Occupy SF Camp Declared Public Health Nuisance; Eviction Deadline Passes

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — San Francisco’s public health department has declared the Occupy San Francisco encampment in Justin Herman Plaza a public health nuisance.

The declaration came on Thursday, though city authorities so far are allowing the demonstrators to remain in the plaza.

Barbara Garcia, head of the city’s public health department, said the grassy area being used by the campers has been found to contain feces and have inadequate toilet facilities. Conditions for the spread of respiratory illnesses have also been present, and animal control officials have warned about the spread of canine illnesses.

Mayor Ed Lee had given the protesters until 4 p.m. on Thursday to reduce the number of tents at the camp to no more than 100 from the 200 or so there this week. But there were still more than 100 tents there after the deadline.

Protesters feared that they would be evicted overnight, but the camp was not raided.

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  • Mike

    It is also a health hazard to the people living in the surrounding homes.

    • forrest

      Well, the democrats and liberal media sure got their answer to the TEA Party…heh heh heh heh heh. Always be careful of what you wish for. Let’s just say that the “Guy Fawkes” mask is slipping…well, has completely fallen off, and what’s underneath is quite unpleasant to behold.

      • michael porter

        in the words of the chronicle’s commentator on the city, “it’s for reasons like this that san francisco is never taken seriously as a city. and it is the reason noone
        of any importance ever lives here. they come and say it’s cute and then leave never to return”. san francisco is not a city. it’s a global bad joke.

    • Jen06

      Maybe these obamavilles should be quarantined – if you go in you aren’t allowed to leave without determining if you have a communicable disease first.

      • Dead Animal Pickup Dispatcher

        Put a fence around it (220 volt) and throw a bar of soap in the middle of the crowd. Call dead animal pickup. Remove fence. Hold election. Problem solved.

    • Ghostsouls

      It’s a health hazard to surrounding residents for sure, but there are many more aspects. Passerby’s, the parents and children having to try to get thru school, merchants and people that work in all the surrounding businesses, the police that are forced to be in the area… they are jeopardizing the entire community with their filth…. Why doesn’t the CDC step in and quarantine them and have them removed and tested for tb and such?

      • Flayer

        The “authorities” don’t step in because the squatters are lefties. If they were conservatives (well, they wouldn’t live that way to begin with, but let’s just pretend for the sake of the argument…) they’d be shut down pronto. Hell, remember being at that plaza for a TEA Party rally and being harassed by the open borders crowd who brought boom boxes to drown out our guest speakers.

      • A.Men

        Odummer’s Pee Party and poop on the sidewalk in public — endorsed by princess obama, demented reid and other lawless politicians!

      • paul della perugia

        A beautiful city, self destroys yet again in the eyes of the world. Is it any wonder
        why it is called San FranPsycho. The city is filthy, smells, and has for years and years and the government and citizens deserve the filth and the stench because they not only allow anarchy, they encourage it.
        San FranPsycho, quite simply, is a dump.

      • IamDan


    • Shrunken Head On Stick

      I’m more afraid of the perverts and sexual deviants living in said homes than some protesters who have had enough. Boycott California. Let them implode.

  • Go Away

    Geez that’s gross!

  • Segeny

    When Nanny Piglosi’s business interests begin to suffer, the plaza will be cleared and disinfected. Maybe she and hubby can use some of their ill-gotten gains at the expense of the 53% to house these idiots at their own estate. I won’t hold my breath.

    • tina pawley

      herb caen was right, san francisco is its own worst enemy. and as the world
      continues to laugh at us, we continue to make complete fools of us and our city.
      it’s embarrassing.

  • Granville Gilstrap

    Just wait until the first Cholera outbreak. That will solve the problem.

  • http://www.fastnews.tv/?p=114731 'Occupy' SF Camp Declared Public Health Nuisance... | Breaking News

    […] (First column, 10th story, link) […]

  • jnsesq

    Public health issue, sure. But hardly a San Francisco health one.

  • John Barnett

    I suspect Nancy Pelosi is more of a public health issue than these guys, along with every other National Socialist in SF.

  • E-35

    All liberals are a public health hazard.

    • forrest

      I believe that liberalism is a result of both being “mal-educated” and mentally incompetent. Now let the tantrums begin…and don’t forget, the Caps Lock key is the big one on the left side of the keyboard, next to the “A”.

      • George Johnson

        No, it’s actually brain related, and sadly, “normal”.

        Look into Left Brain/Right Brain personality theory.

        It explains a lot, it explains why hollowood is filled with liberals.

      • forrest

        I’ve heard of the “Left/Right” brain related studies you refer to, but I’m not sure that I completely buy into it, especially after the recent scandal involving the “research” conducted by the psychologist Diederik Stapel, which ended up being short on facts and long on leftist rhetoric.

    • Capitalist4Ever

      Liberalism is a birth defect.

      • http://ny9solyndra.wordpress.com NY9Solyndra

        Some victims catch it in public K-12 schools or in colleges.

