RICHMOND (CBS SF) —  A shot was fired early Friday morning at Richmond’s Hilltop Mall as more than 1,000 shoppers waited outside for a chance to get their hands on newly released Air Jordan basketball shoes, a police lieutenant said.

Police have arrested a 24-year-old Richmond man who allegedly fired the shot, apparently accidentally, at 6:54 a.m. while among the large crowd of shoppers outside a mall entrance near Walmart, Lt. Lori Curran said.

Officers turned shoppers away from the mall entrances immediately after the shooting, but at least a few hundred had gathered again in front of those entrances as of 9:30 a.m., according to police.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

No one was injured, and the suspect, whose name was not immediately available, remains in custody, police said.

Curran said several hundred shoppers who had been waiting for the mall to open since the early morning hours lost their chance to buy the new Air Jordans at Hilltop Mall today, where stores are temporarily canceling sales of the shoes.

A number of stores in the mall had planned to start selling the new shoes starting at 6 a.m.

The mall was set to reopen for regular business hours at 10 a.m.

According to KOVR, police also made arrests at a mall in Sacramento, and in Citrus Heights, a group of people broke into the mall and officers had to go in and pull them out.

air jordan 11 Fights, Arrests, As Crowds Jam NorCal Malls To Buy New Air JordansThe shoes also sparked early morning violence in Seattle, where police reportedly used pepper spray to break up fights among shoe buyers.

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Comments (21)
  1. Ralph says:

    They are just shoes people. Relax.

    1. tn says:

      Nike wins the marketing war! These consumers are the victims of a successful “limited” product, which with all due respect to MJ’s great career, may prove in time to be the next Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire limited edition rookie card, Beanie Baby, Yu-Gi-Oh power card product. More important question: What is the value / demand for MJ’s original #1 AirForce shoe and how many people will actually buy it if you had it?

  2. 8 ball in the side pocket says:

    Makes a statement about the integrity and the quality of people that buy these products. They have totally lost the spirit of christmas and gift giving.

    1. It figures says:

      If they’re not chimping out, they’re shooting each other.

  3. Paul Brewer says:

    Obama Nation mentality…..diversity is our “strength” ???

  4. GMAN says:

    Paul Brewer that is a stupid racist comment.

    1. Paul Brewer says:

      Thank Yiou

      1. It figures says:

        Paul tells it like it is. CHimps are chimps.

    2. You can sell poop with his name on it says:

      It is not a racist comment girlyman!

      1. It figures says:

        Yeah, we’re sick of chimps shooting each other. Well, maybe it’s a good thing. Less chimps to deal with.

    3. tn says:

      Westervalleygirl’s comment may be racist, however I’m Asian and based on what the TV news videos showed, she was absolutely correct- the majority of the Asians in line (and interviewed) were actually Filipino. Just saying.

  5. Get a life says:

    This is completely irresponsible behavior, not just by these ignorant morons, but also by the shoe manufacturer, the mall, and the stores in the mall. They had like 50 lousy pair of shoes at each store, and even fewer of actual adult sizes. This is just stupid, and needs to change before someone dies.

  6. Stan says:

    A classic example of how our society overemphasizes branded luxury goods. Many people have a hard time paying their bills, but $150 bucks for a pair of sneakers and then fighting over them? Our priorities are off folks!

  7. Pam Marshall says:

    This is why I have all my shopping done by the end of the first week of December. People tend to lose their common sense, patience and rationality!

  8. F. Peluso says:

    i am an assistant manager at one of the shoe stores in tanforan mall. and i am very glad that we had a some what civilized jordan release day. looking at the video of hilltop mall and the mall in north carolina. i am glad we had our mall security and san bruno P.D. by our side for this release to keep us all safe.

    1. It figures says:

      Chimps on a rampage.

  9. Rauhmel Fox Ceo says:, Inc. gives away free skihlz(TM) branded athletic footwear to kids:

  10. Miguel says:

    Funny how blacks, hispanics and asian (filipinos) get worked up over shoes.

    1. tn says:

      Too funny and on the mark Miguel (about the Flips). Just waiting for the limited edition Nike Manny Pacquiao (shiny glittery) karaoke shoes….

  11. tn says:

    One can’t imagine what would’ve happened if this were sold at the Oakland Walmart off Hegenberger…

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