SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— If you drive on the Bay Bridge you may have noticed that the speed is creeping up on the s-curve, but the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has noticed too.

CHP is stepping up patrols on the Bay Bridge to make sure that the 40 miles an hour speed limit is enforced on the s-curve.

Of course it all depends on the time of day and the driver; some of who say they slow way down when they approach the s-curve.

KCBS’ Susan Kennedy Reports:

The speed limit on the s-curve of the Bay Bridge was reduced from 50 mph to 40, after dozens of accidents occurred when the new configuration on the bridge began two years ago.

One of those accidents involved the driver of a big rig who lost control of his truck and ended up plunging 200 feet to his death. After that, Caltrans installed everything they could think of, including flashing lights and rumble strips. to get motorists to slow down.

It worked for a while with some motorists slowing down, but not everyone.

“I’m probably going ten miles [per hour] over, because it’s just too slow to slow all the way down. You build up traffic if you slow down too much,” said one Bay Bridge motorist.

Another man said he goes faster on the s-curve because he’s been driving it on a daily basis.

CHP said some drivers are going 65-70 over the curve, which translates to a “recipe for disaster”.

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  1. unknown says:

    They drive like nuts,and to say if you drive safely,it ties up traffic,what you are really saying is your life has no value

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