VALLEJO (CBS 5 / KCBS) — Longtime Vallejo police officer Jim Capoot was shot and killed Thursday afternoon in a shootout with a pair of suspected bank robbers, law enforcement officials said.

Capoot served on the Vallejo Police Department for 19 years, during which time he received two Medals of Courage, according to police Sgt. Jeff Bassett. He also served previously as an officer in the California Highway Patrol and with the United States Marine Corps.

One of the alleged bank bandits was taken into custody following the exchange of gunfire with police, authorities indicated, while the other escaped and was the subject of a neighborhood manhunt by a police SWAT team.

Capoot responded to reports of a bank robbery at the Bank of America in Springstowne Center on Springs Road around 1:30 p.m., police said.

He spotted the suspect vehicle, a silver SUV, near the bank and a car chase followed, ending about 3 or 4 miles away in the 100 block of Janice Street, according to police.

Capoot forced the suspect’s SUV to spin out and chased a suspect on foot when he ran into a residential neighborhood, Bassett said.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

Responding officers who were following Capoot heard several shots fired and found Capoot wounded in a backyard, Bassett said.

Authorities indicated that Capoot died from his injuries after being taken by ambulance to Kaiser Vallejo hospital. The Vallejo Times-Herald newspaper reported that the deceased officer had suffered several gunshot wounds to the back.

Bassett said a suspect whose identity has not been released was taken into custody at or near the scene of the shooting and a search continues for other possible suspects.

“We have scaled back (the search),” Bassett said. “But we have not ruled out that there may be another suspect involved.”

officer james capoot 111711 Vallejo Police Officer Killed In Shootout With Suspected Bank Robbers

Officer James Capoot of the Vallejo Police Department was shot and killed following a pursuit on November 17, 2011. He served in the department for 19 years. (Vallejo Police Department)

Capoot was survived by a wife and three daughters.

Bassett said Capoot was very involved in the community in Vacaville and Vallejo, where he coached high school girls’ basketball.

“He’s a guy that’s loved by everybody,” Bassett said.

Bassett praised Capoot’s long career in law enforcement—prior to working in Vallejo, Capoot worked for the California Highway Patrol and served in the United States Marine Corps—and thanked the community for their outpouring of sympathy.

“We’re a small police department…we’re a tight family,” Bassett said. “There’s nobody in the police department who was not affected by this.”

The Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) issued a statement saying the organization was “extremely saddened by the tragic death of this veteran Vallejo PD officer.”

The last time a Vallejo officer was shot and killed in the line of duty was April 12, 2000, when Officer Jeffrey Azuar died while trying to serve an arrest warrant.

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  1. chuck edwards says:

    Hi I am respoding to the officer who was shoot by the bank robbers. The bank robbers should be shot on site they are in no need of trial they have commited the ultiment crime by shooting an officer who is protecting us !!!!

    1. Reality Check says:

      Then why are you here. Move to another country. I would suggest the middle east, since they treat women so well there.

    2. Rhonda Miller says:

      a cops dead…… oh my how many more left…..

  2. Ex-Cop says:

    Yeah, meanwhile police shoot and kill many young black men in the streets of Oakland or any other hood in America. Cops life is worth more than a person from the ghetto? Not in God’s eyes. No need to be disrespectful to the life of the slain officer, so R.I.P. And R.I.P to all the other young people shot and killed by police.

    1. Mike says:

      @ Ex-Cop I doubt you were ever a cop.

      1. tn says:

        @ Mike: I think he really meant “Ex-Con.”

      2. Gustave de Molinari says:

        And the thin blue line berates those disillusioned by the facade of police culture and continues to perpetuate it’s corruption.

        Badges don’t grant extra rights, and they don’t make anyone special.

    2. Nancy Oneill says:

      I think you are concerning that police shoot too many young black men in America. Are you meaning that you think police target young black men that are committing crimes? If the number of perps were equal by color and by age, I think you would then find more equal arrests or killings of other persons of color(s). But what I have seen is that young black men by far and especially in Oakland, DO commit a huge amount of mayhem and crimes. Oakland is the #1 worst city in California. Richmond is second. Vallejo is 4th. This is sick. Who is leaving their stink on their city by committing these crimes. The criminals are like dogs, who must pee and scent their area. I think the perps do tagging to pee. Then the crimes themselves. So it isn’t about color or age. It’s about who is really doing the crime out there. Do you think a cop will pass by a perp and look the other way if he isn’t the right color? You are implying the police shoot young black men. I’m going to say, the police to not discriminate. They WILL arrest anyone breaking the law.

