      8. newjerseybt says:


        Many of those high school “kids” CAN sign a contract. Also go to war and die. Therefore they ARE adults at age 18.

      9. Linda says:

        students don’t get free speech in secondary schools. supreme court ruled that ages ago. “if if will cause trouble’ or some similar wording . . . .

    4. Michael J says:

      you have GOT to be kidding me! What a weak and pathetic country we have become! Since when do we need to apologize for being American in our own dang country? Next thing you know, we won’t be able to fly the American flag anywhere on Cinco de Mayo either.

      1. Big Bear says:

        Instead of filing these lawsuits, the parents need to pull their children out of the public schools, vote NO on any levies for school funding, stage a property tax revolt to deny these government schools money, and start their own schools where American values can be taught.

        As for the teachers and administrators at the Communist schools, they can go occupy something.

    5. Edward Boothe says:

      And goodby to our country

    6. Andy says:

      This was just a matter of time. These same people and some of you here have been denigrating the Confederate Battle Flag for being a hate symbol too. Now you’re wearing the shoe. How is that working out for you? Pretty good eh?

      1. Chris says:

        Not me brother…God Save the South! “Deo Vindice” !!!

    7. Chris says:

      So if protesting the killing of Jews in Hitler’s Germany would have caused substantial disruption…I get it…that is why it was OK to kill Jews. I am so glad that the U. S. court system is soooo….. into free speech!

    8. cubanfreedom says:

      would you seriously expect a different decision from Judge JAMES WARE? he is a liar and gay (see his Wiki bio) and needless to say based on this decision hates America.

    9. teaisstronger says:


      This court decision proves that the people who honor our Flag are now as despised as the Flag. . The Suicide book proves beyond a doubt that White American will be destroyed unless we create our own sovereign homeland right here in North America. Its time to plan for the Partitioning of the USA into two nations, one Free and one like North Korea.

      Only TEA can set you free now.

    10. Terry says:

      The school should have forced the students taking umbrage at the US flag to turn themselves inside out or leave the country!

    11. noseitall says:

      OK, wait a minute… what if American students were holding a Respect America day… would the school have prohibited Mexican students from wearing the Mexican flag? I think we already know the answer to that.
      First, they ask for “equal rights”, then it always morphs into preferential hiring, quotas, and special programs only for them.

    12. John says:

      If you want to incite violence over the American flag, get out of this country!

    13. bluevelvet says:

      I feel like I’m living in an alternate, distorted dimension. Maybe they will have more right to wear an al qaeda flag instead. That’s what’s flying over Tripoli, Libya now.

  2. Mike Alright says:

    As the feminized US FALLS. If you join the armed services of this nanny-state loving country, you do not fight for freedom. You fight for FEMINISM.

    1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      I understand you are upset, as am I. Please take care not to insult those of us who have chosen to serve their country.

      1. Mark says:

        You are not serving your country, you are empowering an evil political machine

      2. Mark O. says:

        Mark, until you’ve served in the military you haven’t earned the right to have an opinion.

      3. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        Noooooooooooo…. Every American has this basic right.

      4. Mom of 4 says:

        Not everyone can serve in the military. My son tried to get into the Air Force and was turned down because of his asthma. He was told that every other branch of the military would turn him down because of his asthma. So don’t lump everyone together – that’s uncool.

      5. MarkIsWrong says:

        Mark O. Nonsense. Its the non-military people who pay for the military, and yes they have opinions.

      6. Frank N says:

        MarkIsWrong, non-military people have their money taken from them with threats of violence, or violence if they don’t comply. It’s not like voluntarily paying for security. They have opinions, but they don’t have a say in what happens to their money after it is stolen.

      7. Eliot says:

        I have 4 brothers who were military, 2 of them career military, and one has the bronze star for valor. My grandfather was in the secret service of the president. And yet, one must face facts that this is not the same country it was even 30 years ago. I discovered just how feminized this country has become on 9/11, when men all over town were wringing their hands and saying things like, “I hope they don’t hurt us.” My own reaction was, “Where’s my gun? I can take some of them with me if they come for us.”

      8. Eliot says:

        @Mark: you are one of the feminized ones. Go put your pink slippers on.

      9. TJ says:

        You aren’t serving the country, we have wide open borders, if there are no borders there is no country. As long as Obama’s illegal Aunt Zeituni is getting free housing while we have veterans going homeless, you are fooling yourself on what you think you are serving.

      10. Mark says:

        Eliot, You are obviously not very intelligent. You know nothing about me. It appears as though you equate superior intelligence with “feminism.” Go back to your burger flipping job and leave the important decisions to those of us who have chosen to become educated.

      11. EJ says:

        @ Mark: Eliot does have the right to deduce a few things about you. Your sweeping generalization tells us quite a bit about how you think. You jump to conclusions like a seasoned conspiracy theorist. You also have a healthy ego. In your follow up post, after ranting about Eliot’s character judgement you willfully did the same thing, and in a similar juvenial fashion. So this behavior is obviously okay for you while not for Eliot. But you take it one step further and assume that your intelligence is superior. Your uber-sensitive reaction also highlights a bit of insecurity. So I humbly deduce that you tend to be an insecure, self-absorbed conspiracy theorist. Now you can say “well, he started it!”, but that would only add the word “immature” to my deduction. So let’s just calm down a bit. After all, it is said that if you throw a stick into a pack of dogs, the one who yelps is the one who got hit.

      12. Michael says:

        Well done EJ

      13. Respect USA says:

        So Mark you are saying the one that feeds your pie hole is not intelligent enough to have a say in America. As one that runs a multi million dollar food operation you should worry more about the one that will spit on your burger after flipping it. America was built on the backs of immigrants coming to this Country for a better life. They would take any job to provide for their family. You should be proud of someone willing to keep your family safe when you put your head on your pillow at night. You should be ashamed.

      14. raindog says:

        I don’t believe for a second that you’re a combat medic. It’s just your name. You want people to think that the judge must have been right in this insane decision if a combat medic agrees with him. First of all, they didn’t have an actual flag wrapped around them, just a printed image on their shirts. You’re taking the title of the article literally. Secondly, there should never, ever be a time that’s it’s not OK to display an image of our flag within our own country. Anyone who causes a disruption because of an image of their own flag being displayed is the person at fault.

      15. Frank N says:

        USArmyCombatMedic, you have not chosen to serve your fellow human beings that are living in the same geographical area. You have chosen to serve your political masters who take people’s money with guns and give that money to you. If the military was a voluntarily funded defensive agency, then I would be very thankful to people were willing to risk their lives to defend others and their property. That is not what the US military is.

      16. john says:

        Says the guy that probably makes more than the average military member! I don’t understand why anyone in this country can insult the military. They are the people that will defend you at all cost even if you don’t like them.

    2. Andy says:

      As a medically retired Marine of 16 years service, I can’t help but agree with you.

    3. LOL says:

      Clearly you didn’t earn the right to wear balls.

  3. beegee17 says:

    LOL! What would you expect from California!

    1. Edward Boothe says:

      Maybe that’s why they call it Mexifornia

    2. Edward Boothe says:

      Wait until Obama gets hes second term, all American flags are coming down

      1. Edward Boothe says:

        The Mexican Organization, La Raza, which Obama supports, has a program called La Reinquista, meaning in English “the taking back” The program applies to California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. It is well under away in California. Obama has personally addressed this organization.

    3. CARMEN says:


      1. Andy says:

        No Carmen, they got the idea from gutless cowards like you

      2. cwt says:

        Just the fact that the expectation is that wearing an American flag on Cinco de Mayo will incite violence says something… and I don’t deny that it might incite violence, but the violent ones should be punished. Double-think at its finest…

  4. Danny Nix says:

    Another OSU to be replaced.

  5. Bess says:

    So now our American flag is a disruption to the classroom? Disgusting.

    If you don’t like our country, feel free to leave.

    1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      The American flag should never be worn. Period. While I think these students were trying to make a valid point regarding cinco de mayo, they should be aware of proper flag etiquette.

      United States Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8: “The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. It should never be festooned, drawn back, nor up, in folds, but always allowed to fall free.” & “No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform.”

      1. Mark says:

        So are you saying that virtually every presidential candidate who wears a flag pin is violating the US Code?

      2. Ed Stark says:

        Your point is invalid. They were wearing clothing with the flag on it, not wearing flags as capes or something.

        This is pure garbage from the left, plain and simple. They hate our country, hate what it means to be truly American, and will go to any length to destroy it even if it means harboring a corrupt 3rd world culture and pushing it’s propagation rather than assimilation.

      3. Troy says:

        Thank you for that. I agree with you about the proper flag etiquette. All educational organizations should be teaching our proud heritage. However, I also think the students were trying to make a point and if the display of our flag inside our own country might cause “substantial disruption” then those that disrupt should be dealt with appropriately.

        Shame on the judge who can’t see the greater issue.

      4. Mike says:

        They were not wearing the actual flag, which is prohibited in the articles you state above – just a shirt with a representation of the flag.


      5. PAWatcher says:

        Thank you Medic, the flag is such an important part of US and should be treated properly…..breaks my heart to see it misused or abused. These boys sentiments were in the right place, young partriots. The court decision leaves me cold.

      6. Sam says:

        Don’t all US military wear an American flag on their Class C’s? Thank you for your service.

      7. gx says:

        it’s talking about wearing an actual flag, not a shirt with a flag design on it. Its respect for the actual flag itself not for a visual representation of the flag.

