Sonoma Co. Police Say Burglary Suspect Made Himself At Home

SONOMA COUNTY (CBS SF) — A Sacramento man apparently made himself at home for the holidays Sunday in a Sonoma County residence, a county sheriff’s sergeant said.

Jonathon Humphrey, 20, is suspected of burglarizing the Fremont Diner in Sonoma Valley and a residence less than two blocks away on South Central Avenue, Sgt. Dave Thompson said.

Sheriff’s deputies responded around 3:45 p.m. to an alarm at the diner at 2698 Fremont Drive southeast of Sonoma, Thompson said.

The suspect forced the door open and took cash, Thompson said.

Around 7:15 p.m., a guest staying at a nearby residence on South Central Avenue in unincorporated Sonoma County arrived home and found a man watching TV in the living room, Thompson said.

The back door of the residence had been kicked in and the intruder told the guest he knew the homeowner, Thompson said. The guest then called 911.

When deputies arrived, the intruder, identified as Humphrey, was trying to leave through the broken down back door, Thompson said.

Humphrey had showered and put on the homeowner’s clean gym shorts, a hooded sweatshirt and slippers. He made himself a taco meal, helped himself to some homemade cookies and settled down on a couch in the living room to watch a movie he had taken from another room in the house, Thompson said.

When the homeowner arrived, he told deputies he did not recognize the intruder but did recognize his clothing, Thompson said.

Deputies found coins and cash they believe were taken from the diner with Humphrey’s dirty clothes in the bathroom, Thompson said.

Muddy footprints at the diner matched footprints at the South Central Avenue residence, Thompson said.

Humphrey apparently hitchhiked to the area, Thompson said. He was booked into the Sonoma County jail for commercial and residential burglary. He is on probation for an offense in Sacramento County, Thompson said.

Humphrey is being held under $50,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon in Sonoma County Superior Court.

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  • JaneQPublic

    He’ll get clean clothes & meals at his new ‘home’.

    • Guest

      Of course,he might also be somebodys bride by now

    • burglar

      Hey man I was hungry! It’s tough now a days to find a decent home thats not yet in forclosure. Mmmm tacos drooollll

    • NY9Solyndra

      #Occupy Sonoma Valley

      • proudnot2bliberal

        Dang you said it before I could! For all you LIEberals out there “offended by this this is after all what you’re preaching (I had to throw that out at you atheist LIEberals) hey the guy had a home, hot water clean cloths & food the other guy didn’t. He was helping obamo redistribute the wealth as he told Joe the plumber during the campaign. Do you remember that? See proof the OWS bums are nothing but an arm of the DNC their main base the “give me” generation

      • Tom Tucker

        You beat me to it! It’s true, though, isn’t it? The same mentality.

    • Scarf

      Good thing it was not my home. If so, there would be no story as he would have just vanished if ya know what I mean. He would have been meat mulch in the ocean.

  • Jeff

    Probably from the Occupy protest.

  • dog

    He is taking what is rightfully his. Liberals deserve what is others.

    • NY9Solyndra

      He was part of the 99% of the people who didn’t live in that house.

      • Guest

        That is the most hilarious thing I ever read from someone with a dissenting opinion

    • RustySpinner

      He’s just like those thieving, lying LIEberals at Enron, Worldcom, Lehman Brothers, Tyco and Adelphia!

      • proudnot2bliberal

        yeah except enron tyco adelphia are all owened by LIEberals most likely Lehman brothers is too liek goldman sachs (& former LIBERAL NJ gov soon to be fed convict Jon Corzine) and these were ruined by a few LIEberasl leaders BUT these are only FACTS & TRUTHS things LIEberals dont care about

  • DrudgePet

    *insert drudgepet arbitrary liberal hate comment here*

    • JustMe

      Hey, what’s with you? The Drudge Report just sent me here (CBS San Francisco) with virtually the same headline used here… The Drudge report is an aggregate news site. What, you would rather keep everyone in the dark except for the news you liberals thank should be out there and silence the rest that doesn’t fit your agenda.

    • kitkat

      “Insert moronic remark about liberals or something else completely unrelated to the article here”… moron..

      • Di Versity

        kitkat wanted a further moronic remark, Thompson said

    • NY9Solyndra

      It’s hilarious that those who demand tolerance and respect for diversity of opinion the most from others (i.e, liberals) rarely exhibit the traits themselves when it comes to anyone who doesn’t kowtow to their communist policies?

