CHP Cite 24 Santa Rosa Drivers For Speeding Over 90-Minute Period

SANTA ROSA (CBS SF) — The California Highway patrol cited 24 people for speeding Friday in Santa Rosa in only an hour and a half, officials said Saturday.

CHP officers conducted a Black Friday speed enforcement patrol on southbound U.S. Highway 101 at state Highway 12 in Santa Rosa, said Jonathan Sloat, a public information officer for the CHP.

Officers issued 24 citations for traveling at speeds of 80 mph and up in an hour and a half. The fastest recorded speed was 94 mph, in a period with wet weather and roads, Sloat said.

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  • Fred

    For once a police story I can support!

  • That_sucking_sound_Cali

    Overpaid, under performing, unionized, Professional Babysitters, spending their days as Tax Collectors, all the while a Corrupt out of Control Govt that employs them no longer has the consent of the Governed. Using “safety” is the same lame excuse that ALL tyrannical Govts eventually resort too.

    The terrorists now drive and fly CHP colors.

  • Mitch_A

    This is what we get when the electorate votes and believes in Liberalism/Progressivism. To them this has a great benefit on the economy. The “Broken Glass” theory on Steroids.

    About 20K in fines brought in, about 50K in spending on Bureaucratic BS in Courts and Paperwork… Who needs productive capitalists when we have this???

  • Mitch_A

    Don’t forget the 4-5 he let go cause they had a badge or a Govt license.

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