      8. Matt Wessel says:

        Using the image of the flag is permitted, Re-purposing an actual flag as adornment or or anything other than it’s original purpose is not, Unless it is in time of emergency “i.e. bandages, shelter when stranded, etc.”

      9. BoyScout says:

        If any one of these idiots would read the code they would understand what you were saying. It is sad that almost no one knows anything about flag etiquette anymore.
        A flag pin is OK. A flag patch is OK. Turning a flag into a tee shirt shows total disrespect. Wearing a flag as a bandana or do-rag, which I see all the time, shows the utmost disrespect. Read the code. Educate yourself. Learn to properly respect the flag before making some stupid emotional response to something you don’t understand.

      10. durbustweeb says:

        You are exactly right. It really bothers me to see the flag trivialized by making it into casual wear. The flag transcends bumper sticker statements or trendy political arguments. (Personally I think the overuse of the national anthem cheapens that as well.)

        Mark, don’t try to put your words in someone’s mouth. It’s rude, and in this case, misleading. Any person who knows the definition of the words “apparel, bedding, or drapery” can immediately recognize a flag pin falls outside of those definitions. Apparel means CLOTHING, for those unfamiliar with the word. It does NOT mean “anything that can be worn.”

      11. David says:

        TITLE 4 > CHAPTER 1 > § 1

        Prev | Next
        So using exec orders, and your codes:

        § 1. Flag; stripes and stars on

        The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be forty-eight stars, white in a blue field.

        “Pursuant to 4 U.S.C. chapter 1, §§1, 2, & 3;Executive Order 10834, August 21, 1959; 24 F.R.6865; a military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a YELLOW FRINGE border on three sides. ”

        That means all Courts / schools / public buildings that fly a Yellow Fringed flag is flying a ‘military flag’ – eg. under military law

      12. Mike says:

        It’s ok to wear clothing with the flag on it. This states that you should not use actual flag banners as garment.

      13. Gulf War Medic says:

        Well done.

        Instead of lawsuits, we need to step back and teach our kids the proper way of approaching things.


      14. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        @ Mark: No, of course not, because a “flag pin” is not a “flag”. If you were to blow that pin up to the size of wearable apparel, and wear solely that, then yes, I suppose it would be violating the Code. But thats not what we were discussing, is it?

        @EdStark: My point is not invalid. Yours shows little understanding of the Code. The clothing of these boys was not “clothing with a flag on it”, but rather, the entire shirt was depicted as a flag itself. Also, I’m going to overlook your comment about what I previously said being “pure garbage”. To say I “hate” my country, “hate what it means to be truly American” – that sir, is highly offensive.

        @Mike: the shirt did not have a picture of a flag on it, but rather, the entire shirt was a flag. see above…

        @Sam: Yes, we wear flag emblems on our uniforms. You are misunderstanding the Code.

        @PAWatcher: You’re welcome, from the bottom of my heart. It was not only an Honor to serve, it was a Privilege that I will never forget. Thank you for your support.

        @GulfWarMedic: Hooah brother.

      15. Tim says:

        Then go tell Obama, who was embarassed into wearing a flag pin on his lapel.

      16. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        @Tim: Awesome. I was waiting for someone to either bring Pres. Bush or Pres. Obama into this debate. It is sad that our POTUS would rather not wear a flag lapel pin, as every other POTUS has done in recent memory. But as a soldier, and I’m sure you can understand this, it is not my place to direct a sitting President of the United States, my Commander in Chief, on what to wear.

        I’ll take how I feel to the polling booth. I implore you to as well.

      17. American says:

        That applies to actual flags ninrod, not clothing.

      18. ArmyVetAndLawyer says:

        The code means what it says. It does not mean that making a shirt with a flag print on it is considered a flag and thus should never be wore. This code is directed at actual flags and what can be done with actual U.S.A. flags!

        Medic, Boy Scout, and the others are reading too much into the meaning of the code. You cannot take a U.S. flag (an actual flag) and then use that flag as apparel. You can make a shirt and then put a flag print/pattern on it. If you can’t see the difference then the problem lies with you. The shirt was not magically turned into a flag just because the print that was on it. It was not made from a flag. So durbustweeb you are wrong as well.

      19. BSPreventer says:

        Phony post from a lying liberal radical posing as a “combat army medic.”

      20. aidan65 says:

        I understand the “honoring” of the flag, but not being able to show your support of the flag and all that it stands for seems absurd to me. I WILL wear a flag and I WILL be proud and I WILL feel “honored” to wear it as it is my country, my history and I am proud!

      21. Ernie says:

        You are actually 100% right on the US code and flag etiquette but I praise the students and parents for standing up to multi-culturalism run amok.

      22. commonlogic says:

        Nonsense. Flag etiquette has to do with an actual flag and has nothing to do with this and symbolic representations of our flag.

      23. Dave Turner says:

        Ed Stark is correct. I remember back in elementary school in the mid 60’s when a girl wore a dress that resembled an American flag but was obvious to all the second grade students that it wasn’t, there was still a teacher who told her that she couldn’t wear the dress at school.

        The code clearly states that the flag itself nor any part of it should not be used as a costume or athletic uniform. If indeed we do believe that any representation of the flag is improper etiquette by the original poster’s interpretation then I would submit that the US Armed Forces are violating said statue by the inclusion of flag patches on military uniforms.

      24. Warren says:

        Pharisee!!! Do you not see the freedom lost for the flag flying in your face???? would you rather have; a bad representation of the flag worn with pride, or your freedom of speech and expression taken from you? Wake up!. I see your title as US Army Combat Medic and I ask you, would you use the flag to stop the bleeding of one of your brothers in arms if it meant saving his life?? I bet you would. That cloth is nothing more than a rag if we lose all the freedoms it represents. I hear you saying what you are saying but understand what is being lost with the ruling and bring your codes up at your next community meeting.

      25. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        @BSPreventer: I am not a liberal. I am not a phony. For what it’s worth, I am a Christian, conservative Republican (leaning toward Cain but presently undecided). I am a US Army Combat Medic (68W). You were quick to discredit me, but laid no foundations for your claim.

        @ArmyVet&Lawyer: I see we will only disagree on this. I can live with that. However, if one were to take a shirt that had a flag print on it (the same as this student wore), and un-stitched it, what would it be? A flag, right? If it looks like a flag and quacks like a flag…. no, thats not right… Something like that. Humor aside, I hope you see my point. That said, I’m sure you still disagree. Ok…

      26. Avenger says:

        They weren’t wearing a “flag”, they were wearing an image that was patterned after parts of the flag. I repeat: they were not wearing a flag! If you’re wearing a shirt with a picture of a horse, are you wearing a horse? How about some horse sense here. Where is Mr. Ed when you need him?

      27. Marine says:

        You are incorrect. It’s a shirt not a flag and your perversion of what the code states is disturbing to say the least. A shirt with the symbol of a flag on it, isn’t a flag. Please stop peddling your ignorance as if somehow you know what thell you are talking about. Besides the judge rules that shirt (as recognized by the US Court, again it wasn’t recognized as a flag WISE UP!) was “likely to cause a substantial disruption.”. WISE UP and quit making the Army look like a bunch of Dumb Ass’s.

      28. cyberties says:

        That’s all well and good, but that wasn’t why the courts or the school restricted the students from wearing the apparel. It had to do with their fear that the illegal immigrant kids would cop an attitude and start a riot. The principal did allow those same illegals to display the Mexican flag on Cinco de Mayo (which isn’t even celebrated in Mexico).

      29. raindog says:

        You’re all wasting time talking about the flag code. That’s not what this case is about. The flag code isn’t a law. It has no relevance to this insane decision by a quack judge.

      30. SeaBee Veteran says:

        The US Flag us routinely misused. The Washington Monument has 56 US Flags to represent the 50 states, DC and territories even though the US Flag is to represent the US only and a single flag should be flown. Any time you see more than one US Flag on a stage, it is being misused. The US Army uniform patch has the flag worn backwards with the field of stars to the right instead of the left.

      31. spiney says:

        That backwards flag drives me (a little bit) crazy(ier) whenever I see it.

      32. Rick says:

        Well said; it truly disgusts me to see so called “Americans” wearing the flag as a piece of clothing. Obviously these students were not properly taught by their parents or the school that they should not deface our flag by wearing it as some sort of fashion apparel. It should fly high!

      33. durbustweeb says:

        ArmyVetandLawyer, the Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart stated “…I know it when I see it,…” regarding the definition of hard core pornography. A shirt is a shirt, and a flag is a flag. There comes a point when a t-shirt IS a flag, and though it wasn’t made from a flag it became a flag by what was put on the shirt. And I know it when I see it…

        I can certainly see your point about making something out of a flag versus putting the image of a flag on an item. Very lawyer-like, you split hairs well. Having to work with copyright law and building the corporate identities for large and small companies, as well as maintaining the corporate identities for many other clients with established identities, I have long understood the difference between what a logo or emblem IS versus what that logo or emblem represents. You being a lawyer brings nothing to the table as very few lawyers accurately understand copyright law, and unless it’s their specialty they tend to get their clients in trouble when arguing fair use and the finer points of logo reproduction.

        There isn’t law to cover this so the gray area of “right” and “wrong” use will continue. Legally there is nothing saying an object may not be made from a flag. The code doesn’t exist to be law; it is there to define what the flag is and how to respect it. These boys stated “they were proud to wear the flag.” In their minds they were wearing the American flag, and the illustration in the story would certainly give their reasoning credit. So, was it a shirt made into a flag? Was it a flag made into a shirt? Was it both? Neither?