      • Dufus

        I was told it was an STD.

      • Mhaize Navarro Talisic

        They catch it because public schools indocrinate rather than educate. Liberlism is a mental desease. If NJ can takee kids away for naming their kids Adolf Hitler perhaps liberals should have their kids taken as well

  • nh

    Liberal protesters = health hazards (violence, rape, murder, STD, TB, AIDS)
    conservative protesters = cleanliness & order

  • Concerned

    AIDS is also a “public health hazard”….

  • Jefferson Burns

    Wouldn’t providing them with toilets solve the problem? It seems a less expensive solution than police actions which ultimately tend to serve the Occupy movement by making it more visible.

    • george

      Last I looked, there were several porta-potties made available in the area. But defecating on public sidewalks and park areas is so much more “in your face,” don’t you think?

    • gfg0010

      There aren’t enough toilets. All the protesters are full of $ hit.

    • Walljasper

      Perhaps they can rent their own toilet, you think?

      With rights, come responsibilities. I suggest these folks start assuming some of those responsibilities.

    • JuileAnne Sauvageot


    • forrest

      The problem is that they want to be provided with everything, without having to work, sacrifice or pay for any of it.

    • Stan de San Diego

      Why encourage more squatters?

    • Il Bui

      Sure, get out YOUR checkbook. Let us know?

    • els

      Duh, The city brought in toilets and city workers regularly clean them. They are finding people having sex in them, used needles strewn, people sleeping inside, human waste that has not made it into the toilet, garbage…I went to a tea party rally to see if what was being reported was factual. People were clean, polite, respectful, there was no foul language, there were families with kids having picnics and when it was over, the park was cleaner than when it started, No police were called out. There was no need for tax payer dollars to fix or clean anything. Local businesses made money and it benefitted the community as a whole.

    • Ken Bowser

      that would be a form of capitalism

  • SMV

    Wouldn’t if be better if they used their own toilets?

    • Highdomer

      You assume they have received toilet training.

    • jnsesq

      Don’t you mean their moms’?

  • starzzguitar

    This tactic of camping to protest is the equivalent of a child holding their breath until they turn blue to get what they want. They should be occupying the White House because that is where the problem lies. Go camp out on the White House lawn, see what happens. These people are just socialists and communists (the philosophy taught in public schools), and we fought wars against that. A bunch of 99% LOSERS.

    • forrest

      I’m thinking 100% losers. This #Occupy madness is the best thing to ever happen for the TEA Party folks, I hope it lasts.

  • BigBoa

    Segeny is wise. First inkling of any of this actually having detrimental effects on the marxists, and they’ll decide it has to end.

    In the interim,,,,,,

    The mighty Boa WARNED you that O’Bozo needs to be removed immediately. The mighty Boa also warned you that only God knows what else he will pull between now and next year.

    Then he also warned you why the occupiers need to be confronted by the people and disbanded. Many claiming to be “conservative” called such testimony “shameful”……

    Well here’s to hoping those same pu$$ies now enjoy rampant disease coming to a neighborhood near them and here’s to hoping their relatives contract it. AND the violence they’ll also be bringing with them…..

    And by the way, enjoy the dictatorship.

    You were told that this imparting of wisdom would come to an end and the time has come. Reap what you have sown. So it is said, so it is written.

    • Miike

      Why doesn’t Nancy Pelosi Introduce a bill requiring all protesters the right to free government Diapers?

  • Don Bags

    These two videos give a nice explanation ’bout the OWS malaise. One of them doesn’t seem like it at first, but wraps it up nicely in the end. Go Bob!!

  • els

    Barry’s paid stooges. His voting base at their best. He has endorsed them, he owns the OWS now and the damage and destruction they have caused. The bloodshed, murders, crimes, and violence are on his hands now. These stooges are too stupid to realize that the biggest Wall Street fat cats are Barry’s biggest donors. They need to be occupying Barry’s front yard, you know “OUR” White House.

  • Don Bags

    Heh….oops on the wingsuit video….lol. Cool video though

    Here’s the one I intended:

    • Dave Meister

      Go Bob.

  • Don Bags

    Heh….oops on the wingsuit video….lol. Cool video though

    Here’s the one I intended:

    P.S. This comment after the post script is necessary because this site thinks this is a duplicate post.

    • Don Bags

      *groan* :^)

      • Dennis D

        Some of the comments at the You Tube site for these video’s are hysterical. Leftist wackos in denial

  • forrest

    “reduce the number of tents at the camp to no more than 100 from the 200 or so there”

    This should be no problem since it’s a Potemkin village anyway…or in other words, the #Occupy tents are unoccupied, except for the bums that are too drunk to stay in the shelters.

    • george

      Reducing the number of tents by one-half seems like such a typical liberal solution. Don’t solve the problem — just make it less visible.

      • Ken Bowser

        Great news liberals, us rust belt state independents are fed up with this nonsense. You lose more votes every day these BUMS are out and about. Your support has changed by 40% in the last 2 weeks. How about occupying a job.

