Soup Kitchen Next To Wealthy Atherton Gears Up To Feed Thousands

MENLO PARK (KCBS) – A soup kitchen that shares a fence line with one of the most affluent communities in the Bay Area has been feeding 600 people daily since 1974. Saint Anthony’s Padua dining room in Menlo Park, which has no relation to Saint Anthony’s in San Francisco, is on the immediate border of Atherton.

“People in this community, and I’ve lived in this community for 45 years, don’t realize that there are one thousand of their neighbors that are hungry and need food every day,” said volunteer Dr. Bob Dean, who describes the clientele as the working poor and the elderly, or out of work.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

Operations manager Max Torres said that donations during this time of year, help feed people through all of the seasons.

On Thanksgiving, the dining hall will feed 1,000 people. There are no questions asked, no fees, and no documentation needed.

“There’s a lot of wonderful people who care, and that’s what keeps us going,” said Torres.

Donations are always accepted at St Anthony’s.

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  • Juanito

    I hope these people in E. Palo Alto kiss the feet of the whites in Atherton they feed them and give them jobs. A non-profit in Palo Alto even collects gifts for them ecomputers and all. Lucky illegals.

    • john

      How can illegals get jobs? unless its picking lettuce for cash payment. Something you would never do.
      If you feel so jealous of these “people” in East Palo Alto then get in line and get your self some food too. JEEZ!

  • George Wooster, Mexifornia

    John, get your head out of the sand. Look at construction… legals need apply. Look at landscaping….same thing……look at your nanny, your housekeeper…..again, no legals need apply.

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