SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Three NFL quarterbacks (Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady) have a chance to surpass Dan Marino’s single-season passing record this season. John Madden told the KCBS morning crew that there has been shift in focus for many teams on offense.

“It’s a combination of the pass and what it is today, the spread formations, the multiple receivers, the short passing game, including screens,”  Madden said.

John said the lack of pre-season training due to the labor dispute hurt team defense more than offense.

“Defense started out behind – and I’m speaking generally – and they stayed behind all year…After these defensive coordinators and defensive coaches have an off-season to study what the offenses did to them this year, I think they’ll be better next year.”

Madden said the NFL is investigating the concussion to Cleveland quarterback Colt McCoy in Thursday night’s game against the Steelers, and why he went back into the game after taking the big hit.

“The culture has to be changed. For years this stuff was just swept under the rug,” Madden said. “We’re in the process of changing it…and we know the damage that can be done. We have to keep pushing on this, and I think pushing on it on all levels. It’s not just an NFL thing. It’s equally as bad in college and high school and youth football. It’s everywhere. I think it’s good to be talking about it… because it does bring about awareness.” (8:45)

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