SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A Cal Fire firefighter was in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital after being run over by a car following an early morning altercation on Thanksgiving Day.

29-year-old Albert Bartal of San Francisco suffered traumatic brain injuries in the incident.

San Francisco police said that Bartal and an unidentified suspect got into an argument at a restaurant at the corner of 11th Avenue and Geary Boulevard.

Investigators said they were separated and then at around 2:45 in the morning on Thursday, Bartal was struck by the suspect, who was driving a black Mazda CX-type of SUV, at a nearby gas station.

San Francisco police have very little information on the suspect, describing him as a Latino male, 18-24 years old with short black hair and a manicured beard.

Surveillance image of the suspect in the hit-and-run attack on a Cal Fire firefighter. (SFPD)

Surveillance image of the suspect in the hit-and-run attack on a Cal Fire firefighter. (SFPD)

Firefighters who knew Bartal said this has been a very difficult time for them.

“This is a horrible experience that no fireman or police officer would ever want to have to go through,” said Justin Scheef , director of the San Mateo-Santa Cruz Chapter of the CDF Firefighter’s Union. “The nice thing is that everyone bands together during these times and it’s one brotherhood.”

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

Bartal served in Iraq with the Marine Corps and has been with Cal Fire for five years.

San Francisco police continue to investigate the incident.

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Comments (15)
  1. Disgusted with Humanity says:

    So, using your logic Joe, it’s ok to run someone over with a car as long as they started it? Stop and think for a moment about this man’s daughter and the agony she is going through because of this. It’s because of thoughts and actions from careless people like you with no soul that these things happen.

  2. Disgusted with Humanity says:

    and also Joe, it’s so called “meatheads” like this guy who will run into a burning building to save your sorry ass, and this is the thanks you give someone like him?

  3. tony says:

    Ewww,… a mean O’l Marine Yeah, he probably punched the car first! You’r an idiot bob!

  4. Carrie says:

    Joe Bob you are an idiot. I know Al personally. How dare you say such a thing without knowing what happened. I do know one thing, This “Fire Fighter and Marine” is a great human being and father. You on the other hand are a IDIOT…Please pray for Al.

  5. a disturbing trend says:

    Great , another Brian Stow incident !

    Didnt the parents of the SUV driver their kid that
    manslaughter or attempted murder is illegal and inhuman to society?

  6. norbit says:

    All of you guys pointing fingers already should just be quiet. All the solid information has not been released to the public. As much as I look up to firefighters, who knows. Maybe he started the altercation. Maybe something happened where they both saw each other again after being separated and they decided to fight. It’s all speculations. Who knows what really happened until the police finalizes the investigation. The news has a way of making stories lean one way…especially if he/she is a public servant. Just like the Stow incident. The beating was uncalled for…but Stow wasn’t an angel either.

    1. teddy says:

      norbit, you are an idiot. all the information being released, or who started it, speculations, and all there other things you mention are not relevant here…only one thing is fact…some POS coward used a large auto to run over a man to try and kill him. no excuse for that, none.

  7. Dixie says:

    Don’t get into fights.

  8. Jeff Stone says:

    I hope they catch this worthless animal who committed this terrible crime.
    It’s getting too dangerous out there…

  9. Jeff Stone says:

    I’m not too encouraged that SF Police is involved in the investigation, I believe SF police has the worst unsolved crime rate in the entire nation. They’re pretty incompetent, I mus say.

  10. A shameful and deplorable act! I hope they find the man who did this.

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