        If it’s a picture of a flag on the shirt, isn’t a flag simply a piece of fabric with a picture of the flag on it, unless of course it is made from separate red, white and blue cloth?

        And of course none of this is as important as the garbage decisions that allow the administration of schools to bury the disgusting practices of political correctness. They are sniveling and spineless wimps that cost all us our liberty a little tiny step at a time.

      34. Hans says:

        Section 3 of the Flag Code defines the flag – for the purpose of clarifying what is inappropriate apparel – as any picture or representation of the flag purporting to be of the flag of the United States of America. It is the image that we are talking about, not the mere material. The image of the flag of the United States on apparel is inappropriate. Wikipedia is our friend.

    2. Mark says:

      Ed Stark: What is invalid about my point? USArmyCombatMedic said that the flag should never be be worn. I am 100% correct an totally on-point with my question. I think you are confused.

      1. A . Murphy says:

        No..your point is invalid. As a patch or a pin representation the flag can be worn.

      2. Fred says:

        You claim to be educated in your 11:41 post, yet you seem unable to discern between a flag and a flag pin. You are a dumba$$ and I bet you voted for Pelosi, didn’t you?

      3. durbustweeb says:

        Mark, you’re completely mistaken. USArmyCombatMedic did not state the flag should never be worn. Perhaps the problem is how you perceive what was written.

        Turning an object into an non-traditional, casual flag is what the code is aimed at. You don’t transform the flag into an object other than its purpose as a flag. Having a massive print of the flag makes the object a variation of the flag with the primary use of the object fit the definition of apparel.

        Having the flag emblazoned on a pin or sewn on as a patch does not turn the patch or pin into apparel, as its primary use is to honor and respect the symbol represented in the flag.

      4. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        @durbustweeb: Thank you. You clearly are more articulate than I. Thank you for explaining to others where I seem to have failed. This is not sarcasm. I mean it.

    3. Edward Boothe says:

      The American flag is a disruption of Communism.

    4. Edward Boothe says:

      It’s a disruption to Communism.

      1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        Thanks, Edward Boothe, we read it the first time.

    5. Mike says:

      If you do love this country feel free to fight for it

  6. Chris Vitter says:

    Judge Ware should be ashamed of himself. What an idiot.

    1. Dan Nelson says:

      There goes another right I fought for!

  7. Jen Newman Rutsky says:

    How horrible. If they were wearing an anti-cinco de mayo shirt I’d understand the ruling but banning wearing a flag of the US? Ludicrous. I’m so sad for our country.

    1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      United States Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8: “The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. It should never be festooned, drawn back, nor up, in folds, but always allowed to fall free.” & “No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform.”

      While I support these students’ expression of free speech, they should be aware that wearing a flag is disrespectful to those of us willing to die for it.

      1. chiefjoesph says:

        Combat medic. I am a retired vet,three tours to Vietnam, and I wear a American flag patch on my jacket and a pin on my sport coat so I don’t need any lectures,thank you very much

      2. Blank says:

        They weren’t wearing a “flag”. They were wearing a shirt with a depiction of the flag on part of it.

        In other words, you wouldn’t fly the shirt on a flagpole. The US code is speaking of using actual flyable flags as apparel (e.g. a toga, cape, etc)

      3. conserv kat says:

        and you are splitting hairs and are being disrespectful to those of us who are willing to support those willing to die for it. THE SHIRTS WERE NOT MADE OF FLAGS!!!!!

      4. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        @chiefjoseph: I too am a veteran. I served two tours in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan. If you’ll scroll up, you’ll notice I wasn’t lecturing you. I was informing another person.

        It’s entirely irrelevant whether the shirt was made from the cloth of a flag. These students stated they were prod to wear an “American Flag Shirt”. However, those words should never be combined, as it is disrespectful to wear such an item.

        @Blank: Tell me, did the shirt have any other depiction on it? Did the shirt have a background with a flag emblazoned on the front or back of it? Or was the ENTIRE SHIRT designed to look like a flag itself?

        @conserv kat: I meant no disrespect. I thank you for your support, however, I feel I am also entitled to my freedom of expression, am I not? And it is my understanding (and that of the drill sergeants who instilled this in me) that this is a disrespectful act towards the American Flag. Hope that clears things up..

      5. durbustweeb says:

        This might be helpful to illustrate what USArmyCombatMedic is stating.

        Before it was easy to print the flag onto clothing this was a more cut-and-dry issue. The code basically gets down to the simple point that the flag serves ONE function, not two or three. It can’t be clothes and flag at the same time. It is an emblem of the nation, not a casual decoration.

        Conserv kat, there are some things that are important to define. There certainly didn’t appear to be disrespect towards either those willing to support others who would be willing to die for what the flag represents, or towards those who would or have actually been willing to die themselves for the values of freedom and liberty, such as chiefjoesph and USAArmyCombatMedic.

        We show respect to the values of the flag when we give it proper use. We cheapen it when we become overly casual. It’s kind of like respecting your parents because they are unique in your life versus respecting all of your elders because it’s generally the proper thing to do.

      6. aidan65 says:

        Wearing a flag IS the honor you feel you deserve. Why are you so confused and rigid? I think you stand alone on the “disrespectful to those of us willing to die for it”. It makes no sense. However, if you are trying to imply that the particular use of these shirts (possibly as an in your face tactic) was disrespectful, then THAT I can understand.

      7. asdf@asdf.tld says:

        If you take a flag, and make it into something else, like apparel or bedding or drapery, that is disrespectful. If you take a T-SHIRT, or some curtains, and APPLY a depiction of a flag, that is entirely different.

    2. Michael says:

      Mr. Army guy you are clearly missing the point here of the court’s desicion. It has ZERO to do with how the flag is to be treated and clearly was a nod to the mexicans and liberals. Stop being so thick!!!

      1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        @Michael: First off, you may call me Army Guy. MR. Army Guy is my father…
        Second, I was not missing the point. Re-read my original post. I stated, “While I think these students were trying to make a valid point regarding cinco de mayo, they should be aware of proper flag etiquette”.. Then several other people decided to reply, and I (not wanting to appear rude) replied in turn. While the court’s decision has nothing to do with flag etiquette, my response plays into the whole 1st Amendment, Freedom of Expression ideal. Unless it is your view that I am not entitled to express myself freely in a public forum..

  8. Guest1 says:

    “when it is likely to cause a substantial disruption.”

    So was there a disruption? Until such an event occurs, it’s just plain censorship.

    Effing commies!

    1. Eric Hultman says:

      “material and substantial interference with schoolwork or discipline” is the legal standard.

      Its not speculative or potential disruption…

  9. p. garbe says:


    1. John Smith says:

      Don’t you mean secede?

  10. Mike D. says:

    I’m a Canadian and this BS makes my blood boil.

  11. appalled in DC says:

    That’s right boys and girls, you can’t wear an American flag to an American school in the United States of America for fear of inciting violence. Only in california

    1. Old Fart says:

      I’m betting there were plenty of Mexican flags flying….

      1. Ghstwolf says:

        Exactly what WAS happening. I remember when this story first broke and there were Mexican flags being hung from the rafters and on walls.
        The kids were wearing representations of the Mexican flag or otherwise displaying it and when the American kids and parents started complaining about it they were told it was Mexico’s day and any American display would be inappropriate. They feared the Mexicans would riot or something so banned any American flag or representation there of to be displayed. When the kids came to school with some form of display of the American flag, since this isn’t actually Mexico, the administration used the “Disturbance” rule against these kids because he was afraid the Mexicans would go off.
        My personal opinion is the same as two above. 1. If you don’t like it then leave, we sure don’t want you here and 2. Deal with the Mexicans who cause such a disturbance before showing such disrespect to our country IN our country.

        Oh and why in he** are we celebrating a foreign country’s holiday in the US anyway? I mean when was the last time we celebrated Bastille Day?

  12. Andrew says:

    I doubt the school would have restricted the students if they were wearing the national flag of any other country. Amazing that we allow people to oversee our education system and government who are anti-American. If they hate this country so damn much as to deny Freedom of Speech which is GUARANTEED under United States Constitution…then instead of restricting us…they should just pack up and leave to some other country. Once they are there and they understand what freedoms they enjoyed here…maybe they would stop disrespecting our country.

    1. Ghstwolf says:

      Yeah several prominent liberals a few years ago threatened to do that exact thing if Bush won the election but when it happened not a single one of them had the b*lls to actually go through with it.

      The school didn’t, they encouraged the Mexicans to celebrate and wear their country’s flag and for those who thought it inappropriate and wanted to display their pride in this country, well they got told to pi*s off.

  13. dpk64 says:


    1. Gayle says:

      It’s not even a recognized holiday in Mexico. I believe September 16th is the holiday that is celebrated in Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is just another excuse for americans to get drunk. Kind of like St. Patricks day.

    2. Ghstwolf says:

      There’s that nasty little word again. “Legally” No one wants to hear it. They’re even trying to make “Illegal” a word not to be used when referring to illegal aliens because its offensive to the illegals.

      The problem we have goes back to when someone somewhere thought and continues to think that ILLEGALS have Constitutional Rights. They don’t because they’re not citizens of this country which would afford them such.

