SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Supporters of the Occupy movement are mobilizing to shut down ports along the West Coast on Monday. This would be the second time in two months, demonstrators shut down Oakland’s port, the fifth busiest cargo-container port in the U.S.

Representatives from the port have said a shutdown costs the region millions of dollars.

There are more than 73,000 jobs tied to port activity in Northern California including— dock workers, truckers, office workers and manufacturers throughout the region.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

“It’s important to understand that the Port of Oakland isn’t something that you just turn and turn off,” said Issac Kos-Read, a port representative. “The public agency that is the port doesn’t control everything at the port. The port is really a lot of different interlocking businesses that come together,” he said.

Kos-Read explained there are seven private marine terminals and two private rail terminals at the port and that the ripple effect of maritime activity at the port would cost $8.5 million daily.

“The port is a public agency. The folks on our board, The Board of Port Commissioners, are all volunteers. They’re all members of the Oakland community,” Kos-Read said.

He said those members have a goal of enhancing economic activity in the region.

“This is sadly going to be disruptive to our community,” Kos-Read said.

The last shut down of the port on November 2 was part of a General Strike called by members of the Occupy movement.

The port is planning a proactive approach with law enforcement to stay open on December 12.

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Comments (9)
  1. Bill Jones says:

    Time to call in the National Guard. No reason not to arrest everyone who enters the port property, or stops the free flow of traffic into/out of the port.

  2. dbarco says:

    This is all part of the big plan. Read the article in Rolling Stone a couple of weeks back about WHO really is behind the Occupy Movement and it will all come back.

  3. Bill Buxton says:

    From Nuuzit – Occupy San Francisco Camp at the Fed –

  4. Anonymous says:

    That’s the whole point. Disrupt and bring attention to our sad little system that can’t handle challenges, while simultaneously affecting corporate business. Yes, the community takes a hit. It’s called a sacrifice.

    1. what is wrong with you says:

      sacrifice?? that’s so selfish. in this economy, how could you even think about hurting the workers at the port and the possibility of deterring new business in the future? what is wrong with you people? you’re not hurting the big corporations and you never were!! you’re hurting people who are part of the 99%. just quit it already. you guys are selfish and only want attention from the media so you can complain about how hard your pot smoking life is. well, we’re all tired of hearing it. grow up.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I refuse to live in a bubble ignoring that our way of life is wrong, and I don’t smoke pot, but thanks for the stereotype. Just standing by telling yourself “things will get better” will not change anything. Matter of fact, it’s why we are where we are. Two different opinions I suppose, but I am grown, and I am intelligent. I guarantee you the $8.5 million daily loss mentioned is not the workers salaries. The system needs stirring.

  5. lancaster says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close bad cases.
    My dog was poisoned to death, a stolen car was run into the front of my house, gang members are harrassing me, I get death threats, BB guns are being shot at my car when I drive, my car is being tampered with, money and jewelry has been stolen out of my house and these corrupt DOD employees are using torture as a punishment.
    With very long term harassment the FBI and DEA are intentionally creating their own terrorists and criminals when evidence of any supposed crime does not support their investigation/harassment of a suspect.
    Typical D.O.J. Investigation except they have been harassing me for 20 years.

  6. John LEADFORD says:

    The Occupy Oakland Movement brought attention to the Port of Oakland again but it seems to have somewhat missed the mark .

    Reason me how Occupy Oakland can ring the bell loudly for AMERICAN JOBS while moving AMERICAN-MADE Products through the Port of OAKLAND.

    Please let me make the following suggestions for doing so:

    1. Make room for Exporting Products of well-paid AMERICAN
    WORKERS employed under safe and healthful conditions

    A. Unload the ships bringing the Products of FOREIGN WORKERS,
    including children, earning low-wages while working under
    dangerous, unhealthy conditions

    B. Let those Foreign Worker Products rust, mold, and waste on
    the dock while AMERICAN-MADE Products are loaded for Export

    2. Continue to employ American Workers as usual

    A. Busy the Longshoremen unloading FOREIGN-MADE Products
    from incoming ships, storing their cargo, and then loading
    AMERICAN-MADE Products for Export

    B. Busy the truckers bringing AMERICAN-MADE Products to Port
    for Export

    3. Investors in AMERICAN-MADE Products (the 1% of our
    population) will continue to earn their profits

    4. Investors in FOREIGN-MADE Products will be free to make
    their own decisions.

    Let us not forget that, as we consider actions, to limit the import of Products of Foreign Workers, we may be limiting our access to lower consumer-prices which may be available by way of some FOREIGN-MADE Products.

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