DAVIS (KCBS) – Occupy UC Davis activists are planning a campus-wide general strike for Monday, set to coincide with a UC Regents meeting that was rescheduled for the same day.

Organizers said the strike is designed to support other occupy movements and to protest proposed tuition hikes.

Regents are meeting by teleconference from 4 different campuses, after last week’s cancellation of their San Francisco-based meeting because of security threats.

“They won’t all be in the same geographic location but several of them are going to be here so we’re going to be protesting them,” explained UC Davis junior Artem Raskin, who describes himself as an occupy activist.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

Occupiers are asking students, faculty, staff and members of the community to take part in their attempt to shut down operations at the university for the day, in an effort to send a clear message to UC officials that pricing students out of the system is unacceptable.

According to Raskin, a number of professors have agreed to speak at teach-ins during the general strike to educate attendants about various issues.

A spokeswoman for the chancellor’s office says the campus will be open for business as usual on Monday and students and faculty should plan to attend courses as usual on the Davis campus.

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