  14. Prester John says:

    Yet wearing and waving Mexican flags is not a disruption.

    Makes sense to me.

  15. carl says:

    This is a music video tribute from my family to all those who watch over
    us and give their lives to keep us free!

    1. PAWatcher says:

      Thank you Carl and family for your service to US. The song became one of my favorites on the spot, will pass it to my family and friends.

  16. Philip Nolan says:

    This is disrespectful of all the men and women who have died defending that flag and all it stands for. Among which is freedom of speech and expression.

    Down with tyrants.

  17. James R. says:

    Welcome to the Peoples Republik of California. You, the residents of California elected the officials who appoint these judges. Your deserve the government you’ve got.

    1. Ron says:

      James R., you “nailed it”. !!!!!

    2. PAWatcher says:

      Local government is the foundation and as a pyamid should taper at the tip/Washington, DC. You are right James we get what we vote for at home. Keeping an eye on PA local politics more closely than I ever have.

      1. PAWatcher says:

        Pyramid, sorry about the misspelling.

      2. Michael says:

        I live in Bucks County PA and I am very sad to say that our local elections were nearly swept by liberals this past Tuesday. I just dont understand nor will I ever understand the liberal mind. It goes counter to all that seems logical and normal to me.

  18. LIBERTY NOW says:

    Take your children out of the government run schools.

  19. JustAGuy says:

    This is California! You’re not allowed to wear the American flag. But you can wear the Mexican flag all you want!

    ¡Viva La Raza!

  20. chiefjoesph says:

    It seems that in California the only one group that have 1st Amendment rights are the illegals and their anchor babies. If you are a American the liberals want to strip you of your rights under the constitution. The liberals(progressives) view the constitution as outmoded in todays world and would dearly love to shred it into little pieces. The Democrats are leading the charge for a one world goverment with them in charge.

  21. Rammrodd says:

    When are the people going to stand up and throw these “judges” out on their ears? It’s TIME people! Rise up and take our country back!!!

    1. Ghstwolf says:

      Actually many years ago in California we did just that and did it big time recalling several Supreme Court Judges including the Chief Justice who kept making their liberal BS rulings, overturning voter approved measures and just generally being extremely liberal. Sadly that time seems to have passed and small enclaves like SF rule the rest of the state. Outside these blue enclaves most of the state is red.

      Sadly I don’t think you will see it happening again.

  22. amplitude jones says:

    the school should have banned criminal pig invader mexicans for fear of violence- since they are the criminal PIGS who do violence.

  23. The Gun Makes The Law says:

    Although the price has gone up substantially in the last 12 months, one can still get an AK-47 for about $425.

  24. Benmoshe says:

    I hope that this idiotic decision is appealed up through the system until it gets out of the California Circut and to a court where there is honor and respect for our country and our flag. Also, on this Veteran’s Day…Thank you to all of my comrads who are serving or have served our country – stay safe.

    1. Ghstwolf says:

      I wonder if the oh so concerned about 1st amendment rights ACLU was anywhere to be seen defending these kids.

      Bet not

      1. spiney says:

        Bet you’re wrong.

        Bet you’re really wrong.

        But don’t let the facts get in the way of your ACLU bashing.

      2. Ghstwolf says:

        I’ll be happy to admit when I’m wrong. In this case I am wrong. And yes you are right I don’t like the ACLU at all for a number of reasons and you can’t tell me there aren’t enough things they do that are worth finding fault with.

        For some reason I couldn’t reply directly to your post so am doing it this way.

      3. spiney says:

        Eh, I’m not too fond of them either when they defend (for example) the Klan, but they’re pretty damn consistent in support of free speech.

  25. jprimus says:

    What an absolute disgrace. It’s a disruption b/c of how the Mexicans would react. The flag is not the disruption, the aggressive reaction of the savage is the actual disruption. And the courts just capitulated to it. Clean and load your guns, folks.

  26. Steve says:

    GOOD DECISION! You don’t want to, in any way, alienate all the illegals.

    Time to lower the coffin of the former “United” States.

  27. JustAGuy says:

    This reminds me of the story about the US soccer team playing a match against the Mexican soccer team at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Ca.

    The American team was booed like they were the visitors, and the Mexican team was cheered like they were the home team.

    …true story, look it up!

    1. Spencer Jacobson says:

      Of course they were, Mexico loves soccer, while VERY few people in this country care at all beyond the World Cup.

      Why would you be surprised about this?

  28. thankful says:

    Happy US Veterans Day

  29. Mark says:

    What the parents need to do is change the make-up of the school board and replace the dolts who want to celebrate a Mexican holiday with people who put the interests of the USA first, second and third. This multiculturalism BS is destroying the USA.

  30. sigfan says:

    This is a real low point in American History. When the Stars and Strips is considered a disruptive symbol, we have lost our way. The people who come to this country need to start to assimilate or we will have race wars much worse then anything that ever happened in the 60’s.

    1. Heavily Armed Irishman says:

      A frightening book was written about this some time ago by a smart military analyst. Much of what was predicted is already playing out.

  31. Mitch says:

    First of all; who proof read this article? They should be canned. The judge is a moron. Given what Cinco de Mayo commemorates, I could understand the concern if the students wore the French flag, but not the American flag. But then the school administration probably does not know that.

  32. DrPhucker says:

    But it was perfectly OK for the Mexicans to wear the Mexican flag. BTW, do you journalists not proof read your work anymore. F*** you all.

  33. Eric Swinson says:

    If any speech can be restricted because it may cause a disruption then all speech can be restricted. I advise all students and parents to wear the flag on a daily basis. Don’t relent.

    1. DefendLIberty says:

      Eric Swinson, your point is so obvious. Our politicians are free to derisively speak of “fat cat Wall Street bankers” even though it arguably leads to actual substantial disruptions like the Occupy Wall Street activities. The free speech laws should be similar in our schools. It is important our developing children not be misled or brainwashed by one-sided arguments. In any event, there is a serious problem when wearing something similar to a patch of our national flag on clothing is deemed a substantial disruption.

  34. Jan Heerman says:

    If the judge said the students could not wear the flag as per the United States Code that would be within his right, however I bet that this judge did not even know such a code existed. His ruling was based on the B.S. PC that is being shoved down our throats. A Montabello (L.A. County) high school allowed the students to fly the Mexican Flag on Cinco de Mayo above the U.S. Flag. What happened to being pround to be an American?

  35. George1 says:

    Why don’t the students wear US Flag pins? They are perfectly legal and acceptable to be warn at all times. Members of congress wear them all the time, and so does obummer when he’s reading his telprompter.

    1. Jane Smith says:

      only because the teleprompter tells him to wear it.

  36. Robert Burns says:

    Did I miss the memo? You know, the one that said Mexican kids can’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo … or display the Mexican flag … or promote the Myth of Aztlan (West Coast empire of ancient and venerable tribes, who probably never existed.)

    1. Ghstwolf says:

      They can do that all they want just not at an AMERICAN SCHOOL IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      I bet if I went to Mexico and pulled this stunt I’d probably be laughed back out of the country because its MEXICO not the US and my flag and my holidays should not expect to be celebrated down there, just like the opposite holds true here.

      But the point being is that a school decided that white students couldn’t wear AMERICAN symbols of pride like representations of the flag while Mexican students could wear foreign ones and a judge agreed with the school.

  37. yourface says:

    The school needs to ban all other flags from being allowed. If not, then the next time 1 of these students notices a student wearing a mexican flag they need to complain to the administration that they find it is “causing a substantial disruption” to them.

  38. Blank says:

    All public schools should require uniforms.

    1. JustAGuy says:

      That’ll never happen! That will infringe on the rights of students to wear the Mexican flag.

  39. Dan Nelson says:

    There goes another right that I fought for. USAF!!

  40. JustAGuy says:

    There’s only one logical course of action.


    I did! One of the best decisions I made in my life!

  41. David Moore says:

    Hey kids wear them anyway – the heck with the judge
    The OWS dopes are breaking the “law” nothing happens anymore – its a joke for the good to stay in line but the losers can and do get away with whatever they want

  42. Will says:

    The symbol of freedom and you can’t wear it. Things are really bad for the people who thunk this up. “Telling the truth is a revolutionary act”George Orwell Perhaps the fine folks that brought this mandate of “the people”could shed some light on the resonings for doing something against the majority of “the people”? Light? wha,wha wha is that? REPROBATES!

  43. JED says:


    1. Jean Lafitte says:

      Jed…I think actually Sinko de Mayo is the term you’re looking for. It’s the French holiday where jars of Hellmans are thrown into the ocean to celebrate salad day.

  44. Jane Smith says:

    How about we turn the Mexicans “inside out” so as not to offend anyone?

    1. Ghstwolf says:

      I’d just settle for rounding them all up and kicking their a**es back across the border, that and telling El Presidente Fox to go F*** himself when he whines about it.

  45. Terry Knows Moore says:

    California is gone, the take over of liberals and Mexicans has taken this state down, 20 years ago they had a chance to fix this, 20 years ago this state was have way clean and safe…now, its filthy, extremely unsafe and becoming a burden to the average hard working tax payer. Not to mention very unpatrtiotic.

  46. Richard Zoppo says:

    Anyone who isn’t in contempt of our Courts is a commie or a moron.

  47. rak says:

    Good idea. Why not wear a couple of flag pins? Maybe some big ones?

  48. eddyjames says:

    We should cinco d mayo celibrations to round up the illegals, no better way to celibrate the day!

