SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — Nine Chuck E. Cheese restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area have been fined a total of more than $28,000 for violating federal child labor laws.

The U.S. Labor Department, which announced the fines this week, said teenagers at some of the restaurants were allowed to load and operate trash compactors. At the Chuck E. Cheese pizza parlor in Rohnert Park, minors were allegedly allowed to operate a dough mixer.

In both cases, labor officials said Chuck E. Cheese violated child labor rules.

Chuck E. Cheese’s has paid the civil penalties and instructed underage employees not to operate the machines.

Brenda Holloway, spokeswoman for the pizza parlors’ Texas-based parent company CEC Entertainment Inc., said that Chuck E. Cheese’s had been unaware of certain rules.



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  1. 8 ball in the side pocket says:

    Yet Another example of the gross disparity between what is right, what is wrong and the Law. Teenagers Drive Cars, Motorcyles Ski, Play foot ball, Skate Boards vert dangerous activities but are not allowed to run a mixer or a trash compactor.

    Chucky Cheese instead of being fined for child labor laws should be given a government grant to teach others successful method in installing the work ethic in teenagers.

    This law stinks of Liberal dysfunctional thinking which created this and many other Laws that undermines our nations ability to be competitive and productive. Our Business is what provides the cash flow to our economy. Our youth is our future to replace greying ponytailed Libs which are being removed from our society politically around the world. Greece Spain and in this county.

    We don’t need more occupiers we need more innovators who have a work ethic.
    Fining thiese businesses sets the wrong standard for our young people

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