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Driver In San Leandro Traffic Stop Found With Loaded Gun

SAN LEANDRO (CBS SF) – The driver of a car with expired registration tags in San Leandro was arrested early Friday morning he was found with a loaded gun, according to police.

At 12:53 a.m. an officer on patrol noticed a red 1988 Honda Accord with expired registration tabs driving south on Embers near Lewelling Boulevard and made a traffic stop, police said.

During the stop, the officer discovered the driver was on parole for a prior felony conviction and the officer conducted a search on the driver and his car, police said.

When the officer told the suspect, 20-year-old James Fallat, he was going to do a search, Fallat told the officer he had a revolver in his front right pocket, according to police.

The officer detained Fallat and searched his pockets and found a loaded .38 caliber revolver in his right front pocket. Fallat was then arrested for having a concealed loaded handgun.

He was later released, police said.


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  • Kurt Koenig

    This is more Kalifornia craziness – a felon found with a gun is released!!???
    My guess, if he had been an otherwise law abiding citizen the book
    would have been thrown at him.

  • Jack Harper

    Editor – you may want to rethink the question of having a proofreader.

  • Michael Aschoff

    When my house was broken into, it took the cops 2 hours to show up … you have been given a false sense of security and in this day and age we should all concealed carry … just look at the protests, the cops are here to protect the established few, they are sycophants waiting to take your hard earned money just to pay their wages.

  • tn

    @ k: It has to be the same little green men that moved under your bed. Re-read the article comment you made about the dog parvovirus in the Occupy SF?

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