  49. Blank says:

    So after all of this the court’s conclusion is that latino students can’t control themselves.


  50. Kelvin says:

    Meanwhile, Occupy (insert city here) Obama supported trolls spit and urinate on the American flag.

    1. Spiney says:

      Citation needed.

  51. MPena says:

    What’s next in the mname of PC? Throw out the words “From the Halls of Montezuma…” from the Marines hymn? This is the US, not Mexico!

  52. greg says:

    Only in CA. The idiots of San gaycisco voted the judge into office and now they have exactly what they wanted. Why don’t they just admit defeat and move CA back into Mexico. What other country would ban their own country flag for offending other people who are visitying that country. We should all be ashamed to call this land America. Why not call it Mexico or Africa?

  53. Nosmo says:

    Obummer calls it Cinco De Cuatro.

  54. Eric Boyer says:

    These students were trying to be deliberately provocative and everyone here, and the courts, know that. They were trying to start trouble just so they could whine about how poor white Americans are victims. Is it really respectful to the flag to use it as a vehicle to start fights? Apparently it is to insecure white people trying to claim victimhood. Now go pound sand.

    1. rdjoker says:

      Really? Anyone in this county that gets angry because an American is showing the American flag should leave. We have to put up with anti immigaration Illegals flying the MExican flag, burning the American flag and you accuse these students of trying to incite trouble? Unreal world you live in.

    2. DefendLIberty says:

      @Eric Boyer. Nonsense. People wear patch or pin like flags to honor all our country stands for. If you had fought for your country you would understand this. Perhaps you show your shallow motivations for your post.

  55. AmericanPride says:

    This judgement has left these students only one choice. In order to keep the Mexican students (arent they American’s also?) from wearing their Mexican flag shirts, they need to become violent with them. Then the school will have to ban all Mexican flags because there might be violence.

    Remember, it was the threat of violence from the unruly Mexican students that started this issue. Ridiculous.

    First, the Mexican students ought to to be clearly told that they live in America and that they will respect the country that is providing for them. If Mexico was so great, they would still be there after all.

    Second, the Amercan students and their families need to speak up even louder regardless of the judgement. Students, parents, friends, relatives should all show up wearing American Flag shirts as soon as it can be organized.

  56. Mannie says:

    The answer to that is for students to take foreign flag T shirts and similar offensive stuff of the backs of foreign students, by force and violence, if necessary.

  57. Mike G says:

    The judge’s name is James Ware. Remember it. I will be pressing for his impeachment after the GOP victory next year.

  58. Drake says:

    Why do we stand for judges again?

  59. Antonio Salieri says:

    Kalifornia be DAMNED I’m getting out ASAP and taking my $$$$$ less money for Lazy, peons.

  60. patmurphy1965 says:

    They need to keep it in the court and take it to the next level. At some level we will find a court with a just and sane judge. Don’t give up… This is worth the effort… The affrontery of these people!

  61. Abbey says:

    This needs to go on to a higher court. This is sick. What about REAL AMERICAN’S rights to free expression? Time to get tough with the little illegal flat faced occupiers of America’s classrooms. And the ones that happen to be legal? They are still NOT Americans. Time to get a gun.

  62. smagnet says:

    The more I read about Federal Judges and their asinine decisions….the more I purchase ammunition.

    1. John Tokalenko says:


      If voting could change things, it would be illegal.

      The Second Amendment is the last remaining option.

  63. rak says:

    Eric. So after the weak ploy of claiming to know what everybody else knows (are you still in your teens?) you then go on to concede that the Mexicans are violence prone. Thoughtful post.

  64. Jeff says:

    Then no mexican flag garbage even during the celebration that isn’t celebrated in Mexico…You know, the one in May. won’t even drink mexican beer on that day!

  65. Rein Gillstrom says:

    Check out my Facebook page and see a starker graphic image that depicts the greater reality in the United States by: Rein D. Gillstrom. If you cant see it…freind me for a view.!/photo.php?fbid=1554289153465&set=a.1465019841788.45299.1722286063&type=3&theater

  66. rplat says:

    No more than I would expect out of the “sick-ass” justice system in this poor sick Republic.

  67. MarkG says:

    Thank God I don’t live in California. Between the mexican takeover and the liberal anti-Americanism, California is now a nice place to visit, but…

  68. DJH says:

    So, once again pride in the US is shot down in favor of pride for another country, once again the rights of illegals and foreign national trumps that of a majority of Americans!
    the mexican kids can show their devotion to mexico and and flaunt their pride but displaying the American flag, in the UNITED STATES is disruptive?
    When cinco de mayo rolls around next year and you have a full blown riot on your hands remember – it was your ignorance and ridiculous adherence to mulch-culturalism over American culture that caused it!

  69. Nora Rich says:

    Everyone that can do it,should go” Occupy” that school wearing patriotic clothing and singing, God bless America. This is not Mexico, and never will be!

  70. Robert Mancini says:

    I guess the lesson is… If you threaten violence you will get your say but effectively shut the other side down. Obamas America… sad!

  71. Tim says:

    Simple solution really. Anytime anything Mexican is brought up, cause a substantial disruption. The school will have no choice but to ban it.

  72. Miguel says:

    Perhaps American public schools shouldn’t be celebrating foreign holidays. What does any of that have to do with teaching my kids to read, write, learn math, etc.?

  73. Factchecker says:

    Life in the Obamination in 2011.

  74. droddyc says:

    As the judge said. It is not a matter of taking these children’s rights away. It is so that they don’t offend the voters of the liberal faction within the US. I heard a part of a speech given by Newt Gingrich. Seems our forefathers decided that the lower courts needed to be reigned in and they abolished their courts. I think someone in Congress needs to take a lesson from history.

  75. siylence says:

    Let’s see…what is more logical to a Communist Californian: Infringe American citizen’s Constitutional right to freedom of speech because it might incite violence from non-citizens, i.e. illegal immigrant “factions” within a U.S. school, or actually go after the illegal immigrant invader population who are pre-disposed to violence by the very image of our nation’s flag and deport them as the criminal violators of our laws and sovereignty?

  76. boB says:

    Wear it anyway! It offends me when people where the Malcolm X hats, or any of the Rap paraphernalia. So either institute uniforms, or leave them alone! Never in my life would I have imagined someone would find the flag offensive. And if they do, THAT offends me! If I had the money, I would fund an appeal all the way to the Supreme Court. The flag MUST be protected!

  77. Mark O. says:

    More evidence of how illegal immigration has destroyed California and threatens to engulf the rest of the nation as voting-age anchor babies now skew elections. No Mexican holiday must EVER trump the display of the American flag, ever. The student body should ALL wear American flag t-shirts next time.

  78. Michael says:

    Nothing good ever comes out of CA. It is a disgusting and sickening liberal state that caters to minorities and leaches. I spit in the face of all officials from that horrible state. You are a national disgrace. May you all rot in hell.

  79. PC says:

    Welcome to North Mexico!

  80. Eric Hultman says:

    Buy an American flag bandana, and tie it on your arm. Call it a protest.
    Tell your principal to look up Tinker v. Des Moines, 393 US 503 (1969), and tell your district court judge that she is overruled on the issue.

    It is also relevant that the school authorities did not purport to prohibit the wearing of all symbols of political or controversial significance. The record shows that students in some of the schools wore buttons relating to national political campaigns, and some even wore the Iron Cross, traditionally a symbol of Nazism. The order prohibiting the wearing of armbands did not extend to these. Instead, a particular symbol—black armbands worn to exhibit opposition to this Nation’s involvement in Vietnam—was singled out for prohibition. Clearly, the prohibition of expression of one particular opinion, at least without evidence that it is necessary to avoid material and substantial interference with schoolwork or discipline, is not constitutionally permissible. Page 510-511

    1. Eric Hultman says:

      NOTE – “MATERIAL AND SUBSTANTIAL” is not the same as “speculative and possible”.

  81. says:

    Keep voting those liberal politicians for the promised entitlements and soon you won’t have a country anymore. So sad and short-sighted.

  82. wildbill6996 says:

    The JUDGES that handed down this ASININE ruling, should be REQUIRED to SPEND VETERAN DAY in a MILITARY CEMETARY putting flowers on EACH INDIVIDUAL SOLDIERS grave that DIED so he can WORRY so much about whether some ILLEGALS kid is going to be OFFENDED !!!! GOD save us from Californians !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Melvin says:

    Why does this Country even celebrate this Cinco de Mayo that was started by a beer distributorship to increase sales. This commemoration of a Mexican victory has absolutely nothing to do with this Nation’s history what so ever.
    This Country takes a step closer to states seceding from the union.
    Let the Liberals live in their own filth and multicultural nirvana. Oh, by the way the Libs can pay for their own social programs to.

  84. Marcus says:

    Wearing the US flag as clothing is disrespectful for all those who have been seriously wounded or killed. When can we get an Amendment to the Constitution prohibiting desicration of our sacred flag? Physical abuse of our flag is NOT FREE SPEECH. Meantime, I propose a new law. Freely pounding those creeps who abuse the flag should result in a $5.00 fine for the one who pounds.

  85. Max says:

    To the students who lost their lawsuit: This is a blessing in disguise. You have have been thought a lesson on Government School policies and politics in your own country. Make good use of this lesson and get politically involved.