    3. Tony says:

      You’re an idiot.

  3. wow says:

    Dear EX-cop….enjoy hell you bigot. You are clearly on the fast track.

    R.I.P. Officer…God be with you and your family. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. Never alone and never forgotten.

  4. Jim Bob says:

    Sounds to me like Ex-Cop is insinuating that everyone is equal, and that life is precious no matter who you are.

    1. michael says:

      That is correct even Jesus stooped down and wash there feet and he was and is our King! no one is greater than anyone else is what He was saying!!!

  5. Just The Facts says:

    Dear America,

    I am a peace officer. It is my job to preserve the peace of society as a whole. It is not my job to wipe your nose or molly coddle you. It is my job to tell you when you break the law. When I give you a traffic citation it is in the hope that you will drive more safely, because I know that simply asking you to do so will not work. When you call for help, I will be there every time. But I cannot fix your family. I cannot raise your children for you. I cannot make your kids behave. Being an adult takes responsibility and the only one who has control over that is you. It takes a lot of time and commitment to be a good parent and regardless of how good a job you do sometimes kids just go bad. When they do hold them responsible. Real citizens have a duty to take care of their communities. If you decide not to report something, because “you ain’t a snitch,” you are also not a citizen. Citizens obey the law and take their civic duty seriously. You need to be involved in your community and you need to vote. Study what is going on and make informed decisions. It is not too late to take up your responsibilities and be citizens. Maybe if you liked the police a little more so many of them would not view the world as “us against them” (Them is you the citizen). But we are trained to try and survive and to develop that survival mindset many police mistakenly do adopt the “us versus them” mentality. Good luck and I hope you all have good, responsible lives.

    1. michael says:

      And your wrong too…sometimes all you have to do is ask…and it will be done..wake up and smell the coffee…

    2. CJ says:

      Thank you for taking the words right out of my mouth! Very well said! I agree with you 1000%! I have been saying the same thing you said, “I cannot raise your children for you. I cannot make your kids behave. Being an adult takes responsibility and the only one who has control over that is you.” The people having babies today are kids and some are ignorant, heartless irresponsible people that should never be allowed to have children! It’s our kids today that are paying the price for their wrongful upbringing! If you can’t take care of kids, DON’T HAVE ANY! If you can’t love your children, DON’T HAVE THEM! Most of all, if you can’t discipline your children then get ready to pay a hefty price!!!! We need to seriously make it a law to have children! Our LEO’s have a stressful enough job as it is already, they do not need to be full-time babysitters! God bless the fallen officer and all of the fallen officers! They never deserved the outcome they were dealt!

  6. Mr. Martinez says:

    Michael you are right, sometimes all you have do to is ask. But… MOST of the time you have to establish enforcement, otherwise people will say “Oh yes officer it won’t ever happen again.” And a little while later that person is doing whatever they did all over again. I am not saying all people act this way, but most of the population acts this way.

  7. Cathy Jensen says:

    Yes the shooting was just 3 blocks from my house…and yes the police officer they killed was my wonderful “neighborhood cop”–without guys like him Vallejo would be Richmond or Oakland…they are stopping all the cars coming in on Taper and I had time to talk to a CHP officer and told him what a great cop Officer Capoot had been to me — I met him when I first moved here and the house was broken in to…then about 16 months later when it was broken in to a second time. Very sweet and business like — the first time I was driving back from SF and was speaking to Officer Capoot on my cell phone…I told him I was worried about my dogs…so he went thru the house and found Cinny under the bed “shaking like a leaf” according to him…maybe this will be the day the neighborhood changes…

  8. Rory SS20A says:

    I am shocked by reading some of these statements. For those of us that knew Jim,we know what kind of person he really was.For those people that think Cops are bad,when you need help do you dial 911,or Ghost Busters,get real.
    Me personally I knew Jim very well,We first met at Antioch Speedway where we raced against each other,Jim had a heart bigger than life,and those that knew him,know what I mean.
    To Jim, I will never forget our many conversations we had. RIP
    To Jims Family,Sorry for your loss,Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  9. CONCERNED says:


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