PITTSBURG (CBS SF) — Six people were transported to hospitals with complaints of pain Thursday afternoon after the public transit bus they were riding lost control and crashed through a fence at the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART station, a BART police official said.

BART Deputy Police Chief Ben Farrow said that shortly before 3:30 p.m., a Tri Delta Transit bus was heading through the station’s bus zone at 1700 W. Leland Road when it careened out of the parking lot, through a fence and into a dirt lot next to the station.

“We don’t know why the bus lost control—it took out about 10 feet of fencing in the BART bus zone,” Farrow said.

He said that no other vehicles appear to have been affected in the crash.

No further information was immediately available.

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  1. Vivian Cross says:

    They should have pictures up to show how far into the uneven field the bus drove before stopping. I bet that had the passengers bouncing all around and slamming into the roof and sides.. hello lawsuits!

  2. RM says:

    I was on this bus. This very brief report tells only the end result of the accident. So as to not affect the investigation, I will not comment on exactly what happened, but this report is far from factual, as most news is.
    Suffice it to say, this was a terrifying moment in my life and watch the events unfold from the front seat we were quite sure that there would have been much worse injuries.
    The bus was not “heading through the station’s bus zone” – the bus was stopped for 10 minutes, loading passengers and waiting for the departure time.
    The bus went up over a lamp post, onto the platform and towards a group of passengers and another bus. The bus drifted to the left back into the bus lane and kept accelerating. We were yelling at the driver to stop the bus – no response from her. We continued straight through the stop sign at nearly 30 MPH, missing a green sedan by only about 6 inches that was crossing in front of us. We hit the curb, still accelerating, up the dirt embankment and through the STEEL fencing. Two large sections of that fence went flying, one was heading towards me but deflected off the corner of the front of the bus. It was at that moment the driver began to respond.
    We were now heading through the field, people screaming, and going towards the 6 foot retaining wall that dropped into the back parking area of the grocery store.
    Thankfully the driver began to steer the bus to the right – we were yelling to shut the bus off, which she finally did and it came to rest where this picture shows.
    The driver was t he first one off the bus and she didn’t stick around to help others off. She had no concern for the passengers until a coupe minutes later when other drivers ran over to assist.
    I assisted one of the injured whose ribs were hurt after flying out of his seat and down onto the top of another seat.
    That’s what really happened…

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