SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The U.S. Postal Service is moving towards a series of unprecedented cuts that could be felt by customers as soon as next year.

The service is talking about closing half of its mail processing plants across the country, including the possibility of facilities in Burlingame and Petaluma.

The proposal comes in response the postal service losing more than $5 billion this year.

San Francisco Postal Spokesman James Wigdel said they’ve lost about 20 percent of their first class mail since 2006.

“With reduced mail volume, we just absolutely don’t need that big mail processing system like we used to,” Wigdel said.

As a result, the changes would mean stamped letters would no longer reach their destinations the next day.

A final decision on the cuts could come early next year.

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  1. Ann Mason says:

    This will be a hardship for older people who must have their prescription drugs delivered by mail. It will also discourage people from subscribing to weekly magazines, when print media companies already are not doing well. The internet has its advantages, but it has also done a lot of harm. Of course, the kind, entertaining hand-written letter disappeared ages ago. And now, even fewer bills are being paid by mail because the banks are insisting that we need to make more electronic transactions in order to keep our checking accounts free.

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