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San Francisco Supervisors Blast Muni Management

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – San Francisco supervisors roasted the Municipal Transportation Agency at two hearings Thursday, criticizing Muni overtime and work orders. The biggest critique, however, was about how the transit agency was being run.

“Biggest challenge that the MTA is facing is not lack of funding, but it’s a challenge of mismanagement,” was supervisor David Campos’ assessment.

Supervisor David Chiu seemed equally frustrated, after three years of urging Muni to reduce overtime and get its work orders under control.

“I almost feel like we’re wasting our time by having these hearings because we’re not seeing results,” he said.

Campos agreed.

“It’s not fun to sit here and have, as (Board of Supervisors) president Chiu said, you know, Groundhog Day. We keep talking about these issues and yet nothing has been done.”

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

The MTA is on track to spend $57 million on overtime by the end of the fiscal year, significantly about its $32 million budget. But, for the first time, the agency says there is a written overtime policy, pledging to scale such spending back by between 10% and 15% in the coming fiscal year.

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  • Clarence

    Should It Read ….. “about its $32 million budget” ….. or ….. “above its $32 million budget” ????? Hello ….. can I be hired as a “News Editor” please????

  • Matt

    So cut back. Lay off. Then spend more on overtime. Well, that’s a typical city management practice. Shows you that it’s all just a joke and scam to raise our taxes cause city goverments can’t control spending. Don’t ask me to raise taxes.

    I know let’s raise public pension benefits some more!

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