    • Akela

      Liberalism is a mental disease.

      It doesn’t qualify as arbitrary and has nothing whatever to do with Drudge, but is a distinctly provable condition dating back thousands of years. It’s hereditary and seemingly attaches to the lame and lazy of the human species.


      • pullmyfinger

        Don’t talk about your mum like that, she straddles that pole hard to feed you and Nutella..

    • Drake

      Okay, I’ll try. Liberals are guilty-hearted, lazy, and lack self-discipline. Liberalism was established to deconstruct the foundational Judeo-Christian principles of life and family. Liberalism devalues individualism and promotes collectivism; meaning no one is special – everyone is equal. A Liberal will most likely sympathize with the suspect for some internal self-vindicating purpose. How’s that!

      • kellirc

        Hey, that was great.

  • vst-vst9

    It’s OmeriKa and you’d better like someone taking your stuff, and if you don’t, we have camps for you.

    • getalife

      Aww thats cute, someone’s still living in 1895. They’re free now, deal with it..

      • stuyabf

        getalife, FYI no one knows whatyou are talking about. 1895? Who is they?

  • carl

    you KNOW this was an OWS protester.

  • CobraSixFour

    “insert liberals inability to refute truth about liberals here”

  • Bill

    Occupy South Central Avenue.

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  • Jawal

    The only problem with shooting this creep for home invasion is that there would be too big of a mess to clean up and who wants to sleep in a home where you just blasted a perp. Fortunately, most law abiding gun owners do not have the sentiments that I do so maybe sooner than later we will see justice against liberal spawn who believes in communal living and that everyone’s home is your home.

  • Nate

    How many times did the reporter say “Thompson said”? Was this story written by a 5th grader?

    • John Moser

      Umm, just about every paragraph. Maybe it needed to be a full page single spaced, to get full credit, so he had to pad it.

    • Amy

      Were you not taught (in 5th grade) that newspaper articles are to be written at a third grade level?

    • proudnot2bliberal

      and this is why LIEberal news is dead. they think we are all uneducated with low intelligent levels liek the typical LIEberal

    • chopper

      yeah really……not even a…….”said thompson”, you know……mix it up a little?

  • walter12

    Now I know that this incident happened in California, of course, and anything goes in California today. If this had happened in Montana, this perp would have been shot by the homeowner or a neighbor.

  • NY9Solyndra

    Free health care, instate tuition, job training, etc., etc., etc..

  • Jacob Weinberg

    Try reading the article before commenting.

    The guy’s name is Jonathon Humphrey.

    • proudnot2bliberal

      try not being the typical bitter angry LIEberal and automatically attack. Read the comment it said “IF”

      Now go back to shoving youre head up obamo s butt & being clueless watch PMSnbc

    • kitkat

      Try reading his comment before commenting Mr Shortbus…

  • Tom Tucker

    Actually, if he waits long enough, Obama will give him the house. It will only cost him his liberty and freedom…oh, and his soul.

  • Carl Curmudgeon

    “When the homeowner arrived, he told deputies he did not recognize the intruder but did recognize his clothing…”

    I don’t recognize the intruder, officer, but his haute couture is vaguely familiar.

  • Marshall

    Thompson said.

  • Marv

    One for “The Dumbest Crook” file. To his credit: he did not hurt anyone and is apparently neat and clean – except for muddy feet and broken doors. Maybe he takes up cooking as a trade while in jail this time.

  • Ken Puck

    Did he at least clean up the kitchen? That would be in mitigation.

  • Maggie Fanelli

    #occupysomeoneelseshouse – You’re entitled to for some reason.

  • KenC

    Jonathan could have at least put his dirty clothes in the washer after showering, cleaned up the kitchen after fixing tacos, and cleaned out the cat’s liter box before crashing on the couch watching “The Collector”. Not much different from how adult kids treat parents these days.

  • smashicus

    Just hope he wasn’t watching an adult film when he got caught “red handed”.

  • NCT

    And they have learned that what they cannot steal, the libs through government sanctioned force will give them via wealth redistribution.

  • Charles Darwin

    Must be an Occupy Sonoma type.

  • Tom

    Tacos? Couldn’t he at least have made a steak or something?

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