Former SF Schools Chief Collects $1M Philly Buyout, Then Files Jobless Claim

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (CBS) – Former San Francisco schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman has filed for unemployment in Philadelphia after receiving a nearly $1-million buyout earlier this year to leave the same job there.

“The former superintendent did apply for unemployment,” Philadelphia School District spokesman Fernando Gallard told CBS on Thursday.

Ackerman’s request to collect state unemployment benefits comes after Philly taxpayers funded a $905,000 buyout when she was shown the door in August.

As part of her separation agreement, Philly’s School Reform Commission agreed not to contest any unemployment claim she might file.

The news wasn’t going over well many – including Michael Lodise, the head of the Philadelphia schools police officers’ union, who fought for several months to get unemployment compensation for 120 school police officers laid off in June.

“These people were really hurting, really needed it,” Lodise recalls. “And here’s a woman with almost a million dollars, and she wants unemployment besides. I just don’t understand it.”

Based on her former salary, Ackerman would be eligible for the Pennsylvania state maximum of $573 a week.

Ackerman had no comment, referring questions to her attorney, Dean Weitzman. Weitzman told CBS that Ackerman qualifies for unemployment benefits because she is unemployed and was asked to leave the school district but not fired for cause. It will be up to the state unemployment compensation board to determine whether to approve Ackerman’s claim.

In 2006, Ackerman was also shown the door in San Francisco, collecting $375,000 in severance pay. She then filed suit against the San Francisco Unified School District, claiming she was owed $172,000 more in unused benefits; that lawsuit was later dropped.

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  • Nancy Oneill

    The balls on this woman!! Others are suffering but SHE thinks SHE is entitled. You have no conscience lady, and I don’t know what you were ever doing running anything having to do with children!!! And they didn’t fire her, but asked her to leave? Why?

  • Nancy Oneill

    This woman knows how to “work the system” having been bought out in both San Francisco and Philadelphia too. These are tax dollars that are being wasted. Why did the second place hire her?

  • 8 ball in the side pocket

    Sounds like the typical liberal problem solving process. The END justifies the means. It is ok if you are a crook and work the system.

    Liberals don’t have a conscience Its all about them.

  • dbarco

    It’s all racism!

  • Jose Maricone

    She is double dipper. Her skill was not need so she was boot of of job.
    At least she is now unemployed!!!!

  • tn

    Like so many others without scruples, she continues to justify that she is entitled. But someone’s gotta pay for her hairdo, figure and beauty make-up.

  • Independent

    What does this have to do with liberals or conservatives? Quit listening to Limbaugh and Hannity and think for yourself. The woman is a grifter… period.

  • Sam Mallory


  • mysticaltyger

    What a greedy b____!!! And yes, this does have something to do with liberalism. Liberals tend to look the other way when there’s greed and abuse in the public sector.

  • mysticaltyger

    You won’t hear too many of those “We’re in the 99%” crowd protesting against this woman, even though she’s clearly in the 1%.

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