  86. jake says:

    When are people going to realize, perverts pervert–everything they deal with. Frank and finance, obama & everything he touches, congress and near everything they touch. Don’t think for a moment these kind will go peacefully when voted out of office, that is if fraud does NOT pervail. Respect for the rule of law is not in THEIR book.

  87. Jim says:

    I’m a little slow, a school in California is celebrating a mexican holiday. Why would they celebrate a mexican holiday in a school in CA? The school board needs to look at a map to discover that they are, in fact, located in the United States of America. Forget Mexican holidays….

  88. Ron Reale says:

    So what, in California, you can get any ruling the Mexican Government wants. Keep fighting to the Supreme Court, let them decide Mexicans can wear what they want, while the American Flag is banned, in America…I don’t think so.
    Ron Reale

  89. J Riley says:

    You Dxmocrats should be so proud of yourselves for how you destroyed this country

  90. George K says:

    Wow- “when it is likely to cause a substantial disruption.” This is what wearing the Country’s flag has come to in California? That is nothing but shameful, for the ENTIRE country.

  91. Kevin says:

    In Tinker v Des Moines (1969) the Court famously stated, and I paraphrase, that students (and teachers) do not shed their Constitutional rights at the courthouse gate. This was based on three students wearing black armbands in support of pulling out of Vietnam after the school explicitly stated that that would be a violation of school policy.

    This article is woefully lacking in details so it is hard to determine if there was a policy in place, but even so, the school is effectively saying that wearing a depiction of American flag is more likely to incite violence than a black armband. If I am missing something, please illuminate me.

    With all due respect to USCombatArmyMedic, it doesn’t appear that the court ruled on the grounds that one should never wear the flag based on federal code. I understand, yet disagree, how he may feel about someone wearing the flag can be seen as disrespectful. If the argument is that the flag could cause disruptions (or worse, riots) the problem lies with the school’s security, not the students’ free speech rights.

    Frankly, when the Supreme Court has ruled that burning the flag is Constitutionally protected free speech, wearing it as a sign of respect, despite how some may see it, should be protected as well.

    This case is ripe for appeal, though the article does not state whether the families are planning it or can afford it.

  92. Essie says:

    It is time to start firing these guys who do not uphold the law of the land. We did not put appoint are vote to have our 1st amendment right trampled by anyone or anybody. I say that if they are offended by the flag they are free to go south of the border. I am pretty sure if We were in Mexico we would not be sent home from school for wearing the flag of Mexico on the 4 of July. Its time for these guy to follow the law of the Land or get a Job in some other country where they don’t Have to . WE need to revoke the and disbar the whole lot of them. and keep on suing until we get ones that follow the real law not spineless boot kissers.

  93. Randall says:

    Typical chaotic public school lacks the discipline to keep law-abiding students safe from the violent ignorant and clearly racist students. I’m pretty sure these students who cheer for Mexico have little idea what Cinco De Mayo is all about and the fact that it isn’t even celebrated in that third world country. IT is not even their independence day, its simply an invented day to sell more corona to dumb Americans.

  94. jrey762 says:

    Public education is the worst thing to happen to this country in the last 100 years.

  95. Black Eagle says:

    Thugs rule. As in the White House, so in the streets. Just keep voting in those Obama Reds, and soon enough those kids and their parents would be shipped off to a “re-education (death) camp”.

  96. USArmyCombatMedic says:

    @Mark: “Empowering an evil political machine”?!? No, sir, I SAVE LIVES. On the battlefield, on the homefront, that is what I do. You find it easy, insulting soldiers because you sit behind a computer monitor. How dare you.. When was the last time you heard gunshots, mortar rounds exploding, only to run TOWARDS the sound of Death because you knew you were the ONE PERSON, the one face that a dying man was waiting to see? Tell me, Mark… When have you seen your brothers and sisters in arms with mangled limbs? When have you given every ounce of your being to lend aid to another human? Tell me Mark. Why don’t you enlighten us all. Tell us how you risked your life, WITH PRIDE, day in and day out for FOUR TOURS OF DUTY?? Why don’t you explain that to us all?

    You should be ashamed of your comments, as I am of you. You may be a citizen of the United States, but you are far from an American.

  97. MissMyCountry says:

    Excuse me American people, but what exactly are you still sending your precious children to the failed liberal public school system and expecting anything but failure?

    Private school or home school are your responsible options. Public school is lost. Only the coming revolution will right these wrongs.

  98. raindog says:

    I can’t describe how mad I am about this. This is justice turned around 180 degrees. There should never be a time when it’s not alright to display an image of our flag within our country. How absurd! A disruption caused by that should be blamed entirely on the people who are disturbed by an image of their own flag. I hope the left coast breaks off into the ocean and sinks after the next Big One. Good riddance!

  99. snap says:

    If the emblem of the country does not have special standing neither does the decision of this dingbat court.
    No way does our flag EVER get secondary status – and if Mexican students want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo without seeing the US flag, they should have to return to Mexico.

  100. Duran says:

    It is apparent that the apple does not fall far from the tree. I see that your teaching your kids about tolerance and acceptance. America is great because of the diversity. Plain o’l white , christian , FOX watching folk are boring and predictable Go back to the past and leave the future to those that can handle it.

    1. Deb Budd says:

      I appreciate the rich irony of your intolerant remark. Apparently only YOUR opinion is the right one while you dismiss and demean the opinions of others. Diversity is a failed attempt at social engineering. American has its own distinctive culture that is a lovely assimilation of many cultures. Unchecked illegal immigration, balkanization of different ethnic groups and the left’s encouraging such division is destroying the assimilation causing distrust and hatred among people. THAT’S the result of your dear Leader and his great plan to unite us all. You must be so proud.

  101. Grunt says:

    Let’s see: Morgan Hill–federal court–that would be out of the city, likely, so what would you expect as a ruling? Pelosi punks in faux robes, pretending fairly to judge with the scales of justice, which they make a joke of.

  102. Mom of 4 says:

    Figures – it’s the Bay Area – a leftist liberal haven. They despise anything patriotic. I wonder if it’s OK to wear a T-shirt with the Irish Flag on St. Patrick’s Day.

  103. Neil J. Hayes says:

    One may well wonder if Mexican students would have been told to turn their shirts inside out or go home if they wore a mexican flag on July 4th. One also wonders if, indeed, there was a school administrator with the cojones to make such a rulling whether the court would have ruled the same way. It appears only Christianity or patriotism may curtailed. Any other bizarre philosophy or outlook must be given full throat in every venue,.

  104. commonlogic says:

    They will be appealing this. Perhaps there are still US justices who will put the rights of Americans IN THIS COUNTRY above the wants of Mexicans, illegals, and even legal residents who want to celebrate FOREIGN observances AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR FREEDOMS..

  105. John Smith says:

    I would think the display of patriotism is a fundamental right. Wasn’t it a disruption of the schools of the segregated south to force integration? You don’t let fear of thuggery determine fundamental rights. Let’s get the effing case to the SCOTUS asap.

  106. Michael L says:

    I appreciate the Combat Medic’s point, and will not try to counter the spirit of the statement.
    That said: what the California courts have decided is yet another reason to despise the state, or more specifically the social and legal milieu in that once great, and now tragically misguided state. Could you imagine such a ruling anywhere else? Could you imagine it ANYwhere in this country in, say 1950?

    Someone please take a very big Sawzall to the eastern border of that state, and separate them from the rest of us. No. Loss.

  107. Osamas Pajamas says:

    How about the thin-skinned skunks who threaten violence when they see the American flag? Kick THEM off campus!

  108. John says:

    Most of you are missing the point – the court decision gives the school the right to decide what they believe will result in a “substantial disturbance” and what forms of free speech will not! Then they can ban whatever they like based on that arguement. What about hajibs on a Muslim female student – you can be sure that will not be banned but could cause a substantial disturbance as well.


  109. Respect USA says:

    Thank You to all of those that have kept my family safe through the years. You are all true Red, White and Blue Americans. Have a great Vetrans Day. You have definitely earned it.

  110. Frank N says:

    Come on people. We are not the government! They take our money with guns. All governments are criminal organizations. The only difference between a government and a mafia is percieved legitimacy. A flag is just a propaganda tool. Love your masters. Be a good slave.

    1. John Tokalenko says:

      I agree the Federal regime is illegitimate, but, the American flag is supposed to represent our country, not the government. Prohibiting the display of American regalia like this is giving aid and comfort to an enemy, namely, the illegal invaders from Mexico.

  111. ALVIS says:

    The question that should be ask is, are the students allowed to wear the CINCO DE MAYO shirts on campus?

  112. 1stcuts says:

    What !!!!! This judge needs to be impeached. You or I could carry an arm full of
    flags into the middle of the street and set them on fire, and this judge would have
    to rule on your right to do so, as has already been decided by the supremes.
    But these kids can’t wear a facimile in class!!!! We are in deep trouble.

    1. John Tokalenko says:

      We are in deep trouble because real Americans have not used force to correct the degeneracy in America.

      Decades ago, this “judge” would have been lucky to be merely removed from office. He might more likely have been on his way to the electric chair, like the Rosenbergs and other traitors.

  113. R Stangle says:

    We live in a country which allows us to post comments such as this. Many, many countries do not have this luxury. I support the right to speak their mind, but uninformed (and even idiotic) persons should really read up and educate themselves on what they speak about. God Bless the USA!

  114. George says:

    This is great news. All the students need to do now to prevent a Cinco celebration next year is to have someone send a letter threatening violence if any student wears anything supporting Mexico and using the logic, the principal would be forced to prevent it. Makes perfect sense to me.

