Holiday Fires Leave Cloud Of Unhealthy Air In Bay Area Skies

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) — Air quality officials are considering banning wood-burning this coming weekend after soot from holiday fires and stagnant air caused an unhealthy mix in San Francisco Bay area skies.

More than 400 people called in tips to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, saying neighbors were lighting wood fires in their homes on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Officials aimed to discourage that by issuing several “Spare the Air” alerts in recent weeks but air quality was so poor Monday it rivaled conditions following 2008’s major wildfires.

Regulators have not issued any fines so far, but may crack down on repeat offenders once they sort through all the tips.

The district has gotten 2,200 complaints about fires and banned fireplace burns since Nov. 1.

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  • anonymousmouse

    Air quality Nazis

  • Mark

    It boggles the mind that in a country founded, almost more than anything else, on the principle of individual liberties, we have come to the point that government has, and is willing to use, the power to come right iinto your home and tell you that you cannot do something as innocuous as burning a log in your fireplace. More than that, there are people, good little citizens of the Reich, who are willing and eager to report you if you do. My sympathies–you would be so much happier today in North Korea! Unfortunately, I don’t have a fireplace, but if I did I would be using it every night.

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