  • Liberalsarefunny

    Time to broom those smelly, urine-soaked, disease-ridden shreds-of-human-debris losers and let the taxpayers clean up after them.

    Maybe someone else would like to use these public areas for a while…

    Losers now; losers forever…

  • no news

    I already knew that occupying San Francisco was a public health nuisance.

  • Montford John Greenwood

    Everything they (the powers that be) don’t like will be crushed with one excuse or another.

    These ADULTS made a decision to camp there in protest. The elected Representatives have no right to stop a peaceful protest.

    • forrest

      Well actually, since the protesters are breaking a plethora of laws, are filthy and not very peaceful, they should be made to face the consequences. Sadly, the democrat politicians and liberal media have been soft on the #Occupy movement as they try to co-opt it, or astroturf it, as their own “grassroots” democrat answer to the TEA Party. I find this to be quite funny.

      • forrest

        Oh, and as for “ADULTS”…hardly.

    • Ken Bowser

      whoa, they begin to lose their rights when it begins to interfere with the rights of others. Where are the permits they are required to have? They don’t have them. There’s been thousands of arrests so one can hardly call it peaceful. I think a bar of soap and job should be their next goal. I suppose you would be perfectly happy to have YOUR daughter down there in the filth not to mention the sexism and drug usage.

  • Kathleen S.

    As a socio-biology undergrad there is no doubt in my mind that this situation is a breeding nest for various untreatable disease and viruses. I know reports from the CDC have been delayed which should have been released 30-40 days ago but obviously someone up the food chain thought differently. I know there are mobile shift medical facilities at these locations but I’m wondering they have a website that is tracking what they’re finding. Or if those attending the folks are licensed? Based upon the tests conducted in Dallas these larger events are now a prohibitive environment for the science community so any investigative field trip has been stringently deferred. I mean folks, fecal matter can gestate a thousand different mutant maladies including airborne illnesses with those mutations multiplying a thousand more. If one could view the most benign of these mutations under a microscope I’m quite sure they would feel differently regarding the environment they’ re now delivering their message from. I’m politically agnostic here but this I feel the health implications are going to get much worse for not only the protesters but those folks living in the general vicinity. It’s Government’s job to warn its citizens of any health hazard but especially in these close proximity environments. The CDC should have at least one traveling team for research. JM educated O, take it or leave it.

    • forrest

      It’s like a giant petri dish and should be studied, although I think I’d rather do it from space, but I suppose if one had a good environment suit and police protection closer observation would be possible.

    • Ken Bowser

      Kathleen, thank you for your intelligent comments and you give new hope that our children aren’t all whacked out.

  • fecal_mania

    Liberal, Neo-conservative useful idiots and critics of Assembly, and frankly haters of truth and freedom, exist by feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle class.
    Which explains why the nation’s respect and admiration are with the millions being victimized by selfsame Zionist apparachiks of the Fed, IMF and World Bank. And with the Anonymous and Wikileaks brigades.
    For they know, proletariat’s bad children and parasites will never admonish the Crony Capitalism feeding the latter’s addictions and narcissism. A special interest needful and earnest of all the hearty, steamy excrement patriots can provide. Sh!t and p!ss on, noble flea-baggers!

    • forrest

      Antisemitism, as well as any kind of racism, has no place in conservative or libertarian ideology. Your rant veers into tasteless insanity. Or in other words, you sound like an #Occupier.

      • fecal_mania

        Zionism is not a religion, and anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism. However, Judaism IS one of the world’s three, great religions – all Semitic in origin. Thanks for your comment.

      • forrest

        Yes, you are correct, Zionism is a Jewish political movement, but most associate Zionism with Judaism, and use the terms interchangeably.

    • Dude

      And you sir, misuse words and are apparently clueless as to their meanings. I suspect you have mental health issues as do the many of your comrades who rant and rave with meaningless verbiage.

      • fecal_mania

        As for your comment, it’s too juvenile to respond to. Are you old enough to be blogging?

    • Ken Bowser

      Just what is a neo-con? You complain about crony capitalism so why aren’t you at the white house. Obama is the biggest crony capitalist I’ve seen in my 54 years of life. The number of his political paybacks rise each week, yet you say nothing. JUST WHY THE HELL AREN’T YOU THERE PROTESTING? You liberals are the biggest hypocrites in America, and NO, communism isn’t coming here either.

  • George Johnson

    Yep, this is definitely the dimocrats counter part to the Tea Party.

    That’s why the dimocrats glommed on to this. They OH SO wanted a counterpart to the Tea Party. They really thought this was it.

    Haha! Now they’re trying to distance themselves from it after it’s turned into a cesspool. Their communist/marxist message is finally coming out, and people don’t like it, one bit. So the dimocrats head for the hills. So funny.

    • forrest

      I’m laughing right there with you. This #Occupy mess is the best thing that could’ve ever happened for conservatives, libertarians, republicans, and the TEA Party folks. Now everyone can see what the whacky left is really all about.

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