  115. Ryan Mouk says:

    To the poor Mexicans who are somehow offended by the flag of the country they are living in. Get over it. If you don’t like the flag then please jump back over to your hole. I would wear the American Flag on your special day, and if you didn’t like it I am sure I would find it in my heart to NOT give a damn,

  116. Miguel says:

    This case illustrates the need for millions of parents to take their kids out of the public school system in California and much of our nation. The government unions have monopolized our education funds which are taken at gunpoint by the governments at various levels.

    Therefore the people need to impose upon our plundering government officials that task of having each family decide for themselves where their child is going to school, with the choice of public private, charter or religious schools all in the running equally.

    As a California public school teacher I know that the NEA, the CTA and all other state and national educational organizations are liars, thieves and plunderers in it strictly for themselves, the kids be damned.

  117. mike says:

    San Francisco hates America. What else is new…..

  118. John Tokalenko says:

    The principal, any other school administrator involved, and the “judge,” are guilty of treason (giving aid and comfort to an enemy), and should suffer the penalty thereof.

    1. spiney says:

      Enemy? We’re not at war with Mexico.

      1. Freddywhiteboy says:

        Yes we are…Mexico has invaded and they are winning.

  119. Arthur Landsford says:

    I cannot believe so many are missing the point, instead arguing liberal led sideshows about if, where or when to wear flag clothing. The POINT is the court ruled that the school could say clothes were in appropriate if they felt trouble could occur from someone wearing them. We are talking about American Flag garb worn at a US school on a day celebrating a Friggin Mexican Holiday that is not really that celebrated in Mexico. Stop and realize what this is about, not the lefts attempt to change the discourse.

    1. Deb Budd says:

      It’s equating wearing a shirt representative of our beautiful flag with shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. Sheer genius!

  120. Debra says:

    Not surprised…its California for crying out loud!!…let’s just give the state to Mexico as a gift and be done with the headache!

  121. RUFUS LEVIN says:



  122. Wisconsin Vet says:

    I want to knowwhat flag was flying on the flagpole infront of the school. I bet it was the Stars and Stripes.

  123. Larry says:

    I am so glad I don’t live in that cesspool anymore (and I’m talking about california – lower case intentional – as a whole)!!! The whole country would be so much better if it really did just break off and sink into the Pacific.

  124. walter12 says:

    As long as this monster Obama is in the White House, all things in this nation of ours, will get worse and worse. California today is a Marxist, Third World State with Mexicans and Communists and traitors running the state.

  125. Rich says:

    All of you have fallen into the liberal trap! They want you to keep arguing amongst each other so you won’t notice how they are slowing converting the USA into a communist, marxist country and taking awhile all our freedoms.

  126. seang says:

    Wait, so the people supporting Cinco de Mayo at this school would not be able to controll themselves at the sight of another student wearing a shirt with the American flag on it?

    Seems the other students controlled themselves when seeing other students proudly celebrating Cinco de Mayo, that’s thinking pretty low of the students celebrating Cinco de Mayo that they would cause problems with students wearing shirts of the American flag while the students that don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo were expected and did controll themselves of students celebrating Cinco de Mayo

  127. Tony D says:

    How can it be that an American flag worn respectfully by a citizen in an American school is deemed “disruptive”?
    The answer: Liberal activist judges legislating from the bench which is neither logical, justifiable or their right to do so.

    1. Ghstwolf says:

      Except it started in the school by a school principal. The schools have been undermining our children since the 60s. They are bastions of liberal inoculation and we’ve let them get away with it for so long its become institutionalized.

      Their social experimentation, indoctrination and so much else has effectively brainwashed our children so something like this can take place. A foreign country being put before our own.

      Equating Mexicans with Americans and saying at the least they are just as valid as an American and in this case takes precedence over the Americans.

      Multiculturalism is a disaster.

      America is first in America and should be taught that way. Sadly it’s not.
      My daughter due to this liberal indoctrination came home in 1st grade and could lecture me on environmentalism and how bad my smoking was but she couldn’t even write her own name. That’s what we have in our education system.

  128. Frank N says:

    Mom of 4, be thankful that your son couldn’t get into the military. There is no honor in accepting stolen money to kill (mostly) innocent people. Search “armed chinese troops in texas” on youtube. How would you feel if the roles were reversed?

  129. momsaid says:

    So…wearing something that will incite violent reactions from peace-loving, rational people (*sarc*) is a punishable offense? How about reining in the ones who would get mad at seeing our country’s flag proudly displayed? The Fascists at this school should be fired, and the illegals invited to go back home.

  130. JDB says:

    The problem with judges, is that in most cases, they are just lawyers who know a politician (to get appointed). There are a few that get elected.

  131. Greggers says:

    Trying to wrap my head around this:

    Wearing the flag could incite violence . . . if Mexicans don’t like it and get violent.

    So let’s just strip the law-abiding folks of their rights- it’s so much easier than dealing with the real problem, I suppose.

    1. Ghstwolf says:

      It has been that way for a long time now Greggers. And what you said is basically it they banned the American Flag because they were afraid of the Mexican students going on a rampage since it was THEIR celebration taking place.

      Also look at Gun rights in Cali.

      I’ll never forget many, many years ago a black councilman got up at a LA City council meeting and said he wanted to ban ownership of guns in peoples’ homes because too many of ‘His” people were getting shot when they broke into white houses.

      That had to go back to the early to mid 70s. Strip us of our rights so the criminal doesn’t get hurt.

  132. Mags says:

    “A federal court ruled that Live Oak has the right to restrict a student’s free speech when it is likely to cause a substantial disruption.” You guys sound like some politicians. The issue was not whether the clothes were appropriate, or the flag was properly displayed. Get back on task. The questions is really whether the wearing of the clothes would in fact cause a substantial disruption. (and how is “substantial” defined?) If this principal is a leader, then these would not cause a disruption, because he would have sent the offenders home instead of those expressing pride in their country and what it stands for. We have a school official taking the easy road out instead of dealing with the real trouble makers. Be an American, stand up and do what’s right.

  133. Frank McAvoy says:

    CambatMedic and others:

    I understand what you’re saying but you’re entirely missing the point. While you and others sit here and argue semantics regarding the words “flag” and “clothing” you seem to fail to understand that this article, this case, and the judge’s ruling had nothing whatsoever to do with the Code for the US Flag. The ruling wasn’t made to protect the symbolism of the flag. The judge ruled that the school has the right to determine that the US flag is OFFENSIVE and therefore its display can be banned at a school.

    I understand the principle behind limiting freedom of expression to minors in a school setting. A certain level of that makes sense.

    But this isn’t about the Flag Code, it’s about the fact that an American school and an American judge both decided that the American flag is offensive to them and that their insane opinion needs to be forced onto school children.

    If we’re in a school and there’s a person there who’s so offended by the American flag that it poses a problem or threat of disruption or worse, then the individual that needs to be scrutinized is the one who is so deeply troubled at the sight of a flag, not the person who is wearing it.

    This is just another example of how sickeningly backwards our politically correct multicultural society has become.

    1. NoTyranny says:

      Just another road sign that many in power desire to destroy this nation so that we all become global citizens under the UN with no rights or freedoms whatsoever.

    2. Ghstwolf says:

      Sadly to add it was that the Mexican flag was being prominently displayed and celebrated by the Mexican students in the school and it was they who were offended by the American Flag. It was they who threatened violence and as another poster was so kind to point out in an article he posted the link of it was they who felt this was THEIR patriotic celebration day and the American flag had no place there.
      That we raise our children like that and allow that at all is the saddest of all in this.

  134. Pinion says:

    Our troops are dying every day so some dumb ass judge can make a mockery of the law. If a Muslim wore a garment with the Sharia law on it, no one would say a word. Wake up America. Hope that judge looses his next election.

  135. NoTyranny says:

    While some may nitpick about “flag” as clothing. That is not the issue here. The issue here is the right to stand for America as an independent sovereign nation. Something that every military person should support. This is the extreme of if you don’t conform and worship the holiday that is being celebrated then you are punished. The real truth of the matter is the Americans born in the US are losing their rights to the illegals and the foreigners in this country. This verdict is a perfect representation of such where the Mexicans have more rights than the Americans. Make no mistake both parties in the district of criminals along with the media are fueling the destruction of this nation via supporting the massive amounts of illegals that are coming in this nation. Look at the Media blackout over Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation if president is an illegal alien. LOOK people – your nation is being destroyed before your very eyes and you are like the stupid with your head in the sand asking the bankrupt government for a handout.

  136. Tina Rocha says:

    I’m done with this school district. My kids along with my sister and brothers kids will now be going to Mitty. Morgan Hill just lost 12 students and I’m sure by the phone calls we’re getting we’re not the only ones. We should have done this a long time ago.

  137. Jim Locke says:

    We need to know THE NAMES OF THE JUDGES who perpetrated this crime.

  138. durazac says:

    When the American flag is enough to incite violence, then it is time for violence to be incited.

  139. SineQuaNon says:

    “A federal court ruled that Live Oak has the right to restrict a student’s free speech when it is likely to cause a substantial disruption.”
    The MOST telling bit of all…why would the AMERICAN supreme courts think that an AMERICAN school would have a “SUBSTANTIAL DISRUPTION” from flags worn by AMERICAN students???….very, VERY, telling….

