OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A young boy was shot and killed in east Oakland Friday night in front of his father’s taco truck parked on the corner of International Boulevard and 55th Avenue.

Gabriel Martinez Jr. was just a few feet from his father, helping unload sodas, when he was shot around 8:38 p.m. The 5-year old was pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital less than a half hour later.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

Police said that the gunman had just ordered food from the truck and was waiting for his order when he opened fire. They do not have a motive, but don’t believe Gabriel was the intended target.

The gunman then got into a car with a woman and fled. Police say according to eyewitness descriptions, the suspects are an African-American male and female.

Gabriel is the third young child to die from gunfire in Oakland since August.

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Comments (38)
  1. StevenTorrey says:

    Condolences to the family for the loss of their son. The CBS 11 pm news indicated he passed away from the shooting.

  2. Orange says:

    Oakland should be treated with napalm.

  3. Unfortunate Loss says:

    Prayers and condolences go out to this family.

  4. Enough is enough says:

    When will this madness stop???

    1. Can't stand the heat, Leave! says:

      Oakland PD will be very disappointed.

      1. Guns, guns and more guns says:

        What are you talking about? The Police didn’t cause this.

    2. tn says:

      This shooting madness WILL stop when someone can raise and fix the price of bullets, say to $1000/bullet, then we won’t have innocent victims being killed by stray bullets. At least the shooters will be absolutely sure to hit who they intend. The criminal will have to put their money where their mouth is. Sick but true.

  5. Pamela Worley says:

    Prayers for the family. This needs to stop, if you have factions that want to kill each other, than do it properly. Stop killing innocent children and others. Now another family has to say good-bye to a small child for no other reason than some idiot with a gun had their feelings hurt.

  6. John Adams says:

    Going to prison for the rest of your life, with no possibility of an early release, is the “in-thing” among many Oakland youth.

    1. Happy New Year says:

      The underprivileged,unemployable and unwanted group of what ever you want to be called.

  7. Bill says:

    I will be waiting for the protests.

  8. l.w. says:

    why somebody always gettin killed by a taco truck in oakland it must be a sniper some where around there.

  9. jim says:

    As long as you continue to let kids have guns this will never go away.

  10. Barbara says:

    Please stop the violence inocent kids are being killed! R.I.P. LITTLE ONE AND BABY HIRAM#teamhiram

  11. R.I.P. little one. Stop the Violence please!

    1. You are a fool Barbara says:

      Do you actually think the word ‘please’ is going to stop the violence. “OAKLAND!!!”‘

  12. Preachers get out your comfort zones and lets hit the streets. Pulpit means pul the out the pits of hell dont let the enemy keep stealing souls

    1. Barbara ate too much fruit cakes says:

      You are living on a prayer Barbara! [HappyNewYear] Byeeeeeee

  13. tn says:

    When the current and past mayors plead for ceasing the violence and literally, nothing happens, when the countless funerals of innocent youths and gang members eulogies do nothing to detour more shootings, when the parent(s) of these young criminals, aren’t educated, don’t care enough or know how to raise their child properly, the result is Oakland. Whoever can reverse this trend deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

    1. David Legnosky says:

      You got it right! It all starts with the parents, unfortunately, many generations ago!

  14. Oakland is a nice family city!!! says:

    Thank you, city leaders! Oakland is such a nice safe place to live and bring up a family!

  15. shelly markham says:

    My Condolences for the 5 year old boy & his family who is suffering right now…. This is an eye opener for parents with children: Do not go out after dark in Oakland, its scary enough in day light, buy dinner groceries in day light and stay inside. If day time is this bad, you may as well move outside of Oakland for the safety of your family.

  16. L.W. says:

    i remeber when abel martinez mejia 41 of richmond got killed in oakland by the taco truck and then the security guard gary jackson and dmario anderson of antioch and now this five yr old boy.

  17. Recall Quan. says:

    Recall Quan.

    1. @ Recall Quan says:

      And what??? Bring back Dellums?

    2. KKK Rocks says:

      Monkey brain

  18. handcuffsoff says:

    The mayor’s appearances, speeches, and pleas have no muscle w/thugs. This is “thugs” 3rd strike, 3 small children never to experience a life. Past time for mayor to take the handcuffs off agencies/law enforcement to do what’s best. As a parent and grandparent, if this were my (grand)child, I’d tell the mayor just that or vigilante time.

  19. Seafleet says:

    OK it is time for the African American community to gain some credibility and give up some of their own who are doing this. If you dont then please don’t moan about racial profilling by the police and other law enforcement agencies.
    Standing up in church on Sundays and singing hyms aint going to stop the animals in your community, action such as giving information to the police might just help.
    I question whether you really care as police do not seem to be getting any real help in Oakland but you are turning to them to stop the problem??? Miracles need help!

  20. SiliconValleyMan says:

    As long as there are Negros the problem will NEVER go away.

  21. Hypocrites says:

    Where are all of the Oscar Grant protestors and John Burris protesting the baby killings? They’re hiding the suspects.

  22. GiGi says:

    What about the pinkaloids they are wearing police uniforms and killing Blacks and Hispannics daily. Why doe’snt that upset you. Why would you label all Blacks. The President of the United States Barak Obama has’nt harassed anybody and he is Black. I bet you were’nt this angry after the Black kid was shot in West Oakland while filming a rap video. Your nothing but a cry baby and I hope you cry yourself to death.

    1. Gigi is an idiot says:

      It is what it is…. monkeys on a rampage

  23. b lippincott says:

    Quan has no clue, Dellums was always at a conference somewhere, Brown got out of town and went for governor…….Apparently , no one can manage that mayoralty…even the city council is suspiciously quiet! What they’re afraid of is a full-scale, out of control riot in the streets withj the nat’l guard coming in. .There is so much political graft and corruption, I’m suprised the FBI isn’t there investigating and making arrests. It’s like a third world country down there…shooting CHILDREN? Women aren’t safe either!

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