Copper Thieves Stealing From Operating BART Tracks

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – In recent weeks, copper thieves have begun targeting Bay Area Rapid Transit tracks during normal service hours.

A BART spokesperson said there have been three incidents this week. The most recent incident happened early Tuesday morning near Jack London Square. No suspects were apprehended after the theft discovery, and train service was not affected.

Officers were at the scene Tuesday conducting an investigation. Officials have not yet released an estimated cost for the stolen materials.

A similar theft on Sunday forced a speeding train to stop before it hit a thief who was stealing from the track.

BART police said they are also concerned because the third rail of the tracks is electrified during operation, raising the risk of electrocution for anyone on the tracks.

Copper thieves have also targeted traffic and street lights in Vallejo over the past few months.

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  • Bay Area Guy

    Seven Recycling plants listed on Google-for the East Bay HOW HARD can it be to catch these people???

  • JWT

    The train shouldn’t have stopped for the thief — it should’ve kept on going…

  • Choice

    Stupid is as Stupid Does
    They will be caught one way or another…. dead or alive.

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