    1. DefendLiberty says:

      The same federal district court judge that lied about his brother being killed for racially motivated reasons. How was he allowed to keep his judgeship?

  140. sally rand says:

    If the school is so poorly administered that they would allow students to “riot” over other students’ display of the American Flag in America, then the school board needs to replace the administrators.

    And, the voters need to remove the judge in this case for being stupid, insane, ignorant, a terrorist, or just an idiot. Pick one.

    1. Ghstwolf says:

      Don’t forget calling INS in to take all those rioting students back to Mexico.

      Of course Obama would never do that even if he should

  141. Chicago860 says:

    Such fun watching the communists shoot themselves in the feet. If everyone abandons the school, it at least puts a few of these socialists out on the street where they belong. So far, we still have the rignt tdo move! But give ’em time. They’ll change that, too.

  142. your rules says:

    I’m offended by liberals and they incite violence. Remove them at once.

  143. flagforme says:

    Parents should organise a boycott of school on May 5 , all students should march around school wearing flag shirts , but not go in. Go to a park and read Declorationn of independence and celebrate the USA. Schol funding is dependent on attendence so deprive the district funding for the day for stupidity.

    1. SineQuaNon says:

      better yet HOMESCHOOL your children, and take the money from the school system for good….

  144. jaline says:

    Since when is a right guaranteed by the Constitution revokable by a judge? According to the Bill of Rights, our rights are GOD GIVEN, not GOVERNMENT given. To stop students from displaying the U.S. flag on an American school campus is truly unbelievable.

    God help the United States of America. This is, without a doubt, the most insane ruling from an American court I’ve ever seen.

  145. C141 Driver says:

    Displaying the United States flag in the United States of America “incites violence”? Which country do we live in?

    American citizens do not go to other countries and do this out of respect for the host country. Some do not have respect for OUR country and it shows.

    I have nothing aginst “pride” per se, but if you are so “proud” from where you came, welllllllllllllll……..

    BTW, English was NOT my first language.

  146. Grackjlk Jorkof says:

    So who exactly was the Federal Judge and who appointed him.

    The 9th Circuit is well known for having the most left wing and anti-constitutionalists judges in the United States.

  147. Hugh Betcha says:

    White people need to stop complaining ad nauseam, grow a freakin backbone, stick together as a race, and TAKE BACK THEIR COUNTRY already! Sheesh!

  148. Conservative T & T says:

    Ohh isn’t this special? A Federal Court, obviously ruling on the basis of feeling and not rule of law, has determined that students can be told not to wear an American flag if it is found by a bunch of people in a school that could not teach a dog how to do his business outside say that it would cause a disruption. This school, along with our court system, is working to take America out of America. Kids, adults, and everyone else: wear and wave your American flag proudly no matter where you are. No court in this land can tell you how patriotic to be about your nation. On this Veterans Day, a day we thank our vets for sacrificing so much by defending this nation, we now tell kids that they cannot wear the American flag if some gym teacher turned principle says so. We love you vets, but I do not know how you do not question what you are fighting for sometimes. Me, personally, I am glad that you do what you do so I can go out with my flag, wave it proud, and when someone tells me to put it down or take it off I can tell them to blow it out their rear! That is America, not the soft America these schools are trying to produce. The public school system is a fraud, and is only used to teach our children what THEY want them, to know, not what they SHOULD know!

    Thank you Veterans, thank you very much for all you do!

  149. Cindy B says:

    And the liberal judge that made this ruling’s name is….??? Spanish? Arabic? Chinese? etc. This should be taken to the supreme court.

  150. Mr. Spooge says:

    It’s the 9th Circuit Court – the most overturned court in the entire Country. It will be reversed upon appeal. They are idiots.

  151. Patricia says:

    this is unacceptable. Americans should be wearing Old Glory everyday! I would and sometimes I do. Their rights were absolutely violated. What judge came up with this decision? Fire/recall them now!

  152. Jasonn says:

    Sounds very appeal-able.

  153. Ray says:

    You uber leftists will have to cut my American Flag shirt off my cold and rigid body, AFTER you pry my gun from my cold, blue fingers.

  154. Frankie D says:

    Why would anybody expect anything other than a despicable decision from the infamous Judge James “I saw my brother lynched” Ware?

    Now we all remember the lying Judge Ware don’t we boys and girls? Well if you forgot, just click on the link and be as disgusted as I am that such a POS was allowed to remain a judge!

    1. Ray says:

      Take a good look at your president. They are cut from the same cloth.

  155. Nietzschean says:

    Read about the judge who made the decision here:

    He’s a proven liar. He got caught trying to puff up his civil rights bona fides. Clinton had to withdraw his nomination to the ninth circuit.

    1. Ray says:

      Outstanding post Nietzschean! I urge everyone here to follow this link, and for the Californians among us to do the right thing and FIRE this America hating liar and bigot.

  156. Nick says:

    wow, just amazing … California is now basically Mexifornia, more kids being born to immigrants these days. Just a matter of time before the official language is changed too … who was that Judge ?? Time for a recall …

  157. kilo8 says:

    is this still America?

  158. Bob says:

    just remember the fall of the Roman empire thats all ive got too say

  159. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    For fear that the articles would incite violence on campus. Where is this school in Iran?

  160. A Guy in L.A. says:

    Make it clear that you will do what the District claim the objectors would do if anyone wear the flag of any other country to school.

  161. proudnot2bliberal says:

    Well if the mexicans don’t like it THEY CAN GO BACK. If you don’t like my statement you can go to hell! The silent majority will be silent no more! Operation gun runner was an attack on the 2nd amendment by the admin. (For you libs out there I know you have no clue what operation gun runner is) plus it was an effort to arm the enemy!

    For those who want to know the judge responsible for this idiotic ruling watch The O’Rielly Factor on fox tonight. I know PMSnbc will be doing their usual puff piece on how nice the OWS punks are & how everything is Bush’s fault.

  162. Thomas says:

    Wearing a shirt with an American flag on it anywhere in the USA should never be considered disruptive. Thats the issue here. The school claims the flag shirts would offend people thereby causing a disruption. The problem lies with the students who were potentially offended by the American flag shirt. They should have been told to get over it if they want to live in this country. If they are offended by the American flag, they should go live in a country who’s flag doesn’t offend them.

  163. Christine Craft says:

    actually all you alleged patriots care so little about the American flag..that you’ve never read the U.S. Flag Code.. It is never okay to wear the flag or an image of the flag as clothing..It takes some real effort to be a real patriot.

    1. Thomas says:

      This has been sorted out above. The code refers to an actual flag

  164. Jimbo says:

    This is the school that started this…

    Let them hear from you. Smoke their phone lines and email in boxes.

  165. John Q. Public says:

    Drop the bomb on the fault and send California into the sea! It’s freaking over!

  166. Jimbo says:

    We home school our children and we never every vote for any bond measure or anything that allocates any more funds to the Morgan Hill School District. It is time to de-fund them and take away their power.

  167. Michael says:

    Young Americans don’t appreciate nor understand the 1st Amendment because a generation of school administrators are in competetnt, fear lawyers, and are generally weak spined teachers who couldn’t cut it in the classroom.

    Let kids use and practice the 1st amendment…print newspapers, run radio stations, and speak out when they believe those in power are wrong. There’s more learning in practicing civil liberties than any classroom, including my own.

  168. CC Coleman says:

    Free Speech is Dead in the United States. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution have been discarded. The inmates are running the asylum! This is a reason why the United States is in decline!

    Like Jesse Ventura said, “When I hear our National Anthem or the Pledge of Alligence they are like funeral songs for a long lost friend that I miss.”

  169. PLW says:

    EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD BE ABLE TO DISPLAY THE AMERICAN FLAG IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WHENEVER OR WHERE EVER HE WISHES TO DO SO!!!!!!!! Marx & Lenin would be SOOOO PROUD of America’s educational system! Wake up America!!! Vote those Nit-Wits out of office!

    1. Rein D. Gillstrom says:

      Yes they would….BECAUSE THEY DESIGNED IT!

  170. sugar231 says:

    So if the American flag is not allowed to be worn in the school because it MIGHT incite trouble, does that mean that Cinco De Mayo cannot be celebrated in the school because IT MIGHT incite trouble???

    1. DefendLiberty says:

      @sugar231, great point. My grandparents were green card holders from near Guadalajara and I love and respect many latinos. However, as i read the opinion of Judge Ware, the potential substantial disruption was coming from latino students threatening the student plaintiffs wearing the subject T-shirts. This arose on a day that the Battle of Puebla between Mexico and France was being celebrated. This was not an issue on other days. Thus, the substantial disruption is an issue because of the Cinco de Mayo celebration, not the T-shirts. Accordingly, the celebration should be prohibited to keep the peace according to the Judge’s legal rationale.

  171. UpChuck.Liberals says:

    Welkom to the Peoples Socialist Demokratic Republik of Kaliforina. Please leave logic, reason and the Constitution of the United States of America at the border when entering. Next will be offical prayer time that ALL must participate in with the Mullah. Crosses are strictly forbidden as they might offend someone.

  172. Michael CrackMonkey says:

    So are Mexican students allowed to wear Mexican flags on campus? Perhaps the school should not allow the observance of any foreign holidays. This is America after all and if these students are not legal residents then maybe they should show a little more respect for this country and if they hate it here so much then feel free to go back where ever you think you are from. If you are born here than you should honor the traditions of this nation.

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